General Competition Guidelines and Rules

Welcome to the 2017 ATG Competition and Festival! We are delighted to welcome you to Lisle, Il (Chicago) to join us for our accordion convention featuring some of the world's most renowned accordionists. After you have selected the categories you would like to enter in, please fill in the appropriate entry form and complete the 'Summary Form'. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ATG for further information or guideance.


Upon completion of your Summary Form, we invite you to return here to make your payment by credit card. To complete your payment, please have your summary form handy, as you will need the total to insert on the payment page. If you are paying by check, please send your completed form and payment to the address listed below. If paying by credit card, upon completion of your payment, please mail your entry/summary forms to:
Liz Finch, ATG Treasurer
4420 Morella Ave.
Studio City, CA  91607   USA
Phone (818) 766-3101 or E-mail: lizeef@aol.com


Senior and Junior US Championship

Designed for the outstanding players who love competition and may be planning to enter future Coupe Mondiale categories. Contestants may perform their own choice of music but must perform at least three (3) pieces. Note: Candidates wishing to enter the Coupe Mondiale are invited to see the rules for the various categories of Coupe Mondiale qualifying competitions.
General Information: Music must be performed by memory. The time limits are: minimum of 15 and a maximum of 18 minutes. Entrant may be penalized if playing under or over the limits. Cuts in the music may be made to fit the specified time limits.

Coupe Mondiale Qualifying Categories

Designed for those wishing to qualify to compete in the 2017 Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships in Osimo, Italy in September 2017. There are eight categories of competition as follows:

- 70thCoupe Mondiale
- Masters Coupe Mondiale
- Junior Coupe Mondiale
- International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
- Junior International Competition for Virtuoso Entertainment Music
- International Competition for Ensemble Music (Classical and World Music)

Selection and Overview of ATG Competition Categories for 2017
- Open Solo - any music selection including transcriptions
- Original Solo - music written specifically for accordion
- Ethnic/Folk Solo - music reflecting the heritage of world cultures
- Polka Solo
- Jazz Solo - may be from written music or improvised
- Pop Solo - any current popular song or show tune
- Adult Hobby - own choice selection
- Evaluation Solo - any selection, any age
- Entertainment Solo – entertainment music, improvisation/embellishment is encouraged
- 2017 Special Accordion & Other Instrument
- Open Duet - any music selection including transcriptions
- Polka Duets
- Evaluation Duet
- Accordions & other instruments
- 2017 Ensembles featuring Entertainment Showcase Music  
- Ensemble (3-7 members)
- Evaluation Ensemble
- Orchestra (8 or more members)
- Evaluation Orchestra (8 or more members)
- Digital Accordion Competition 
All American Salute

Any two original solos by any two American accordionist composers such as: Frosini, Gart, Magnante, Galla-Rini, Deiro; Marocco; Fremar; Schimmel; Venglevski, etc…

Tango Times Two

Any two original or arranged tango solos by Piazzolla, Galliano, or traditional composers of tango music such as Rodriguez, Gardel, Troilo, Pugliesi, Villoldo, etc…

Amy Hatfield Memorial 'Young Accordionists' Scholarship

Amy Hatfield was a student of Joan Cochran Sommers from age 12. She played both piano accordion and C system chromatic accordion. Amy continued her accordion studies with Joan Sommers at the University of Missouri at Kansas City where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her surviving children, Kaley and Ryan, traveled with Amy’s mother, Carol, to the ATG 75th Anniversary festival in 2015 to present the scholarship funds to the ATG.


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