Gary Dahl Music

Purchasing an Accordion

The Gary Dahl Jazz/Continental by Beltuna is a top quality professional instrument with the finest set of features only available on this accordion. It includes:

Jazz Continental Beltuna

Double Tone Chamber
Finest 4/5 Sets of Hand Made Reeds
5/5 Shifts with or without Palm Master Shift
A-440 Bassoon in Chamber
A-440 Clarinet in Chamber
+15 Cents Clarinet, Italian Musette
5 1/3 Quint Piccolo, not a perfect 5th
Low G Bass
Sennheiser Stereo Mic System
Semi-circular key tips
All wood body with striking two-tone Blue/Black color
MIDI as an Option

Listen to some samples of the Gary Dahl Jazz/Continental Model:


The Gary Dahl Jazz/Continental by Beltuna can be seen and purchased at the Castiglione Accordion Distribution Company