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25 june 2009

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 Program - Tuesday, 23 June 2009
10.00 - 18.00
Accordion Fair

Commercial College
Free entrance


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The Finnish Accordion Folk Musician Championship

The Five Row Accordion Competition. Under 12-, 15- and 18-year-olds’ series, Adults and Veterans.

Oma Tupa
10€, 8€, 5€

13.00 - 18.00 Music in the Festival Park
Various groups.

Festival Park, Ikaalinen
Free entrance
13.00 - 17.00 A seminar: Culture and Well-Being
In co-operation with Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, municipality of Ikaalinen and Sata-Häme Soi.

The Auditorium at Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Designos
Address: Eino Salmelaisen katu 20 Street
Open to general audience

13.00 - 0100 The Pub Tent
Music, dance, having fun.
Free entrance from 13.00–18.00

Yellow School
Festival Area 6€
Park Pass 20 € Thursay -Saturday
Family Ticket Thursday - 20 €

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The White Rose Concert (1st show)

Maria Lund and Simo Silmu sing with Riku Niemi Orchestra. TV 2 recording. The duration of the concert is approximately 1h 40 min.

Ikaalinen Hall    
32€, 26€, 16€
20.00 The White Rose Concert  (2nd show)

Maria Lund and Simo Silmu sing with Riku Niemi Orchestra. TV 2 recording. The duration of the concert is approximately 1h 40 min.

Ikaalinen Hall 
32€, 26€, 16€
20.00 Vladislav Pligovka - Cancel
unfortunately, a visa was not able to be issued in time for Vladislav to attend the festival.

A solo recital by Winner of 2008 Coupe Mondiale, Vladislav Pligovga (Belarus). Pachelbel-Scarlatti-Makkonen-Paganini-Rachmaninov-Angelis.

Ikaalinen Church   
Programme 10€
21.00 - 01.00 Summer Dance in the Festival Park
Park atmosphere. Top quality dance music performed by ”Varjokuva” dance orchestra.
Festival Park

Area Ticket 6€
Park Pass Thu-Sat 20€
Family Ticket Thu 20€
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Frank Marocco
The legendary American jazz accordionist. His only concert in Finland!

Oma Tupa
20€, 15€, 10€

The White Rose Concert
Above: Maria Lund
Below: Simo Silmu
Maria Lund and Riku Niemi
Maria Lund and Riku Niemi Orchestra
Above: Simo Silmu finding an accordion for Riku
Below: Riku and members of his orchestra
Riku performing on his collection of bottles, and below, with his outstanding and highly energetic orchestra
Riku Niemi Orchestra
 Frank Marocco - his only Finland Appearance!

In the world of accordion performance, Frank Marocco is a giant. Not only for his mastery of the instrument itself, but for his highly developed musicality. In any style, on the concert stage or in the recording studio, his playing is technically brilliant and musically superb.

Frank Marocco is one of the most recorded accordionist in America (and, possibly, the world), having played on a vast number of movie soundtracks, television scores, commercial jingles and record albums, in the studios of Hollywood and beyond. He has recorded for and/or worked with artists ranging from Brian Wilson, Pink Floyd and Madonna to Luciano Pavarotti, conductor Maxim Shostakovich and composer John Williams.

He was nominated eight years in a row for the Most Valuable Player Award by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (N.A.R.A.S) and received that award twice.

Frank Marocco was born in Joliet, Illinois USA, and studied classical Accordion for 9 years in The Chicago area. He also studied clarinet, Piano, Harmony & Theory. 

Began his professional career playing in clubs and hotels all over America with a Trio he organized at age 18. Jazz was his first love but the opportunity to make a living playing Jazz was not easy and he eventually made his way west to Los Angeles where he worked as a session studio Musician becoming one of the most recorded Accordionists in the world playing on hundreds of Movie soundtracks, TV shows and record dates.

He has recorded film music with a long list of composers; John Williams, Quincy Jones, Elmer Bernstein, Michele Le Grand, Henry Mancini and dozens of others.  His passion is Jazz and in recent years has been playing concerts in Europe, Japan and Brazil
, and the Sata-Häme Soi festival is pleased to welcome Frank for his only Finland appearance!

Frank received a lenghty standing ovation for his tremendous performance of popular Jazz favorites as well as his orgninal pieces.

Frank Marocco
photo by Julian Feulner
Frank Marocco signing autographs for his fans
Frank Marocco with festival artistic director Kimmo Mattila
Beloiow with two fans from Hof, Germany - Adrian Stieglitz and Julian Feulner
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