Accordion, Technology, and Professional Training -- The Easy Way

Gary Dahl On behalf of Gary Dahl—The Legacy Continues, I would like to thank you for your interest in our highly effective and unique learning opportunities. I'd be honored to share the teachings of Gary Dahl with you, continuing his legacy. With my intensive study under Gary, I can assure you that I understand his methods, goals, and objectives. Also, my experience isn't limited to the accordion. I'm a multi-instrumentalist specializing in virtually all things "keyboard". I've had the privilege of working with several product development teams responsible for directly designing and testing these digital marvels. With an involvement in the music industry that exceeds 40 years, I've worked with some of the best music educators, musicians, and the many different people that are employed in the music industry.

For those accordion players who studied with Gary, rest assured that I'll follow the same format that Gary pioneered. I'll also be providing some additional value-added services that will make things a bit easier. Under Gary's tutelage, I've amassed a library of over 100 hours of recorded material and over 250 pages of our highly detailed conversations to draw upon. Here are just a few of the highlights of the accordion lesson program.

MP3 Lesson Highlights


Your lessons will be an exciting and rewarding adventure that features fast-track results that are easy to implement.


After I receive an MP3 recorded lesson from a student, I simply play their recording in my studio, pausing it when necessary to record my comments and demonstrate any improvements—without interrupting the natural flow of the student's true playing.


As you play back your recorded lesson from me, you receive the added benefit of being able to take notes and listen repeatedly, and then practice—all in the convenience of your home!


The modern accordionist no longer needs to worry about a lesson interfering with their job or their precious family time. You can record a lesson anytime you'd like or even break up the recording process into several sessions!


You finally get to relax while recording your lesson without the pressure of a teacher present.

Lesson details


Now for our Big Surprise! All of Gary's solo arrangements are FREE for active students! This makes lessons even more affordable!

More Information

Sadly, there are very few qualified accordion teachers left and most likely they aren't in your area. I will make every attempt to improve your playing with the added advantage of having learned from Gary himself, using every instructional book that Gary published. My library consists of hundreds of hours of lesson material from the person I respect most—Gary Dahl.

If you are interested in this unique and proven method of delivering high quality private lessons, we have detailed information available.