Province of Middlesex

Trevor Peter Dutt, RD
Provincial Grand Summus

Brian Anthony Calcutt
Deputy Provincial Grand Summus

David Frederick Pascho
Assistant Provincial Grand Summus

Forthcoming Consistory Meetings

Provincial Grand Senatus
Installation of
V.Dist.Comp. Jon Wallis P.G.Lect.
16th July 2022

Fraternal Union Consistory
No 60 TI
7th July 2022

Middlesex Consistory
No 105
26th July 2022

Northwick Consistory
No 97
24th September 2022

















































































As physical meetings were proscribed by the restrictions to minimise the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Senatus of Middlesex could not be held in the usual form but was replaced by a Virtual Business Meeting on the “Zoom” platform on Saturday 20th March, 2021 (that being the regular date for the annual meeting of the Province).
R.Dist.Comp. Trevor P. Dutt, RD, Provincial Grand Summus, declared the meeting open at 11 a.m. and the Provincial Grand Recorder, Dist.Comp. Raymond Bodell, read the necessary Dispensation.
Provincial Grand Summus then welcomed the members and visitors making particular note of the presence of the Grand Summus, Most Distinguished Companion Ian Stanley Currans, and adding he was also delighted that that the Grand Summus was accompanied by three other very senior members of the Order and long-time friends in the persons of the Deputy Grand Summus, R.Dist.Comp. Frank Spencer, the Assistant Grand Summus, R.Dist.Comp. Howard Markham and the Grand Recorder, R.Dist.Comp. Ryan Williams.

The Provincial Grand Summus also welcomed all 70 visitors which included representatives from all the other 21 Provinces in the British Isles as well as two Districts abroad and included 14 Provincial Grand Summi, 12 Deputy Provincial Grand Summi, 6 Assistant Provincial Grand Summi and 2 senior Past Provincial Grand Summi.
He added that, despite the disadvantages of Zoom meetings, it did enable the participation of Scarlet Cord members from the more distant Districts and expressed his delight that also in attendance were the District Grand Summus for the Southern Caribbean, the Deputy District Grand Summus for South East Asia and Companions from Barbados Consistory No. 79 and The Jamaica Consistory No. 89.
The routine items of business (confirmation of Minutes, approval of accounts, etc.) having been dispatched with alacrity, the Provincial Grand Summus then said that he was delighted that both his Deputy Provincial Grand Summus, V.Dist.Comp Brian Anthony Calcutt, Past Grand Lecturer, and his Assistant Provincial Grand Summus, R.Dist.Comp. David Frederick Pascho, Past Grand Vice Chancellor, had agreed to remain in their respective offices to which he reappointed then for the ensuing year

The Provincial Grand Summus then explained that, although the Provincial Grand Recorder and the Provincial Grand Treasurer had necessarily continued to work during the periods of “lockdown” due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the other Provincial Officers had been given very little opportunity to discharge their duties.  He had therefore decided to offer re-appointment to them all and was very pleased that they had all responded positively.
In the interests of regularity, the Provincial Grand Recorder then read the names of the Officers and the Provincial Office to which they had been re-appointed.
The Provincial Grand Summus then delivered a short Address to the members of the Province which was followed by a very informative address from the Grand Summus, M.Dist.Comp. Ian S Currans, on the present and probable future state of the Order.

The Provincial Grand Summus then invited the Grand Recorder, R.Dist.Comp. Ryan Williams, to address the meeting.
The Grand Recorder gave a detailed update on the situation of the Progressive Orders in general, the value of Zoom meetings in maintaining both the business and the social aspects of Freemasonry during the lockdowns and the hopes for the gradual resumption of physical meetings from the end of June

The Provincial Grand Summus concluded the meeting by looking forward to the time when it would be possible for all Companions to meet together in person to renew old acquaintances and make new ones.  He then declared the Virtual Business Meeting of the Provincial Grand Senatus of Middlesex Closed in due form.
102 Companions had booked to attend and their names will be shown in the Minutes.
The formal meeting was followed by about 25 minutes of friendly, and frequently amusing, discussion amongst the members and visitors

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Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Senatus of Middlesex


For more information about The Ancient and Masonic Order of Scarlet Cord, Please contact the Provincial Grand Recorder

Raymond Bodell or Telephone : 07770 450 840



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Ian Stanley Currans
Grand Summus

Francis Charles Spencer
Deputy Grand Summus

Howard Saul Markham
Assistant Grand Summus

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