Accordion Lesson Instructions

Gary Dahl I've created this guide for anyone who is ready to learn more about the instrument we both love - the accordion! For any new or returning student, it's very simple to get started in our lesson program. There's no pre-payment requirement and no need to schedule a "Skype Time". Everything is done from the comfort of your own home. I'm so confident in Gary's Long-Distance Learning program that I'm offering a 100% money back guarantee on your first lesson: simply provide me with the reason that you're not satisfied and you won't receive a bill.

Recorded Lessons

This Long-Distance Learning program is based on exchanging MP3 files. They're easy to record and play back and can provide quite good sound quality for learning. You record your lesson at your convenience in your own home. If you own a personal computer, digital recorder, smart phone, or tablet device, you're likely ready to record your first lesson! I don't recommend using these device's internal microphone since there are so many inexpensive alternatives that will give you much better results. But, if it's your first lesson and you'd like to see if this program is for you, we'll make it work. I own and operate a professional recording studio that allows me to share with you some of the most convenient and cost-effective methods for recording your lessons

Getting Started

Contact me by email at so we can talk about: For your first lesson, I'll provide you with an arrangement or two that suits your playing ability. If you already have a song that you'd like to use, that's great. Simply send me a PDF of the sheet music and we'll be on our way.

I'll also setup an account for you on our Cloud Storage Server. This is where we can easily exchange sheet music and recorded lessons (MP3's) of any size.

Lesson Frequency

To get the most from your lesson, practice for one to two weeks before recording a lesson. When you're satisfied with your progress, simply record the lesson and upload it to our Cloud Storage Server using the link I provide. This frequency is important so that you have long enough to make progress, but not so long that errors or bad habits become difficult to correct. It's important not to worry about perfection or a few mistakes. Mistakes are made by all of us. I can tell how well you know the lesson material regardless of a few mistakes.

Lesson Content

Once I receive your lesson MP3 file, I'll listen to it a few times before I start recording the lesson that you will receive back from me. In your return MP3 file, you'll hear your own MP3 playing. I will simply pause your playback and make any necessary suggestions for improvement. I'll use a combination of conversation (just as you'd expect from an in-person lesson) and demonstration by playing areas that could use improvement. All of this happens without interrupting the natural flow of your playing.

Lesson Advantages

This is a private lesson with a big advantage: You can review my comments, suggestions, and playing demonstrations as many times as you'd like. Play it over and over if desired. I encourage you to take notes and write in any reminders on your sheet music to increase your learning efficiency. When you think about it, by replaying your lesson, you receive many extra lessons for the price of one!

Plus every Gary Dahl solo arrangement is available to every student at no additional cost. I will send you your selections as part of your lesson. This makes lessons an even better value.

Optional Structured Learning

I highly recommend Gary's structured learning program published by Mel Bay. If it's been a few years since you've strapped on an accordion, the Getting Into Accordion book is a great learning tool to have. If your love is for Jazz—or you just want to play chords easily—the Chord Melody Method for Accordion is another great book to own. I highly recommend these books and the structured approach they provide for lessons. This is how I studied with Gary, and I can assure you it is highly effective!

Lesson Fee

A day or two after I've sent your lesson back to you, I'll send you a bill for the number of minutes of the lesson I recorded for you. The fee is based on a rate of $70.00 per hour, but is charged by the minute. A typical 25 to 35 minute lesson will cost between $30.00 to $40.00. You can send a check to the address listed below, or you can pay for your lesson using PayPal.

Please provide lesson payment by check or money order to:

Gary Dahl the Legacy Continues
Attn: Tris Gour
3922 Augusta Lane
Elkhart, Indiana 46517

For Paypal payments, simply log in to your account and send a payment ("Send & Request / Pay for goods or services") to: