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27 june 2009

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 Program - Tuesday, 23 June 2009
10.00 - 18.00
Accordion Fair

Commercial College
Free entrance


13.00 - 18.00 Music in the Festival Park
Various groups

Festival Park, Ikaalinen
Free entrance

13.00 - 18.00 The Pub Tent
Accordion Groups and Solo Entertainers
16.00 - 18.00 Ikaalinen Violin Folk Musicians

Yellow School
Free entrance
13.00 Children´s Park
A very own mini festival for children. With singing and dancing characters, performances by winners of the Silver Accordion Competition, other young accordionists and more.

In the park next to Ikaalinen Church   
Free entrance
14.00 Buzor Nenic Trio
Buzor Nenic (SER) amazed the audience of Primus Ikaalinen 2006 with his virtuosity. Other members of the trio are Nam Tuan Nguven (piano) and Robert Pettersson (bass).

Oma Tupa
16€, 13€, 8€

see below
Maria Kalaniemi & Timo Alakotila
Finnish polkas and minuets, passionate tangos and French waltzes arranged by Maria Kalaniemi and Timo Alakotila.
Music with all flavors!

Oma Tupa       
20€, 15€, 10€
see below
The Great Accordion Parade 2009 – Veikko Ahvenainen 80 years of age
Veikko Ahvenainen, Jarmo Tinkala, Arto Kivekäs, Seppo Lankinen, Carina Nordlund, Veijo Laine, Jörgen Sundeqvist and Lena Rist-Larsen, Accordion orchestra from Kastav. Host: Seppo Hovi.

Ikaalinen Hall   
27€, 22€, 14€
20.00 Ensemble DRAj
Kinderjorn, Songs from the Ghetttos. Ralf Kaupenjohann (accordion), Ludger Schmidt (cello) and Manuela Weichenrieder (vocals)

Ikaalinen Church
Programme 5€
19.00 - 01.00 The Pub Tent
Dance music by various Accordion Clubs.

Area Ticket 10€
Family Ticket 25€
Free entry if you bring your accordion!
20.00 - 01.00
see below
Summer Night in Festival Park
21.30 Accordions all together!
Dance and fun late into the night. Jämijärven Pelimannit, Ikaalisten Harmonikkamiehet, Matti Lepänhaara and Seppo Soittila.

Come and play together! Pieces: Kultainen nuoruus (C), Kulkurin valssi (D), Tulipunaruusut (Cm), Heili Karjalasta (Cm), Väliaikainen (Dm), Takametsien kaipuu (Am), Tavallinen tyttö (Em), Uralin pihlaja (Dm), Valkea ruusu (Gm).

Area Ticket 10€
Family Ticket 25€
Free entry if you bring your accordion!
see below
Quinteto Otra Vez & Martin Alvarado
Tango Norte, Tango Sur. A night of amazing interpretations of the greatest tangos in the world.

Oma Tupa
20€, 15€, 10€


Maria Kalaniemi and Timo Alakotila in Concert
Maria Kalaniemi, born 27 May 1964, is regarded as one of the world's most talented accordionists in the area of Folk Music, where she is not only highly skilled as a technical player, but also as a gifted composer. A master of free-bass button accordion, Maria is one of Finland's leading Folk accordionists. Melody is the meaning and with Maria, listeners are sure to feel her message deeply!
Performing with pianist Timo Alakotila, Maria performed a variety of Finnish Polkas and Minuets, some Tangos and also several French waltzes.
Above: Maria Kalaniemi and Timo Alakotila
below: signing autographs for her fanss
 The Great Accordion Parade 2009 - Veikko Ahvenainen 80 years of Age
In celebration of the 80th Birthday year of Finnish accordionist Veikko Ahvenainen, the Great Accordion Parade concert in the Ikaalinen Hall featured many of his works, including several performances by the honoree, as well as others performed in tribute to him.

Before the concert began, the Ukrainen Cossack Ensembe performed to attendees assembled outside the Concert Hall.
Veikko Ahvenainen signing autographs prior the concert

Tammer-Hanurit Orchestra (conductor: Eerik Mäkinen)
Veikko Ahvenainen: Pelimannien tulo (marssi)
V. Ahvenainen: Harmonikkaristeilyllä (valssi)

Teppo Välimäki ( 2 Row Accordionist)
V. Ahvenainen: Juntusrannan muistoja (jenkka)
V. Ahvenainen: Tepon mestaripolkka

Veikon hanurikvartetti (Veikko Ahvenainen, Arto Kivekas, Seppo Lankinen, JarmoTinkala) (pianist Veijo Laine)
V. Ahvenainen: Juhlapoloneesi
V. Ahvenainen: Tango Amazonas
V. Ahvenainen: Viva Barcelona
V. Ahvenainen: Tavallinen tyttö (solistina Carina Nordlund)

Hopeisen Harmonikan voittaja Arttu Rajala
A. Hautamäki: Suviyön valssi

Veikko Ahvenainen & Carina Nordlund
V. Ahvenainen: Kesän kaikuja

Golden Accordion Winner
Katariina Ahjoniemi
Mustat silmät (sov. Rudolf Würthner)

Jörgen Sundeqvist & Lena Rist Larsen
V. Ahvenainen: Ilta Budapestissä (tai Revontulitango)
(Toinen biisi duon omasta ohjelmistosta)

Jörgen Sundeqvist & Lena Rist Larsen

Primus Ikaalinen
2009 Contestant
I. Panitzki: Polosunka

Alexander Selivanov & Julia Amerikova
A.Semjonov: Festival in the Mountin (from Balkan Rhapsody)
Viktor Gridin: Funny tunes (Hauskoja säveliä)

Hyvinkään Rautatieläisten Harmonikkakerho
V. Ahvenainen: Ilta Syväjärvellä

Above and Below: Toni Perttula (Winner of the 2nd Roland Digital Accordion Competition in Rome, 2008
Pertri Makkonen: Flight Beyond Time ( ”Lento ajan tuolle puolen”)

Veikon hanurikvartetti (Veikko, Arto, Seppo, Jarmo) (pianist Veijo Laine)  
V. Ahvenainen: Sininen lintu
V. Ahvenainen: Kuumia tippoja
V. Ahvenainen: Muistoja Marseillesista

Tremolo-orkesteri (Pärnu) joht Valdo Värk /Venda Tamman
Potpuri Bachin teemoista (sov. Valdo Värk)
B. Kämpfert: A Swinging Safari (sov. Marianna D’Incau)
W. Kilar: Poloneesi (sov. Artur Zaikowski)

Concert Finale with all accordionists participating
V. Ahvenainen: Takametsien kaipuu

The star of the day: Veikko Ahvenainen
The summer night in Festival Park proved extremely popular with dozens of accordionists performing several pieces together, while many danced the night away. Veikko Ahvenainen joined in as soon as he arrived form his previous concert.
The many accordionists participating in the outdoor concert
2009 Festival Director Kimmo Mattila thanking guest accordionist Veikko Ahvenainen for joining in the jamm session
Quintet Otra Vez and Martin Alvarado
Attendees at the beautiful Oma Tupa venue were treated to a wonderful evening of Tango performed by Quinteto Otra Vez and Martin Alvarado.

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