Welcome to the Sata-Häme Soi
Accordion Festival in
Ikaalinen, Finland
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11:00 AM "Finnish Accordion Folk Musician Championship"
Festival Organizers were happy to see an array of new entrants and faces in this years Finnish Accordion Folk Musician Championships which were held in four different categories, including 12 years and under, 15 years and under, 18 years and under and the Vetran category for players 50 years and older.

Contestants were required to play two (2) Finnish compositions including one Polka and one other Folk piece either a Schottische, Waltz or Mazurka.

Results are as follows:
Place Name Age From Total Points
Category: 12 Years and Under (born July 2, 1990 or later)
1. Netta Skog 12 years Pusula 176 points
2. Tuomas Mäkelä 11 years Kaustinen 170 points
3. Minja Jantunen 10 years Orismala 169.5 points
Category: 15 Years and Under (born July 2, 1987 or later)
1. Sami Hopponen 15 years Hukkala 192 points
2. Pasi Raukola 15years Harjunpää 185 points
3. Veli-Matti Leppänen 15 years Vanha-Ulvila 179 points
Category: 18 Years and Under (born July 2, 1984 or later)
1. Petri Raukola 18 years Harjunpää 182 points
2. Minna Sulonen 16 years Vanha-Ulvila 164.5 points
3. Hanna Virtanen 16 years Uusikaupunki 162 points
Category: 50 Years and Over
1. Kauko Kulmaia 55 years Tampere 162 points
2. Veikko Hongisto 72 years Mellilä 130 points
Winners: Kauko Kulmaia, Netta Skog, Petri Raukola and Sami Hopponen
Picture of Winners by by Minna Plihtari

1:00 PM "Opening Ceremony"

The official Opening Ceremony of the 31st Annual Sata-Häme Soi - Accordion Festival was held at the Festival Park Stage where guests were welcomed by Festival Officials. Included in the ceremony was a performance by the guest aritsts which had travelled the furtherest, an orchestra from Kazan, Russia.

These Musicians had left their home town in eastern Russia last Thursday by bus, and just arrived in Ikaalinen the evening prior (4 days).

3:00 PM "Singing in together in the Park"
A Finnish tradition of Singing in the Park took place in the Festival Park as several thousand enjoyed an afternoon of music. Television crews filmed this event as part of a documentary which highlights this activitiy popular in three main centers in Finland, one of which is Ikaalinen.

7:00 PM "The Army Band of Satakunta"
The Army Band of Satakunta performed to a large audience in the Ikaalinen Church during this hour long concert.

7:00 PM "Jump Band Concert in Kihniö, a neighbouring town"

8:00 PM "Dancing at the Oma Tupa"
Traditional Finnish Folk Dancing is a popular activity, with dances lasting many hours at a time. The newly renovated Oma Tupa turned into a popular spot as hundred enjoyed hours of dancing to local musicians.

In and Around Ikaalinen
During the Summer months, Finnish people take advantage of the areas provided near the lakes to wash out their home carpets.

Enviromentally friendly washing soap is provided, along with washing tubs and drying stands. A long time tradition among the Finns during the summer, a local resident of Ikaalinen is pictured here washing her carpet on the shore of Lake Kyrösjärvi.

The carpets are placed on the racks with stripes vertical, so that if they dye does run, it just runs through the same colored sections. They are left to dry overnight if necessary.