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Watch the Golden Accordion TV Show
Watch the 2008 Primus Ikaalinen TV Show

 Program - Friday, 27 June 2008
Accordion Fair Opening
Accordions, accessories, music etc.

Venue: Commercial College
- Tickets: Free Entrance 

Music Life in Ikaalinen
Lecture on the music life of Ikaalinen town celebrating its 150th anniversary, M.Phil. Leeni Pukkinen

Venue: Oma Tupa - Tickets: Free entrance

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Roland V-Accordion Competition
The Finnish representative is selected to take part in Roland V Accordion Competition in Italy (Nov 08). Special guest appearance by French Roland artist
Ludovic Beier.

Venue: Oma Tupa - Tickets: Adult: 10€ / Pensioner & Student: 8€ / Child 5€

13.00-18.00 Music in the Park
Various groups.
15.00 “NordAccordion 2008” Nordic Accordionists. Orchestras, groups and soloists from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Hosts: Matti Lepänhaara and Seppo Soittila

Venue: Festival Park, Ikaalinen

Accordion Pub Tent
Music and fun to Accordion Tunes.

Venue: Yellow School

Primus Ikaalinen 2008 Final Rehearsal
Primus Ikaalinen competitors prepare for the evening’s competition:

FRANCE: Felicien Brut
ITALY: Mario D’Amario
SLOVENIA: Denis Novato
SPAIN: Adrian Peréz Martinez
RUSSIA: Eduard Akhanov
FINLAND: winner of the ”Golden Accordion” (selection 25th June)

Venue: Ikaalinen Hall - Tickets: Adult 20€ / Pensioner & Student 15€ / Child 10€


The Pub Tent
Eno Accordion Club plays dance music (20.00-24.00)

Venue: Yellow School - Tickets: Area Ticket 12€ / Park Pass Fri-Sat 20€ / Family Ticket Fri 30€

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IV Primus Ikaalinen 2008 Final
International Accordion Competition. Eight young international participants compete. Chairman of the Jury: Renzo Ruggieri Hosts: Silja Sillanpää and Kimmo Mattila. Live TV Broadcast.

Venue: Ikaalinen Hall - Tickets: Adult 30€ / Pensioner & Student 25€ / Child 15€

21.00 “Tulipelit”
Performers: Anna Abreu

Venue: Festival Park - Tickets: Area Ticket 12€ / Park Pass Fri-Sat 20€ / Family Ticket Fri 30€


Tiit Kalluste Jump Band
The Estonian Quintet play gentle Swing - Jazz with a “French dressing”

Venue: Oma Tupa - Tickets: Adult 15 € / Pensioner & Student 12 € / Child 8 €

  Rehearsal for the Primus Ikaalinen TV Show (pictures by Harley Jones)
The seven candidates spent the day preparing for the IV Primus Ikaalinen Competition. The day involved sound checks, rehearsals with the backing band, a live Dress Rehearsal sold as a concert and the grand finale being the live two hour TV Show broadcast on national TV.
TV 2 Production Staff going over details of the TV Show
The Ikaalinen Hall transformed into a TV set for the Primus Ikaalinen live TV Show
below - some of the camera and sound equipment used by some 90 staff working for the production of the Primus Ikaalinen TV Show.
Sata-Häme Soi Festival Press Manager Minna Plihtari (left) and
Kevin Friedrich (Accordions Worldwide guest) with TV 2 Production Staff
Flags for each of the seven contestants in the Primus Ikaalinen
Some of the contestants as they wait for the sound check and rehearsal with the orchestra
 Roland V-Accordion Competition
The Roland V competition was held to select the Finnish representative to take part in 2nd Roland V Accordion International Competition to be held in Italy in November 2008. In attendance at the competition were the director of Roland Europe Luigi Bruti and the Roland Europe Marketing Division director Marco Cinaglia. At the conclusion of the competition, while the judges were meeting to decide the winner, the audience was treated to a special guest appearance by French Roland artist Ludovic Beier.

The competition was held in two divisions with two candidates in the Junior section and three candidates in the Senior section.
Members of the International Jury were:

from left to right: Pasi Hirvonen (Finland), Marco Cinaglia (Roland Europe - Italy), Veijo Laine and Matti Eleman (Finland)
The contestants were as follows:
Tüa Karttvnen (Junior)
Lauri Sahra (Junior)
Jukka Hänninen (Senior)
Jukka Hänninen (Senior)
Janne Mäkinen (Senior)
Guest Artist - Ludovic Beier
Members of the Jury presenting the winner Jukka Hänninen with his Prize
Left: Roland Europe Marketing Division Director Marco Cinaglia, CIA President Kevin Friedrich, Roland Europe Luigi Bruti and the .
Right: Host for the Competition - Matti Lepänhaara
Winner of the Roland Competition: Toni Perttula (Senior)
 The IV Primus Ikaalinen - 2008
The TV Show being introduced by Johanna Pirttilahti.
Hosts: Silja Sillanpää and Kimmo Mattila
The Primus Ikaalinen is a popular international accordion competition for entertainment music, which brings some of the best accordionists from all over the world to Ikaalinen.

