2024 Public Concerts and Banquet Information
that Feature "Famous" Accordionists
and Musicians From the Local Area

Note to non-conventioneers: Bring your musical instruments for a discount and to join the "after concert" jam sessions!
In appreciation for Mayor T. J. Gilmore signing the Lewisville Accordion Awareness Week proclamation, anyone interested may come to the Hilton Gardens Inn and receive a complementary "Introduction to the Accordion" lesson.
This lesson is offered for all ages and can be on your accordion or ours.

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All Activities are Family Friendly!
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11:45-1:00 pm. Noontime options:
* General public invited at no charge!
* Thursday Buffet is $50 for non-conventioneers.
  1. Colosseum: Round-table discussions
  2. Forum: Round-table discussions
  3. Pantheon: Open mic/jam sessions
  4. The Grill (music is not allowed)
  5. Saturday Ballroom: Youth Concert
Evening Concerts ($20) per Family
7:00 - 9:00 pm.
Bring a musical instrument for a 50% discount.
 * Thursday: Conventioneers' Concert
 * Friday: Six party bands
 * Saturday: Formal Accordion Concert
Jam Sessions After 9:00 pm. No charge
Bring musical instruments to join these sessions.
Snack and/or Meal Options:
Full description of dining options (link)
    * Pavilion Pantry
    * The Grill
    * Thursday Luncheon
    * Friday Night Banquet
    * Saturday Night Banquet
Prices of Evening Activities
    Category Price
     Individual Price/Family Price  $20
     50% discount musical instrument  $10
     Youth Price (3 - 19):  Free
     Individual/Family Price (3 nights)  $60
     With musical instrument (3 nights)  $30
NAA Conventions are "family friendly."

Evening Activity Tickets
Concert tickets are also available at the door.

Free admission to concerts for all youth (ages 1 to 19).
Special rates are available for interns (ages 20-29).
Contact www.NatlAccordion@sbcglobal.net for more information.

Evening Concerts

    7:00 until 9:00 pm. each evening.

Thursday Evening Conventioneers' Concert

Opens with Alex Meixner being awarded the Happy Music Ambassador
Alex Happy image Alex image Mary's image Boyd Duo image Rick Custer image Bruce Dunai image Job Elliott image Max's image Roy Helsing's image Sharon Seaton's image Roland's image
Left to Right: Happy Alex, Alex Meixner, Mary K. Archuleta, Clint and Eleanor Boyd, Rick Custer, Bruce Dunai, Job Elliott, Max Frauenthal, Roy Helsing, Sharon Seaton, and Roland Paquette

Friday Evening: Let's Have a Party!

Featuring six (6) uniquely created party bands
Party bands will not be developed until the convention; therefore, images will be published after the convention has closed.

Saturday Noon "Youth Concert" (no charge)

Youth band image

Saturday Evening "Featuring the Presenters"

Concert opens with the NAA Fun Band, directed by Dick Albreski. 2022 Fun Band image

Dick and Barbara image Bob Basciglia image Lori Brooke image Elijah Clements image Gordon Kohl image Mitch White image
Left to Right: Barbara Yuill, Dick Albreski, Bob Basciglia, Lori Brooke, Elijah Clements, Gordon Kohl, and Mitch White

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