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 Obituaries (alphabetical by surname):
BALESTRIERI, Donald Born: 08 June 1937 Died: 16 September 2023
Music publisher for 67 years, Ars Nova, Music Graphics best known for many Anthony Galla-Rini publications.

BELFIORE-GRECO, Maddalena Born: Died: 18 May 2007
Final curtain call for "accordion diva" a whirlwind career, which spanned decades and encompassed numerous aspects of the instrument's evolution.

BELTRAMI, WolmerBorn: 1922Died: 28 October 1999
The accordion world is mourning Wolmer Beltrami, one of the great accordionists of this century.

BENNETT, Elsie Born: 31 March 1918 Died: 03 September 2005
President American Accordionists' Association, 1973-74. Chair of the AAA Composer Commissioning Committee (CCC), 1957- 2005. AAA CCC History

BOCOSSI, Bio Born: 1912 Died: 28 June 2006
Italian teacher, publisher of Berben and Strumenti e Musica, President of CMA

CAMILLERI, Charles Born: 07 September 1931 Died: 03 January 2009
Famous accordionist and composer of Malta.

CHAIKIN, NikolaiBorn: 15 February 1915Died: 17 February 2000
One of the foremost composers for accordion of the former Soviet Union.

CHAVEZ, EddieBorn: 28 April 1917Died: 18 August 2004
Co-Author of the book Golden Age of the Accordion, in the USA.

COLLINS, Thomas JBorn: 14 April 1921Died: 07 January 2004
Tom Collins passed away peacefully on 7th February 2004. For more information

CONTINO, Dick Born: 17 January 1930 Died: 19 April 2017
Famous American accordionist and singer.

CROSSMAN, Gerald Born: 1920 Died: 22 December 2015 
English performer, arranger and author.

DAVINE, Robert Born: 1934Died: November 25, 2001
Professor of Accordion and Theory, Lamont School of Music, University of Denver since the late 1950's.

DANTE, AdrianBorn: 1914Died: 22 March 2005
UK impresario, organiser, teacher, writer, publisher, composer, arranger and accordionist.

Born: 1932
Died: 02 June 2014
Faithe Deffner, a legendary figure in the accordion world who received many awards for her enormous contribution to the development of the accordion.

Born: 04 March 1935
Died: 28 March 1995
Well known and influential Danish accordionist.

EVANS, Shirley
Born: 1932
Died: 10 July 2010
Performed accordion, dance, singing around the world, including performances with the Beatles.

Born: 05 November1919
Died: 23 July 2005
Famous USA accordionist. Joined Welk's orchestra in 1950 and appeared throughout the popular TV show's 27 year run. Averaged over 150 concerts per year for many years across North America.

GABBANELLI, Gianfranco "John" Born: 1937Died: 16 December 2003
The Gabbanelli name is virtually a legacy to the Tex-mex musical instrument and amongst Tex-mex accordion lovers, the name has almost a cult following.

GALLA-RINI, Anthony Born: 1904 Died: 30 July 2006
Anthony Galla-Rini had a huge influence on the development of the accordion over so many decades. He is probably the most published arranger of all time and was famous for his recordings and teaching.

GANIAN, Michael Born: Died: 13 April 2000
Well known accordionist and composer Michael Ganian lost his life tragically on April 13th 2000.

GEE, Malcolm Nicholas Born: 27 April 1939 Died: 11 February 1997
The initiator of Club Accord, the Caister Accordion Festival and the Accordion Record Club.

HUGHES, BillBorn: 1926Died: 25 August 1978
The names of Palmer and Hughes are famous for their accordion course, sold in the millions.

JONES, Allan William Born: 1909Died: 7 September 1980
Commonly known as the "Father of the Accordion" in New Zealand.

KLIMKAITE, Lina Born: 18 April 1954 Died: 17 February 2000
Co-founder of "Intermusik" newspaper, developed EDP notation and UAB Intermusic in Lithuania.

KOVTUN, Valery Born: 1942 Died: 20 February 2017
Legendary accordionist, famous to generations of listeners in the USSR and Russia.

KUSIAKOV, Anatoli Born: 7th June 1945 Died: 11 July 2007
Famous Russian composer.

LANGE, HartmutBorn: 18 April 1954Died: 17 February 2000
Hartmut Lange, he held the position of editor-in-chief of the "Intermusik" newspaper.

MAGNANTE, Charles Born: 07 December 1905 Died: 30 December 1986
Virtuoso, composer and recording artist, often considered the greatest of his era

MAJER, Dr Karl Born: Died: 18 June 1999
President of the Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA) from 1965 until 1981.

O'BRIEN, Dermot Born: 1932 Died: 22 May 2007
A legend of Irish show business, Dermot O'Brien was many faceted, well known not only as an accordionist and singer, but songwriter, arranger, producer and sportsman.

OETTINGER, Heinz Born: 19 June 1927 Died: 18 March 2000
A life dedicated to the accordion movement, teacher, orchestra leader, publisher.

PALMER, Willard (Bill)Born: 31 January 1917Died: 30 April 1996
The names of Palmer and Hughes are famous for their accordion course, sold in the millions.

QUINLAN, NormanBorn: 11 August 1943Died: 09 October 2003
Music and performing, promoting accordion, NAO Executive member.

SATTLER, RobertBorn: Died: 19 December 1998
A past First Vice President and avid supporter of the ATG, and US representative.

SHAND, Sir Jimmy M.B.E.; M.A.Born: 1908 Died: 23 December 2000
Famous and much loved Scottish performer who sold millions of recordings over a 70 year career.

SEIBER, Matyas Born: 1905 Died: 1960
Composer, Professor teaching harmony and composition, a with a keen interest in international folk music, jazz and blues.

VAN DAMME, Art Born: 9th April 1920 Died: 15th February 2010
The great accordion jazz legend of his time.

VISENTIN, Francesco Born: 4th Nov 1949 Died: 22nd March 2016
Acclaimed Italian teacher  and editor of Physa Editions. 

WURTHNER, Rudolf Born: 13 August 1920 Died: 03 December 1974
Quality was his name as a teacher, soloist, composer, arranger and orchestra director.

YASHKEVICH, Ivan Adamovich Born: Died: 07 September 2000
Famous educator, arranger, performer and pioneer of the accordion in Russia and the Ukraine.

YALE, Melba Born: 11 November 1919 Died: 04 September 2006
Highly regarded accordion teacher of California, USA.

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