10.00 - 18.00
see below
The Accordion Fair

Venue: Ikaalinen Business College
Free entry

11:45 - 18.00
see below
Music in the Park
Various Performers

Venue: Festival Park
Free entry

12.00 - 18.00
The Pub Tent
Afternoon of Dance

Venue: Yellow school
Free entry

12.00 - 17.00
see below
Children’s Festival
Pippi Longstocking, Doll Maddalena and Lord Nissiläinen play and entertain children, and childlike. Fun things to do for the whole family. Performances at 13.00 and 16.00. Music, crafts and activities. 14.00 - 15.00 Mr. Nissiläinen’s accordion workshop where you can try playing an accordion.

Venue: The Old Rectory Garden
Free entry

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Finnish Accordion Music Concert
An afternoon of Finnish Accordion Music by the Masters

Venue: Oma Tupa

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Dallapé Orchestra
The Legendary Dallapé continues in the traditional style of the 1930’s. Soloists Juha Hostikka and Sami Saari.

Venue: Ikaalinen Sali
Adult 30€, Pensioner/Student 25€, Child 15€

Pekka Itkonen, Reijo Ikonen and instrumental group. Church Music gems and well-known classics for the tenor.

Venue: Ikaalinen Church
Program 10€

20.00 - 02.00
Evening of Music and Dance in the Park
An accordion music filled summer evening hosted by Seppo Soittila. Music Groups: The Jämijärvi Fiddlers and the Ikaalinen Men’s Accordion Group. The great ensemble starts at 21.30.
Ensemble pieces:
Valkea Ruusu (Gm), Kultainen nuoruus (C), Kulkurin valssi (D),
Tulipunaruusut (Cm), Heili Karjalasta (Cm), Tavallinen tyttö (Em),
Väliaikainen (Dm), Karjalan polkka (G).
The sheet music can be downloaded from www.satahamesoi.fi

Area Ticket 12€ Family Ticket 30€
Free entry if you bring your accordion to play with the others at 21.30!

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Budapest Klezmer Band
One of Europe’s top groups, the Budapest Klezmer Band from Hungary. Director Ferenc Jávori.

Venue: Oma Tupa
Tickets: Adult 30€, Pensioner/Student 25€, Child 15€
Hundreds of children gathered to enjoy a sunny afternoon of entertainment with popular character Pippy Longstocking and her friends.
Pippy Longstocking (Marjo Suominen) and Herra Nissalainen (Eero Nissinen)
above left: Herra Nissalainen (Eero Nissinen)
Above right: Among the many children enjoying the concert were Minna Plihtari (Festival Public Relations Manager)
and her daughter and grand daughter
Some of the children attending the Pippy Longstocking and friends afternoon

A tribute to teh best gems of traditional accordion music by Lasse Pihlajamaa, Veikko Ahvenainen, Taito Vainio, Paul Norrback, Erkki Friman and Toivo Manninen's favorite compositions.
Heikki Eränen (Festival Founder), Vilja Suojanen (Finnish Composer/accordionist), Kevin Friedrich (Accordions Worldwide)
and Kari Tamminen, father of SHS Press Manager
Minna Plihtari

Jyväs Accoordion Orchestra conducted by Matti Ekman
Vaskiveden Nuorisoseura Tanhu-Lysti
Vaskiveden Nuorisoseura Tanhu-Lysti

The renewed Dallapé, first founded 86 years ago, has returned to the dance halls and continues the tradition in the 1930´s style. The new director of Dallapé, Juha Hostikka, follows in the footsteps of Martin Jäppilä, Georg Malmsten and Bruno Laakko. Dallapé plays good old Finnish jazz, gorgeous old evergreens, which have new strength when played by a 12 musician group.
The present day Dallape has the best musicians – just like in the golden years before the wars. The orchestra has received access to the old original Dallapé arrangements and the new material has also been made with respect to the legacy and the unique sound of the band. Sincere good mood grabs the listener forcibly. Dallapé is an unparalleled phenomenon in the Finnish music scene.
The name stems from an Italian accordion make, and has been etched in the Finnish mindscape, and it has almost become national property. The soloists for the new Dallapé are Sami Saari and Juha Hostikka.

The Dallapé Orchestra directed by Juha Hostikka
Accordionist in the Dallapé Orchestra Niko Kumpuvaara
Niko Kumpuvaara
Niko Kumpuvaara being featured as solist

The Budapest Klezmer Band, founded in 1990, comes from the heart of Europe, from the very geographic location where klezmer music originates. The Band's performance is an exciting musical experience in traditional Jewish folklore. They play musical arrangements, composed by the founder and musical director of the ensemble, Ferenc Jávori, who grew up in the former Munkács (Munkacevo, now part of the Ukraine). Jávori learned and played klezmer with the last surviving musicians from a once flourishing community where this music was an integral part of Jewish life. Other members of the band are also exceptional musicians, most being graduates of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music of Budapest.
The performance by the Budapest Klezmer Band transfers the audience back to now extinct joyous times in Central and Eastern Europe, when traditional Jewish music was part of the community's cultural fabric. The Band also specializes in theatrical productions, appearing on stage with performers. They are currently featured in the ballet PURIM, The Casting of Fate, and in the Fiddler on the Roof production of the prestigious Madách Theater in Budapest. Their climactic performances with the famous Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra playing at the Academy of Music in Budapest were resounding successes and were heralded as an initial step in bringing klezmer music to the classical concert hall.

Members of the group include:

Ferenc Jávori - band leader, composer and arranger - piano, vocal
Bence Gazda - violin, vocal
István Kohán - clarinet, bass clarinet
Gábor Tamás - trombone, vocal
Anna Nagy - accordion
Gábor Kiss - double-bass
Végh Balázs - drums, percussion
Accordionist in the group Anna Nagy, started to play the accordion when she was 9 years old. Her teacher taught the pieces of classical composers such as Bach, Händel, Mozart, and Scarlatti. Of course during the years she kept up with contemporary music. After graduating, she played in various theatrical orchestras. In 1991 she met Ferenc Jávori (Fegya) who invited her to join the one year old Budapest Klezmer Band. Ancsa makes more and more fans with her modesty and instrumental skills. Since 2000 she has been teaching in the musical section of Lauder Javne School.

In 2000 the Pro Cultura Foundation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences awarded Kodály Zoltán Cultural Prize to the Budapest Klezmer Band for promoting and spreading Yiddish musical tradition, and in August of 2003 tne band got the Artisjus Prize.

Budapest Klezmer Band
Anna Nagy - accordion and Bence Gazda - violin
Anna Nagy - accordion
Budapest Klezmer Band

Pictures from around Ikaalinen.
Aino Ojakoski, member of the SHS Team and Violist
Niko Kumpuvaara
One of the large Festival Billboards
The famed Oma Tupa Concert Venue



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