Welcome to the Sata-Häme Soi
Accordion Festival in
Ikaalinen, Finland
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2003 Ikaalinen Festival Tuesday, July 1
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All Day "Exhibits and Displays in the Exhibition Hall"

The Exhibition Hall houses many accordion manufacturer displays as well as music, recordings, straps and accordion jewelry.

The warehouse style Exhibition Hall also has a stage area for demonstrations and performances as well as a cafe/restaurant and bar.

Among the items for sale were a guitar accordion, accordion figurines and accordion necklaces and pins, one and two row diatonic accordions, button and piano accordions, straps and music.

Display merchants include:

  • Porin Accordions
  • Ylojarven Accordions
  • Lasse Pihlajamaa Accordions
  • Convertor Accordions
  • Etelan Accordions
  • Ahvehainen
  • Harmonikkahuolto Kristian
  • Voitto Nieminen
  • Raimo Pihlajamaa
  • Tampere Music
  • Tero Lahti
  • Musaduuni
  • RRA - Finland
  • Harmonikkahuolto Aimo Kuhmonen
  • Opiskelijayhdistys Dimi
  • Sata Hame Soi

8:00 PM "Pavel Zyabko and Josif Puritz from Moscow"
Two young International Competition Winners from Moscow presented an outstanding concert of classical music. Aged 12 and 15 years respectively, the pair won their categories at the Klingenthal International Accordion Competition in May, where Sata-Häme Soi Music Director was on the Jury. He was so impressed that he just knew that he had to bring them to Ikaalinen to partake in the festival.

Pavel (right) was born on March 3, 1991 in Moscow. He began bayan at the Children's School of Art in Moscow with teacher Natalia Vasiljevny. He has won top honors in both Russian and International competitions including the "Baltica-Harmonica" competition in Saint Petersburg, the Andreeva Competition in Saint Petersburg and the "Big Prize of the Don" in Rostov on Don.

He was most recently warded a scholarship which is awarded to fun up and coming artists.

Josef (left) was born on May 7, 1988 in Moscow. He also began bayan lessons at the age of 6 in the class of Natalia Vasiljevny. Josef has also won numerous competitions in Russia and abroad, including top honors in the International Classica Nova competition in Hannover, the International Competition in Klingenthal under 12 years section, the "Big Prize of the Don" in Rostov on Don.

Josif is the winner of the sixth Artiada peoples of Russia in the youth league of the guild of professionals.
Concert Program
Pavel Zyabko
  • Fantasy and Fugue in A minor - J. S. Bach
  • Sonata in E - Edward Grieg
  • Impromptu in B Major - Franz Schubert
  • In the Zoo - N. Bentson
  • In the Village - Modest Musorgski
  • Impromptu - E. McDowell
Josif Puritz
  • Sonata in F minor - D. Scarlatti
  • Cyclopses - J. Rameau
  • Prelude and Fugue in d minor from Bk. II - J. S. Bach
  • Sonata in D Major K. 311 - W. Mozart
  • Memories on a Waltz - V. Gavrilin
  • Children's Scherzo - M. Mussorgsky
  • Nocturne - V. Vlasov
  • Tanantella - M. Moskovski
Pavel and Josif are pictured here autographing their CD after the concert. The appreciative audience brought the pair back to the stage for bows five times.
The young concert artists from Moscow Pavel Zyabko and Josif Puritz are pictured with their teacher Natalia Puritzin (left) and Sata-Häme Soi - Accordion Festival Musical Director Kimmo Mattila.

10:00 PM "Tango Nuevo"

The Tango Nuevo presents a new style of musical theater of drama and singing with the performance of the Tango ensemble.

Combining the rich and poetic text with the passion and sensitivity of the Tango music the group first performed in the autumn of 2002 in the Jyväskylä Theater and since then they have been sold out wherever they go.

Tango Nuevo features Matti Ekman on Bandoneon, Antti Heermann on Violin, Matti Laukkanen on Piano, Markus Elgland on Guitar and Tony Elgland on Bass.


Late night "Crawfish Kings"
Back at the Ikaalinen Spa the Crawfish Kings kept everyone on their feet for their late night show.

Featuring Cajun accordionist Jarkko Helin, Marko Aho on guitar, Tommi Tenkula on bass guitar and Janne Salo on drums this upbeat band is known for lifting their audience with their lively music and electric atmosphere.

Jarko, who has made his own Cajun accordion which he feels reflects their colorful and high spirited performances.

A large crowd is expected when the Crawfish Kings perform in an outdoor concert at the Festival Park Stage on Friday evening in what promises to be an exciting concert.

In and Around Ikaalinen
A special performance by surprise guest artist Kermit the Frog was held at the Exhibition Hall.

With everything centered around the accordion in Ikaalinen, its hardly surprising that even Kermit the Frog is an accordionist!