11 August 1943 to 09 October 2003

Member of the
National Accordion Organisation of the United Kingdom
Executive Committee

He always aimed to promote the interests of the Accordion - developing new ideas for the focus of existing accordionists.

Having been educated at the King Edward School, he entered show business at the age of 17. Both his parents Eva and Norman were accordionists and performed as variety artists. Norman (Senior) also played trumpet and saxophone throughout the variety halls.

Norman (Junior) took lessons in singing, piano & accordion - deciding to specialise in vocal work where numerous recordings in both the UK and the USA have been released, in a variety of styles.

At a young age he joined a vocal Harmony trio working in Sun City, South Africa for 2 years. Soon after this came an amalgamation of Gina Branelli, the vocal Harmony Trio and Norman Quinlan. Together with his wife Gina they formed the duo Romany Rye, working on the QE 2 for the next 10 years.

Norman has been a private teacher for a number of years, the sounds of Gina Brannelli & Romany Rye were featured on their own TV programme organised by Borders TV.

Norman was Director of Accordion World in Manchester, Accordion Exchange in Blackpool, Secretary of the Marsh Mill School of Music and the North West Academy of Music.

Awards include various TV / variety awards for the best vocal / instrumental duo. They also received the Key to the City in Rogue River Oregon USA in 2001.

Norman celebrated his 60th birthday on August 11th 2003.

At his funeral, the parting (a recording sung by him) was to the song "I Did It My Way" which, for those that knew this great musician, was so HIM!


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