The Order of the Secret Monitor in Middlesex

Province of Middlesex

Trevor Peter Dutt, RD
Provincial Grand Summus

Brian Anthony Calcutt
Deputy Provincial Grand Summus

R.Dist. Comp
David Frederick Pascho
Assistant Provincial Grand Summus

Forthcoming Consistory Meetings

Provincial Grand Senatus
March 2022

Fraternal Union Consistory
No 60 TI
10th February 2022

Northwick Consistory
No 97
Spring 2022

Middlesex Consistory
No 105
26th July 2022










The following history was written by
Most Distinguished Companion
Peter Glyn Williams, CStJ,
Past Grand Summus, in 2001

History of Scarlet Cord







For more information about The Ancient and Masonic Order of Scarlet Cord, Please contact the Provincial Grand Recorder

Raymond Bodell or Telephone : 07770 450 840









Updated 18/01/2022


Ian Stanley Currans
Grand Summus

Francis Charles Spencer
Deputy Grand Summus

Howard Saul Markham
Assistant Grand Summus


Forthcoming OSC AGM Meetings

Grand Senatus
5th May 2022

West Wales
29th January 2022

East Lancashire
5th March 2022

Hampshire, Isle of Wight
& Channel Islands
5th March 2022