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The World is Recovering from the Pandamic! While the NAA is still financially strong, we still need donations to offset the negative cash flow because of COVID-19!

National Accordion Convention
Hilton Hotel, Richardson, Texas
March 16-19, 2022

Same Hotel with a new name!
We are moving forward, the next National Accordion Convention will be March 16-19, 2022 at the Hilton Hotel, Richardson, Texas). Event schedules will be released in November of 2021. The 2023 convention is already scheduled at the same hotel.

"We Are Back and Revitalizing the Convention!"

The initial planning sessions for the 2022 National Accordion Convention are now complete. The contracts are being negotiated at this time. After a hiatus of two years, we are confident to revitalize the convention. With the tagline "We are back!" we hope to see you again all in person. The focus will be on socializing activities, band practice and interactive sessions, the dance party etc. as we had practiced social distancing for way too long. Everybody seems desperate to come back together. We will update the homepage, Facebook, and e-mail as soon as there is news to share. We should have the initial schedule available by November. See y'all in 2022! The NAA Board & Markus & Sabine Baggio

Checkout our NAA Website that is managed by Sabine Baggio: www.facebook.com/NAA1986/

2022 Convention presenters will be displayed in this area!

Our Friends Resting in Peace (RIP)

2022 National Accordion Association Board Members and Planning Team

CEO Norman Seaton Sharon Seaton Nick Ballarini Nancy Bernstein Markus Baggio Sabine Baggio

             Norman Seaton                Sharon Seaton             Nick Ballarini               Nancy Bernstein             Markus Baggio            Sabine Baggio

Officers and Board Members

Association Contact Information

National Accordion Association, Inc.
605 FM 740 North
Forney, Texas 75126, USA
(214) 938-5984 (President's cell phone)

Convention Dates:
Hilton Hotel: Richardson/Dallas

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