10.00 - 18.00
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The Accordion Fair

Venue: Ikaalinen Business College
Free entry

11.00 - 18.00
Music in the Park

Venue: Festival Park
Free entry

12.00 - 18.00
The Pub Tent
Accordion clubs, bands and folk musicians.

Venue: Yellow School
Free entry

13:00 - 15.00 Seminar
Accordion Culture in the republic of Karelia. Petrozavodsk State Conservatory lecturer Vyacheslav Kalaberda
talks about the Republic of Karelia and its accordion music culture. The talk will be translated into Finnish. The Seminar is organised in cooperation with the Arts Council of Pirkanmaa. Concert: Vjatseslav Kalaberda, accordion.

Venue: Oma Tupa
Free entry

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The White Rose Concert (1st show)
Riku Niemi Orchestra with Pentti Hietanen, Hanna Pakarinen and Jorma Kääriäinen

Venue: Ikaalinen Hall
Tickets: Adult 34€, Pensioner/Student 28€, Child 17€


The White Rose Concert (2nd show)
Riku Niemi Orchestra with Pentti Hietanen, Hanna Pakarinen and Jorma Kääriäinen. Ikaalinen Hall TV2 records the concert.

Venue: Ikaalinen Hall.
Tickets: Adult 34€, Pensioner/Student 28€, Child 17€

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Petar Maric, Serbia
Coupe Mondiale 2010 winner Petar Maric, Serbia

Venue: Ikaalinen Church.
Program 10€

20.00 - 02.00
The Pub Tent
20-22 Kajaani Accordion Club
23-24 Foxtrot and accordion jazz music by the Black Eyes Orchestra
24-02 Hollola Accordion Club
Venue: Yellow School
Area Ticket 12€ / Park Pass Fri-Sat 25€ / Family Ticket Fri 30€

20.00 - 02.00
"Tulipelit" Fire Games
20.30 Dance and music group Lions of Africa
22.00 Paradise Boys J. Karjalainen and Veli-Matti Järvenpää (right)
23.00 Johanna Kurkela
24.00 Tommi Kalenius

Venue: Festival Park
Area Ticket 12€ / Park Pass Fri-Sat 25€ / Family Ticket Fri 30€

see below
Antonio Spaccarotella and Alberto La Neve, Italy
Accordion and Soprano Saxaphone

Venue: Oma Tupa
Tickets: Adult 20€, Pensioner/Student 15€, Child 10€

The Accordion Fair will be held at the Ikaalinen Business College hall. A popular feature of the SHS Festival, the Fair offers instruments, recordings, music and accessories.

At the fair you will find the following companies:

  • Accordion Helin
  • Convertor Ltd
  • Etelän Harmonikka
  • Finnish Accordion works Aaro Luukinen
  • Accordion Maintenance and Restoration
  • tmi Viljo Mannerjoki
  • Accordion Maintenance Aimo Kuhmonen
  • Accordion Maintenance Kristian Hyyppä
  • Accordion Maintenance Tero Lahti
  • Harmonikka Voitto Nieminen
  • IKATA´s Accordion Building Department
  • Lasse Pihlajamaa Ltd
  • Leather Products Sirok Tmi
  • Roland Scandinavia as
  • Savon harmonikka Ltd
  • Tampereen Musiikki / Musiikki Aartio Ltd
  • Traditune Ltd
  • Ylöjärvi Accordion Ltd
  • Fair organized by the Dimi Student Association
Viljo Mannerjoki of Harmonikanrestaurointi

The White Rose Concert is a regular part of the SHS festival. Filmed for TV, the show airs later in the year.
Above and below: The popular Riku Niemi Orchestra
Pentti Hietanen
Hanna Pakarinen
Jorma Kääriäinen
Trumpet Soloist - Tero Lindberg
The Ikaalinen Hall was filled to capacity for this popular White Rose Concert
Above and below: Riku Niemi with Pentti Hietanen, Hanna Pakarinen and Jorma Kääriäinen

Sata-Häme Soi has, for years already, invited young world-class accordion soloists to perform in Finland, and offered at the same time an opportunity for them to become known to the Finnish audiences.

21 year old Petar Maric was born in Belgrade in 1990 and he is recognised as one of the best young accordionists in the world. In October 2010 he became the winner of the Coupe Mondiale, the most prestigious competition of accordion players with a 63 year long tradition, organised by the Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes. At this competition Petar Maric won the categories of classical and virtuoso popular music, thus becoming the holder of the title of the best accordion player of all musical genres.

