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Heinz Oettinger

Heinz Oettinger passed away on Saturday, the 18th March 2000 in Renningen (Southern Germany).

More than 40 years he taught accordionists, conducted up to 10 orchestras, one of them for over 40 years, others for more than 20 years and 30 years.

For about 40 years, he was the chief conductor of the German district Würm-Nagold.

He also published a wide range of accordion literature and was the sole agent of "Paganin" Accordions in Germany.

His orchestras won numerous competitions. Among other prizes, he was decorated with the "Friedrich-Haag" medal and the "Rudolf-Würthner" medal.

He started with teaching and leading orchestras as a self educated person (autodidact) in 1947. Later on, he continued his education in Trossingen.

Heinz Oettinger dedicated his entire life to the accordion movement in Germany. MUSIC WAS HIS LIFE!

He will be missed by his family (wife Erika, daughters Sabine and Gabi), students former orchestras, and his many accordionist friends.
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