NAA Movers and Shakers*

* NAA leaders that have the power and influence in the "Accordion Community" to get things done by accomplishing the impossible !

Top down and left to right:
    Norman Seaton (214-938-5984)
    Nick Ballarini (972-247-5000)
    Sharon Seaton (214-403-6738)
    Nancy Bernstein (214-750-7380)
    Sabine Baggio and Markus Baggio.

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Association Contact Information
    National Accordion Association, Inc.
    605 FM 740 North
    Forney, Texas 75126, USA
    (214) 938-5984 (President's cell phone)

National Accordion Convention

Hilton Hotel, Richardson, Texas

March 15-19, 2023
Click the blue "Annual Convention Information" / "2023 Convention Information" buttons for complete information.

Lasso image Auto harp image Banjo image Cornet image Dulcimer Guitar Sax Tuba Bibical images Harmonic Fiddle
2023 is the year to "Round Up" more musical instruments to join our music conventions!
If you play ANY musical instrument, bring it to the convention! You will get a chance to play it.

Now is the time to register for the 2023 National Accordion Convention!

      1. To finalize the schedule, Markus needs to know who is coming to the convention.
      2. Dee Langley is arranging the Community Band music. Tell her which instruments are coming.
Bicycle built for two image Rick Custer, Communications Coordinator
Rick Custer, from Arkansas, has volunteered to serve as the National Accordion Convention Communications Coordinator. He will be contacting the 300 individuals who have attended the last five (5) conventions. This is necessary because messages for Norman Seaton are beginning to fall into the Spam boxes. New counter started 10-1-2020.
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