Following this remarkable success, Petar was invited to perform in 2011 at the important festivals in China (Shanghai), Finland (Tampere), Italy (Spoleto), Russia (Moscow) and Greece (Santorini).
Petar Maric is also the winner and laureate of other renowned international competitions such as the CMA Trophée Mondiale de l’Accordeon 2009, Internationaler Klingenthal Akkordeon Wettbewerb – Germany, Castelfidardo – Italy, Coupe Jeunesse – Slovakia, Spoleto Music Festival – Italy etc., as well as the most important national competitions of young musicians.
Petar Maric studied at the School of Music Dr Vojislav Vuckovic in Belgrade with Aleksandar Nikolic. He spent a short period in France where he perfected himself in the field of popular music interpretation with Frederic Deschamps. He was awarded the most important recognition in Serbia: the City of Belgrade ’Angel of Belgrade’ prize, Charter of the Crown Prince Aleksandar Karadordevic.
Petar Maric commands a large repertoire ranging from the classical music composed for the accordion or transcribed for the instrument to various virtuoso pieces of the popular genre originating from all over the world, showcasing vast interpretative possibilities of the accordion. Petar Maric’s unique combination of talent, musicality and stage presence has thrilled the audiences in Europe (Finland, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, and Slovakia) and also in South Korea, China, Australia, New Zealand.

He is a promoter of the Scandalli - Extreme and Hohner – Fun Flash accordions.

Petar Maric, Serbia
Petar Maric, Serbia
Petar Maric, Serbia with host Hillevi Chruchill

Concert Program

F. Angelis - Impasse (IV Movement)
F. Angelis - Haiti
V. Zolotariew - Sonata No. 1
S. Votjenko - Revelation
J. S. Bach - Chaconne in d minor
V. Vlassov - Suite (1st movement)


Duo Antonio Spaccarotella - Alberto La Neve, Italy

 This new engineering design agreement between the two musicians, has created a diverse development of ideas that have created a unique and original style with a stamp and a personal sound, a blend of different musical styles, ethnic, tango, jazz. Recently the project has been part of many active to artistic festivals and concert seasons such as Pepper Jazz Festival 2010, Messe Frankfurt musik 2010-2011, Castelfidardo International Festival, Spoleto Festival, Campus International MIUR AFAM-Santa Severina. They are working on their first album with the label NONSOLOJAZZ (HIT RECORDS). The project Already well known in Italy and Europe, this new work is getting high acclaim from international music critics. They are about to begin a program of summer concerts, featuring the exclusive, their work record (NO TIME), a sophisticated sound and an original job with new songs.
Antonio Spaccarotella
He specializes in accordion Jazz / Modern with M° Renzo Ruggieri. He win the most 'important accordion competitions such as: Senior Virtuoso (Strumenti&Musica Spring Festival) in Spoleto. He has represented Italy at world competitions, CIA Coupe Mondiale World Trophe CMA. He win the prize City of Castelfidardo cat. Senior Varieté, considered, the competition and recognition of the most important accordion in the world. Play concert schedule with important tour in France, Spain, Brazil, Bosnia Herzegovina, Finland, England, New Zealand and China. He holds regular master of improvement in Italy and abroad, collaborating with major internationally renowned faculty. He has taught master classes Accordion Jazz / Contemporary at Shanghai Normal University in China. Is a professor of the class of diatonic accordion at the Conservatory PI Tchaikovsky Nocera Terinese (CZ) and is among the first teachers of the diatonic accordion "International Campus University of Higher Education Music AFAM-MIUR. He works as an artist for SCANDALLI Accordions Castelfidardo.
Alberto La Neve
He has attended several seminars (Umbria Jazz, Roccella Jazz) with major international jazz artists (Enrico Rava, Achille Succi, Bob Mintzer, Felice Mezzina, Ettore Fioravanti, Marco Sannini). Is saxophone tutor at the Jazz Department of the Conservatory "S. Giacomantonio" Cosenza and has taught introductory courses in the jazz festival "Jazz in Paola, " organized by the Department of Jazz at the Conservatory of Cosenza. He collaborates with musicians of the national jazz scene, including Tino Tracanna, Marco Tamburini, Achille Succi, Max Ionata, Umberto Napolitano, Peter Condorelli, Joe Amoruso. Also in 2009 he performed in duo with accordionist Antonio Spaccarotella with whom he worked on original songs and has participated in numerous international festivals and tours in Italy and abroad.

Alberto La Neve and Antonio Spaccarotella
Above and below: Antonio Spaccarotella
Alberto La Neve and Antonio Spaccarotella

Pictures from around Ikaalinen.
Alexander Veretennikov and Petar Maric
Jarkko Helin and the Crawfish Kings



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