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Janne Mäkinen Wins Golden Accordion Award
21 year old Janne Mäkinen from Rauma won the prized Golden Accordion Award from five other fellow contestants: Elisa Inkinen, Tomi Karttunen, Henna-Maija Kuki, Satu Sarkoranta and Jonna Pirttijoki on a live TV show filmed and broadcast as part of the 31st Sata-Häme Soi Accordion Festival in Ikaalinen.

A student at the Music College in Helsinki, Janne studies with Heidi Velamon. He has just returned from his mandatory Army service and is eager to study more accordion both pop and jazz.

Janne was very impressed with the backing orchestra and he said the ease with which he could work with them made him forget it was a competition he was playing in.

A former winner of the Silver Accordion award, he looks forward to work as an entertainer as he finds his niche in the music world.

Preliminary rounds were held onboard the Silja Europa cruise from Finland to Sweden and back that was held in March. During this competition, eliminations were held to select the finalists that performed live to a sold out audience.

Each of the contestants were filmed as part of the live Television Show where Janne played a dazzling performance of 'Minka' by Victor Gridjin accompanied by the backing band.

After each contestant presented their first performance, each of the candidates was invited back to the stage. While the judges were working, each of the contestants was invited to perform a well-known Finnish piece, once again with the backing orchestra.

When the judges presented their scores, 3 finalists were selected and then asked to present one more round, where they were judged again. In this round, Mika played Bullet Train by Earnie Watts.
The TV Show was opened by hosts Lilja Liianpää and Kimmo Mattila (pictured above) who welcomed viewers and capacity studio audience to the annual Golden and Silver Accordion Awards Show.

Kimmo is the Musical Director of the Sata-Häme Soi - Accordion Festival and in addition is President of the Finnish Accordion Association and the Finnish Accordion Institute.

Lilja served as the host for the Silver Accordion Award which was the first half of the show which was the Silver Accordion Award and Kimmo for the Golden Accordion Award with both joining the stage for the final rounds and awards.

Meet the Golden Accordion Award Contestants:
Elisa Inkinen and Henna-Maija Kuki
Elisa celebrated her 18th birthday today which made the competition quite special. Henna is 16 years old and currently in High School.
Tomi Karttunen and Jonna Pirttijoki
Tomi also practices Thai Kick Boxing and works with computsers. Jonna is 16 years old.
Satu Sarkoranta and Janne Mäkinen
Satu is 18 years old, and was trying to repeat her sisters accomplishment of winning the Gold Accordion Award, however it wasn't to be so this year as Janne took the coveted prize of the 2003 Golden Accordion.
Final Results from the Golden Accordion Award
Place Name From Total Points
Golden Accordion Final Round
1. Janne Mäkinen Rauma 58 points
2. Jonna Pirttijoki Kauhajoki 57 points
3. Henna-Maija Kuki Nivala 54 points
Golden Accordion First Round
1. Janne Mäkinen Rauma 59 points
2. Jonna Pirttijoki Kauhajoki 58 points
3. Henna-Maija Kuki Nivala 56 points
4. Tomi Karttunen Pori 54 points
5. Satu Sarkoranta Kalanni 48 points
6. Elisa Inkinen Noormarkku 48 points

Vilma Avikainen Wins the Silver Accordion Award
Nine year old accordionist Vilma Avikainen (pictured above) from Mikkeli won the Silver Accordion Award for children under 10 years of age, competing against Taneli Järvenpää, Hermanni Morander, Meeri Koskinen, Aino Kivikallio, Liisa Niinistö and Saara Wasama at the sold out live TV show finals.

Vilma played Mikki-Hiiri Merihadassa (Micky Mouse) by George Malmsten (arr. Arto Kivekäs. Vilma is a student of Arto Kivekäs.

She has a little Mickey Mouse on her accordion and seemed to be quite relaxed during the entire affair. She was happy playing and talking with the other contestants during the pre-show build up and also during the breaks between performances.

Among the panel of adjudicators was popular childrens TV character - Eno Elmeri, who came with his accordion for this special event.

Contestants Taneli Järvenpää (8 yrs) and Saara Wasama (10 yrs)
Hermanni Morander (8 yrs) and Aino Kivikallio (7 yrs)
Liisa Niinistö (6 yrs) and Meeri Koskinen (10 yrs)
Thank you to Minna Plihtari for pictures of Vilma, Liisa, Meeri, Hermanni and Saara.