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Wednesday October 24
Thursday October 25
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Saturday October 27
Prize Winners for all Categories
Junior Coupe Mondiale, Jury

Judging Panel:
Paulo Ferreira - Portugal

Vojan Vasovic - Yugoslavia

Alexander Dimitriev - Russia

Joan Sommers, USA/ATG - President of the Jury
Jacques Mornet - France

Herbert Schriebenreif - Austria

Tibor Racz - Slovakia
Junior Coupe Mondiale, First Round

The first round of the Junior Coupe Mondiale was held today, when the 14 candidates performed to a capacity audience.

Contestants in Round I were required to perform:

  • One original work for accordion
  • One Baroque work written for harpsichord/clavichord
Contestants listed in playing order were:

Bjarke Morgensen, Denmark
Marcela Halmova, Slovakia
Andrej Lounev, Russia
Melanie Wirtz, France
Aude Giuliano, France
Larysa Bodell, United Kingdom
Vladimir Marinkovic, Yugoslavia
Zoran Kirjakowski, Macadonia
Ivan Simic, Yugoslavia
Miroslav Stevic, Yugoslavia
Sylvian Tissot, Switzerland
Carisa Marcelino, Portugal
Beatrix Garcia Rodrigues, Spain
Miljan Beloica, Yugoslavia
Junior Coupe Mondiale participants who progress to the final round:
(1) Miroslav Stevic, Yugoslavia
(2) Ivan Simic, Yugoslavia
(3) Miljan Beloica, Yugoslavia
(4) Bjarke Morgensen, Denmark
(5) Aude Giuliano, France
(6) Marcela Halmova, Slovakia
(7) Vladimir Marinkovic, Yugoslavia
(8) Zoran Kirjakowski, Macadonia
Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships, Jury
Frederic Deschamps, France - President of the Jury
John Leslie, UK
Vojan Vasovic, Yugoslavia
Oleg Sharov, Russia
Tatiana Lantchikova, New Zealand
Tibor Racz, Slovakia
Peter Anders, Denmark
Joan Sommers, USA-ATG
Pictured from left to right are some members of the Coupe Mondiale Jury including: Tatiana Lantchikova, Frederic Deschamps - President of the Jury, John Leslie and Tibor Racz.
Coupe Mondale, First Round

13 contestants competed in the first round of the Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships. The first round required the contestnats to perform:

  • T. Lundquist - Botany Play. (Candidates may choose any 3 - 5 movements)
    The Test Piece is available on request from both the CIA Secretary or this web site.
  • any Prelude and Fugue from the Well Tempered Clavier, Book I or II, by J.S. Bach
  • any Sonata by Domenico Scarlatti
    (Testpiece, Prelude and Fugue and Sonata must be played in one sitting and may be performed in any order)
Coupe Mondiale, First Round Contestants

Contestants listed in playing order were:

Aidar Gainullin, Russia
Sergeij Tchirkov, Russia
Lyndsay-Ann Allan, United Kingdom
Sabastian Lamarre, France,
Celine Rivoal, France
Vladimir Loukitchev, Russia
Ilya Ryskov, Russia
Christel Sautaux, Switzerland
Mathilde Royet, France
Sebrina Riviere, France
Sergi Repin, Russia
Milan Milivojevic, Yugoslavia

Coupe Mondiale, First Round Contestants who progressed to Round II
Milos Milivojevic, Yugoslavia
Aidar Gainullin, Russia
Vladimir Loukitchev, Russia
Mathilde Royet, France (pictued)
Sergeij Tchirkov, Russia
Celine Rivoal, France
Christel Sautaux, Switzerland
Virtuoso Entertainment Category Members of the Jury
Kevin Friedrich, USA - President of the Jury
Herbert Scheibenreif, Austria
Gina Brannelli, UK
Tibor Racz, Slovakia
Tatiana Lukic, Australia
Joan sommers, USA-ATG
Virtuoso Entertainment Category

NAO Chairperson Ray Bodell is pictured here introducing the Virtuoso Entertainment Category. This evening nine contetants competed for the honor of being the Virtuoso Entertainment Champion. The judges were presented with an extremely difficult task, as the competition standard was extremely high. Contestants were requited to play an own choice program consisting of more than three (3) pieces of different styles and moods. (Playing time: max. 15 minutes)

Virtuoso Entrants played in the following order:

Karl Sanderman, UK
Amund Giumard, France
Nelson Conceicao, Portugal
Gwendola Maheaux, France
Aline Lacour, France
Gregory Frenand, France
Pierre Mussi, France
Guillaume Lopes, France
Franck Fieutelot (pictured right) France

Some of the Virtuoso Entertainment entrants:
pictured above left to right: Gregory Frenand, Gwendola Maheaux, Pierre Mussi, Guillaume Lopes, Franck Fieutelot, all from France.
Pictured - Karl Sanderman, a Physicist at Cambridge University representing the United Kingdom, was first up, and delighted the audience with his change of 'hair' during his performance. Pictured before and after.

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