2024 Public Concerts Featuring "Famous" Accordionists

Bring your musical instruments and join the "after concert" jam sessions!

The 2024 Public Concerts Artists will start being assigned positions starting February 27, 2024

Bring your musical instruments and join the Friday Party and "after concert" jam sessions!
Snack and/or Meal Options:
    The Hilton Lewisville restaurant will be offering self-pay noon snacks and/or meals.
11:45 - 1:00 pm. Noontime options:
  1. Colosseum: Snacks & round-table discussions
  2. Forum: Snacks & round-table discussions
  3. Pantheon: Open mic and/or jam sessions
  4. Great American Grill (no accordion music)
  5. Nearby restaurant
  6. Saturday Ballroom: Youth Concert

Evening Concerts ($10)

    Thursday: Conventioneers' Concert
    Friday:     Party Night with an open mic
    Saturday: Formal Concert

Jam Sessions After 10:00 pm.

Bring your musical instrument and join this session.

Prices of Evening Activities

    Category Price
     Individual Price  $20
     Family Price (2 or more members)  $25
     Youth Price (3 - 19):  Free
     Individual Package Price (3 nights)  $30
     Family Package Price (3 nights)  $35
NAA Conventions and concerts are "family friendly."

Evening Activity Tickets
Tickets are also available at the door.

Free admission to all youth (ages 2 to 19).

Evening Concerts

    8:00 until 10:00 pm. each evening
    Performer's images will appear when the assignments are completed.
Thursday Evening: "Conventioneers' Concert featuring Happy music
Friday Evening: Let's Have a Party! with open mics
Saturday Evening: "Professionals Performing Accordion Music".
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