The first Primus Ikaalinen was held at the Sata-Häme Soi Festival in 2005. This year there are six foreign finalists, selected on the basis of their applications, including audition tapes and DVD's. The Finnish Golden Accordion competition winner 2008 participates alongside the invited international accordionists.

The genre is variety and virtuoso music, which has long traditions in most countries. One can expect modern arrangements for French musette, the Tango nuevo, improvisations on known jazz standards and masterful interpretations of internationally known evergreens.

A live studio orchestra comprising Jari Puhakka (conductor/piano), Jarmo Niku (guitar), Seppo Helin (Keyboard), Risto Salmi (winds), Jari Heino (bass) and Miri Miettinen (drums) accompanies each of the contestants. The winner of Primus Ikaalinen is chosen by a panel in international jury members.
Felicien Brut, France
Medley de Valses de Paris (arr. Massoutie/Noel/Castel)
Extrait d'Opale Concerto by R. Galliano, arr. A. Noel
Yves Moulin, Switzerland
Le Valseur Fou by Dimitri Saussard
Accordeon Prestige by E. Bouvelle
Mario D'Amario, Italy
Cherokee/Donna Lee by Ray Noble-Charlie Parker
Carnevale by R. Ruggieri
Ukko-Pekka Yliranta, Finland
Flight of the Bumble-Bee by Rimski-Korsakov, arr. Molinari
Tähdet Meren Yllä by U. Mononen
Denis Novato, Slovenia
Carneval in Venedig - trad.
Can Can by J. Offenbach
Eduard Akhanov, Russia
10 km al Finestrino by F. Fancelli
Russia in Finland, arr. V. Semionov-E. Akhanov
Adrian Perez Martinez, Spain
Ain't Misbehavin' by T. Waller
Mazurka du Diablo by M. Ferrero

Members of the International Jury:
Minna Kulmala - Secretary of the Jury
Mika Väyrynen (Finland)

Peter Anders (Denmark)
Raymond Bodell (United Kingdom)
Harley Jones (Fiji)
Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia)
Renzo Ruggieri (Italy - Chairperson of the Jury)

During this Finnish Medley Section, each of the contestants stepped forward to perform a popular Finnish piece. This gave the jury a few moments to finalize the marks to select who would proceed to the second section. Pictured is the Finnish contestant Ukko-Pekka as he performs "Hengaillaan". The candidates performed the pieces as follows:

Eduard - Säkkijärven Polkka
Felicien - Kultainen Nuoruus
Yves - Satumaa
Denis - Paratiisi
Ukko-Pekka - Hengaillaan
Mario - Olen Suomalainen
Adrian - Daa-da daa-da

Out of the seven contestants, only four could proceed to the Round II where each of the contestants performed their second piece with the orchestra.

After the marking, the scores were as follows, deciding the four finalists::

1. Mario (60 points)
2. Eduard (60 points)
3. Felicien (59 points)
4. Denis (54 points)
5. Yves (51 points)
6. Ukko-Pekka (50 points)
7. Adrian (48 points)

After the four contestants performed their second piece, the jury awarded them the following scores, deciding the two top contestants that proceeded to the final round.

1. Mario (59 points)
2. Eduard (58 points)
3. Felicien (57 points)
4. Denis (51 points)

After the two finalists Mario and Eduard were decided from the points by the jury, they were invited to take part in the traditional Liebertango Duel, after which the chairperson of the Jury - Renzo Ruggieri announced that the the winner of the 2008 Primus Ikaalinen was Mario D'Mario from Italy.
Harley Jones presenting a score to the TV Camera
Mario and Eduard performing the Liebertango duel
guest artist and Silver Accordion Winner - Viljami Morander
The Primus Ikaalinen Prize Statue
Winner of the 2008 Primus Ikaalinen - Mario D'Mario (Italy)
 Primus Ikaalinen 2008 - Celebration Dinner
Winner of the Primus Ikaalinen Mario D'Mario (Italy) with his young Finnish fans and with Renzo Ruggieri (Italy)
fellow New Zealanders Harley Jones (resident of Fiji) and Kevin Friedrich (reisdent of the USA)
Renzo and Mario with the Primus Ikaalinen TV Show Host Silja Sillanpää
left: Jury members Peter Anders (Denmark) and Renzo Ruggieri - right: Tony Davies-Jones and TV Show host Silja Sillanpää
Concert artist Mika Väyrynen
with Italian Jazz accordionist Renzo Ruggiero
Säte-Hame Soi Festival Director Sirpa Sippola
and Musical Director Kimmo Mattila
Kevin Friedrich, Johanna and Mika Väyrynen
Jury Members Renzo Ruggiero and Raymond Bodell
Säta-Hame Soi Festival founder Heikki Eränen
concert accordionist Mika Väyrynen
Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia)
and Francesca Pigini (Italy)
 Made in Finland - Featuring a Diverse Spectrum of Finnish Accordionists at the 2008 Festival
Mika Väyrynen
Juha Virtanen
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