Ikaalinen Day
09.30 Ikaalinen Day Programme in the Festival Park (Arranged by the Kovelahti-Koveranta Village Society in collaboration with the Ikaalinen Association)
11.00 Religious folk songs at the Ikaalinen Church
12.30 Coffee at Rahkola (organized by the Ikaalinen town)

Free entry

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Closing Ceremony of the Festival 2011
Moods from the festival week. The performers include Finnish and
foreign artists and the various competition winners.

Venue: Festival Park, Ikaalinen
Free entry

The Mayor of Ikaalinen Tero Nissinen, Sirpa Sippola (Festival Director), Kimmo Mattila (Artistic Director) and Minna Plihtari (Public Relations Manager) joined Government officials, International Guests and visitors for the Closing Ceremony of the 39th SHS Festival. Featuring national and overseas artists, the Closing Ceremony attracted hundreds of people, who gathered to celebrate a spectacular event.
Heikki Eränen and his wife Tuula with Gary Daverne, President of the Primus Ikaaline Jury
Master of Ceremonies Kalle Mäkelä
Above: Members of the official delegation at the Closing Ceremony: Kimmo Mattila (Artistic Director), Representitive of the Finnish Accordion Association, Sirpa Sippola (SHS Director), Arto Satonen and his wife (Member of the Finnish Parliament), Tero Nissinen (Ikaalinen Mayor) and Matti Äijö and his wife (Chairman of the City Government)
1. The winner of Silver Accordion 2011 Sonja Lampinen
Parempien päivien polkka (comp. Lasse Heikkilä, arr. Teijo Rekonen)

Above left: Greeting of the Ikaalinen City by the chairman of the City Government Matti Äijö
Above right: Danijel Stankovic, Austria

The Keynote address being presented by Arto Satonen, Member of the Finnish Parliament

Marko Kotilainen - The winner of Golden Accordion 2011
Eric Bouvelle: Punching Ball (kilpailukappale tällä viikolla) and André Astier: La Tempete

Plaquette Award and Sata-Häme Soi Awards 2011
Chairman of the Sata-Häme Soi Board Juhani Hakala receiving the Plaquette Award from Sirpa Sippola

Annual awards are presented to people who have contributed to the success of the SHS Festival. This years awards went to:
Airi ja Arto Kivimäki, Juhani Lähde, Emmi Kulmala, Petra Plihtari, Teemu Jernfors, Harri Kainulainen, Johanna Wegelius, Jyrki Kokko, Kajaanin harmonikkakerho, Ikaalisten Luomu, Timo Tuomisto, Seppo Helin ja Jarmo Nikku

Four new honorary members of the Finnish Accordion Association were announced
Kauko Tiistola, Olli Ylänen and Markus Lindholm. Not pictured: Paavo Sjöberg

Harmonikkayhtye CONCERTINO Moldovasta
1. Jevgeni Derbenko: Kollaasi Bizetin oopperasta 'Carmen'
2. Vladislav Zubitsky: Hommage á Astor Piazzolla
3. sovitus Mihail Grosu: Moldovalainen sarja

Above and below: The large crowd gathered for the Closing Ceremony of the 39th SHS Festival
Tero Nissinen congratulating Golden Accordion Winner Marko Kotilainen
Marko Kotilainen being congratulated by the President of the Primus Ikaaline Jury, Gary Daverne

At the conclusion of the festival each year, there are several traditions that must be carried out including the customary 'Leap of Joy', the Champagne Celebration and the Staff Party held at Oma Tupa.
Aino Ojakoski (SHS Team Member) joins Minna Plihtari (Public Relations Manager and Sirpa Sippola (Festival Director)
as they try to outsmart Kimmo by taking a practice leap.
Not to be outdone, Kimmo Mattila leaps high into the air along with Aino Ojakoski,
Minna Plihtari and Sirpa Sippola (Festival Director)
As they all come back down to earth, the smiles on their faces reflect the joy and well deserved pride of
having conducted a tremendous 39th SHS Festival
Each year on the Sunday ending the festival, at 4:00 pm, Kimmo pops open a bottle of Champagne to celebrate with the team members. For several years; we have tried to capture that moment on film, and this year, thanks to the quick shutter finger of Press Manager Minna Plihtari, this year, the moment has been caught on camera!
Photo by Minna Plihtari
'Amazing' Photo by Minna Plihtari
Members of the SHS Team enjoying a Champagne Reception
Each year the younger members of the SHS team have some fun with their bosses from the festival. It is customary to rename the main organizers based on their traits and the various situations happening during the festival. This year they named their bosses after various drinks and the characteristics of that particular drink. Pictured above are the organizers including Sari Rytkölä, Minna Plihtari, Leena Heikkilä, Sirpa Sippola and Kimmo Mattila

Pictures from around Ikaalinen.
The Finnish Flag at the newly opened Flag Park in Ikaalinen
Festival founder Heikki Eränen and his wife Tuula
The beautiful Rahkola House, built around 1805
Sofia and Gary Daverne with Kevin Friedrich after taking the boat taxi for the 30 minute journey across the lake
Ikaalinen invites you to attend the
40th Anniversary
Sata-Häme Soi
International Accordion Festival
3 - 8 July, 2012

See you next year! All Welcome!



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