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Province of Middlesex

Trevor Peter Dutt, RD
Provincial Grand Summus

Brian Anthony Calcutt
Deputy Provincial Grand Summus

David Frederick Pascho
Assistant Provincial Grand Summus

Forthcoming Consistory Meetings

Provincial Grand Senatus
March 2021

Northwick Consistory
No 97
25th September 2021

Middlesex Consistory
No 105
18th January 2022

Fraternal Union Consistory
No 60 TI
10th February 2022




Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Senatus of Middlesex

Following the postponement of the fifth Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Senatus of Middlesex in March 2020 due to the suspension of Masonic activities - Covid 19. A Virtual Business meeting of the Province was held on Wednesday 9th September 2020.

At this meeting, the Provincial Grand Summus, R.Dist.Comp. Trevor P Dutt, RD was pleased to welcome both the Grand Supreme Ruler M.Dist.Comp. Ian S Currans and the Assistant Grand Supreme Ruler R.Dist.Comp. Howard S. Markham as well as over 50 other members of the Order from 14 different Provinces around the United Kingdom.

He also had the pleasure of formally ratifying the appointment of his Provincial Officers for the year 2020/2021, giving a short address on the future of the Order in Middlesex especially after the relaxation of some Masonic regulations during the Covid period and looked forward to the next Annual meeting – which he sincerely hoped would be a Real live meeting to be held in March 2021.


For more information about The Ancient and Masonic Order of Scarlet Cord, Please contact the Provincial Grand Recorder

Raymond Bodell or Telephone : 07770 450 840



Updated 29/07/2021


Ian Stanley Currans
Grand Summus

Francis Charles Spencer
Deputy Grand Summus

Howard Saul Markham
Assistant Grand Summus

Forthcoming OSC AGM Meetings

Grand Senatus
2nd September 2021

18th August 2021

25th  September 2021