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Thursday in Ikaalinen
Another day full of Events with Accordion Music

But first let us go and visit some more
of the City.

This was the city was like in 1939...
and since than it has changed...
come and see for yourself...

picture supplied by Riitta Liisa Myllymàki

After having been with the boat around the town we are now going to visit some more of the mystic places like the city church, designed by Thure G. Wennberg and completed in 1801 with a wooden crucifix.

About 1.100 people can come here to find some spirital ease and support

Sometimes one has the chance to listen to excellent music, as today, when the wellknown ukrainian accordion professor Pavel Fen uk played classical music.

In the church yard you will find the memorial statue for fallen soldiers during the war with lovely red flowers surrounding the graves.
The little white building is a praying place near the center of the city

Pavel Fenyuk from Ukraina
performing classical music in the city church by:


. ..and of course lots of music in the City:

Nearly every corner gives you the possibility to listen to almost every kind of rythme and if you are in the mood you can dance, sing and really enjoy yourself - yes - and the weather decided to participate as well to the joy of all the visitors and artists.

Holda with Richard Galliano
After wonderful performances of Pavel, the city is now getting ready for the biggest event of the day and we are all moving further to the Oma Tupa Concert Hall, where we will have the pleasure of listending to hartbraking sounds and being transfered into dramatic scenery...
meeting him-him-him ... "them"

Richard Galliano with his marvellous Musicians-Septet


what can one say....what does one feel?

Carried away with emotions, with sensational feelings. Every single note is taking you back to maybe passed feelings, maybe feelings never felt and maybe feelings wanting to happen. Dancing and being kept tighlty in your arms with a rose between your teeth....yes, that is what I am thinking of, when listening to these devine playing professionals. 2 hours of non stop performing - standing ovations - was the minimumn one could do - and of course - it was done!
All visitors must say - thank you - thank you - thank you!
To Riachard Galliano and his Septet and especially to the Sata Häme Soi Festival
for making such a wonderful evening possible!!!

and to end this emotional evening - a finnish sunset - at 1.30 am - good night/good morning - see you soon!


Thursday's Program was:

The Finnish Accordion Folk Musician Championship

The five-row Accordion Competition

Venue: Oma Tupa, Ikaalinen

€ 8

13.00 - 18.00

Folk Music in the Festival Park

Venue: Festival Park, Ikaalinen

Free admission

13.00 - 24.00

Accordion Pub

Meeting place for accordionists and the public. Hosted by Jukka Laihiala.

Venue: The Yellow School next to the Festival Park, Ikaalinen

Free admission


The White Rose –Concert, matinée

Vieno Kekkonen, Eino Grön and Ismo Kallio as soloists accompanied by a light music orchestra.

Venue: Ikaalinen Hall

€ 20


Pavel Fenjuk, Ukraine

Vivaldi – Bach – Scarlatti – Sibelius.

Venue: Ikaalinen Church

Programme Booklet
€ 10


The White Rose-Concert

Vieno Kekkonen, Eino Grön and Ismo Kallio as soloists accompanied by a light music orchestra.

Venue: Ikaalinen Hall
€ 20

21.00 - 24.00


Famous Finnish dance orchestra Yölintu.

Venue: Festival Park, Ikaalinen

€10 in advance
€12 from the gate


Piazzolla Forever

The Richard Galliano Septet from France.

Venue: Oma Tupa, Ikaalinen
€ 25


Accordion Cruise

An hour long boat cruise on the m/s Lempi. Music by Tiina Pitkänen and Taisto Lunkka.

Venue: The Boat Shore, Ikaalinen

in advance


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