Wednesday, October 24, 2001 - London, UK
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Accordions Worldwide Meeting
With many of the Accordions Worldwide staff being present at the CIA Coupe Mondiale in London, attendees decided to celerate the 5th Anniversary of by meeting in London prior to the CIA General Assembly.

In attendance were from left to right:
Sergei Tchirkov - St. Petersburg, Russia, Frederic Deschamps - Paris, France, Faithe Deffner (Observer - New York, USA)
Harley Jones - Nagigia Island, Fiji
Holda Paoletti-Kampl - Castelfidardo, Itlay, Tania Lucik-Marx - Sydney, Australia, Jeroen Nijhof - Stradford on Avon, UK, Tatiana Lantchakova - Auckland, New Zealand and Kevin Friedrich - New York, USA.
CIA Music Committee
Members of the CIA Music Committee meet twice a year to arrange the various categories of the festival as well as other tasks like choosing the Test Piece, selecting the adjudicator panels as well as other projects.

Here the members are pictured making the appropriate jury assignments.

Pictured left to right are: John Leslie - UK, Kevin Friedrich - USA, Milan Tomic, Yugoslavia, Harley Jones - New Zealand, Frederic Deschamps - France. (Absent: Kimmo Mattila - Finland and Max Bonnay - France.)
CIA General Assembly

Delegates from around the world met for the 105th General Assembly of the Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes, to officially open the 54th Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships.

The General Assembly meets twice a year to plan and arrange activities such as the Coupe Mondiale as well as other accordion events during the year.

Delegates in attendance are:
Ove Hahn, SWEDEN
General Secretary
Walter Maurer, AUSTRIA
Vice Presidents
Raymond Bodell, UNITED KINGDOM
Kevin Friedrich, USA
Publicity Manager
Tibor Racz, SLOVAKIA
Music Committee Chairperson
Frederic Deschamps, FRANCE
Music Committee Members
Kevin Friedrich (Music Committee - Vice President), USA
Harley Jones
Tania Lucik-Marx, AUSTRALIA
Zorica Karkutovska, MACEDONIA
Faithe Deffner, USA-AAA
Joan Sommers, USA-ATG
Peter Anders, DENMARK
Mr. Renner, DENMARK
Alexandr Dmitriev, RUSSIA
Jacques Mornet, FRANCE
Herbert Scheibenreif, AUSTRIA
Holda Paoletti-Kampl, ITALY
Tatiana Lantchikova, NEW ZEALAND
Gina Brennelli, UNITED KINGDOM
Paulo Ferreira, PORTUGAL
Stephen Vincent, NEW ZEALAND

105th General Assembly
Delegates Zorica Karakutovska, Macedonia, Faithe Deffner, USA-AAA and Joan Sommers, USA-ATG share a light moment during the congress.
NAO Chairperson and host organizer Ray Bodell (standing) offers his welcome and official information about the 54 Coupe Mondiale.
Tatiana Lantchikova and Alexander Dimtriev enjoying the reception offered by the hosting National Accordion Organization of the United Kingdom (NAO).

Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA) - General Secretary
Dietrichgasse 51/19, A - 1030, Vienna, AUSTRIA   Phone/Fax: +43 1-712 0960   E-mail:

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