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10:00 Accordion Fair
The fair is open 10.00 - 18.00.
Venue: Kyrösvaate Building (near the park)
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The Finnish Accordion Folk Musician Championship
The Five Row Accordion Competition. Under 12, 15 and 18-year-olds, Open and Veterans.
Venue: Oma Tupa - Tickets: Adult 10 € / Pensioner & Student 8 € / Child 5 €
12.00 Music in the Park
Various groups. (Until 18.00)
Venue: Festival Park, Ikaalinen
15.00 Accordion Pub
Accordion groups and solo entertainers, Host: Jukka Laihiala, dance music by various Finnish Accordion Clubs from 20.00 until midnight.
Venue: Yellow School

17.00 The White Rose Concert (1st show)
Music in Frank Sinatra and Las Vegas style! Kari Tapio, Jorma Kääriäinen and Markku Aro sing with Riku Niemi Orchestra.
Venue: Ikaalinen Hall - Tickets: Adult 30 € / Pensioner&Student 25 € / Child 15 €

20.00 The White Rose Concert (2nd show)
Music in Frank Sinatra and Las Vegas style! Kari Tapio, Jorma Kääriäinen and Markku Aro sing with Riku Niemi Orchestra. TV recording.
Venue: Ikaalinen Hall - Tickets: Adult 30 € / Pensioner&Student 25 € / Child 15 €
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Baltic Accordion Quintet
Baltic International Accordion Quintet ”Excelsior”. Vivaldi - Boulenc - Corelli - Byzov - Villa-Lobos
Venue: Ikaalinen Church - Tickets: Programme 10 €
21.00 Dance Music in the Park
Marita Taavitsainen, Jarmo Tinkala, Aki Hietala and Koivu Orchestra
Venue: Festival Park - Tickets: Festival Park 5 € / Family Ticket Thu 15 € / Park Pass Thu-Sat 15 €
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Renzo Ruggieri meets Olmarin Unioni
The first concert of a Finnish-Italian top class jazz music project
Venue: Oma Tupa - Tickets: Adult 15 € / Pensioner & Student 12 € / Child 8 €
First Rehearsals for the Primus Ikaalinen
Thursday began with the assembly of all the International candidates and Jury for the Primus Ikaalinen Competition. Each of the contestants and jury members were welcomed by Fesitval Musical Director Kimmo Mattila and Director Sirpa Sippola.
The Finnish Accordion Folk Musician Championships
The Finnish Accordion Folk Musican Championship was held at Oma Tupa in five categories based on age performing on either a five row Button Accordion or Piano Accordion. Each contestant was required to play on either a one or two row accordion, and was required to perform one Finnish Polka and one own choice selection of traditional Finnish Folk Music such as a Waltz, Polka etc... Pictured are some of the contestants from the 12 years and under category.

Category I - 12 years and under
Petra Paloposki
Tiia Silvennoinen
Julia Suihkola
Hermanni Morander
Sanna Sällinen
Viljami Morander
Eeva Paltta
Taneli Jäarvenpää
Competition Host
Seppo Lankinen
Five year old Viljami Morander from Somerniemi who captured the audience's heart the second he walked on stage!
Members of the Jury were: Markku Lepistö, Susan Aho, Minna Luoma and Erkki Friman
Final Results of Competition

Category I - 12 years and under

1. Julia Suihkola, Kiiskilampi - 186 points
2. Hermanni Morander, Somerniemi - 162 points
3. Taneli Järvenpää, Kiukainen - 157 points
Category II - 15 years and under

1. Jonna Suihkola, Kiiskilampi - 179 points
2. Timo Hautamäki, Pori - 171 points
3. Juho Paltta, Marttila - 161 points
Category III - 18 years and under

1. Henriikka Santamaa, Ulvila - 183 points
2. Taneli Kleemola, Vanha-Ulvila - 171 points
3. Jari Saarenpää, Kannus - 168 points
Category IV -
1. Jussi Marttinen, Vanhamäki - 153 points
2. Teemu Harrinkari, Hämeenlinna - 119 points
V - Veterans
1. Seppo Onali, Heinola - 145
First Rehearsals for the Primus Ikaalinen TV Competition and Show
Preliminary rehearsals took place with the backing musicians before the dress rehearsal on Friday, prior to the live TV Show. Each contestant was slotted with a 30 minute rehearsal during which time band leader Jari Puhakka worked on putting the candidates selections together with his orchestra.
Jari Puhakka (leader)
Jari Puhakka and his orchestra
New Zealand contestant - Grayson Masefield
Spanish Contestant - Amaia Iraola
Team Macedonia - Bojan Volcevski (Primus Contestant), Elizabeta Ilievska, Anica Karakutovska, Zorica Karakutovska
Baltic International Accordion Quintet "Excelsior"

The Baltic International Accordion Quintet "Excelsior" performed a concert in the beautiful historic Ikaalinen Church.

In 2001 as a result of various creative searches, the new quintet of accordion players was formed combining the accordion schools of Russia, Lithuania and Latvia.

The quintet was called "Baltic International Accordion Quintet", having later added the key word 'Excelsior' pointing not only to the fact that the musicians all use the instruments of the Italian brand Excelsior, but the very essence of the word that has become the slogan of the quintet - 'Intention to be Perfect!'

During recent years, the quintet has gained the status of being a professional musical group and is now regularly invited to perform in such famous concerts halls as the St. Petersburg State Philharmonic Hall, the Concert Hall of Gnesin's Russian Academy of Music and more. The quintet has traveled in Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Bellarus and Russia.

The program consisted of:

  • W. A. Mozart - Gavotte from Ballet Music to the Opera "Idomeneo"

  • A. Skulte - Arietta

  • A. Byzov - Concerto Grosso
    I. Allegro, II. Andantino, III. Allegro

  • F. Poulenc - Improvisation No. 15

  • V. Locheris - Remembering Corelli

  • A. Piazzolla - Fuga y Misterio

  • V. Ivanov - Paraphrase on N. Rota Themes from Music to the F. Fellini Movies

  • A. Schnitke - Overcoat, Polka from Music to the Play "Revizskaya Skazka"

  • K. Fontaine - Friendly Musette (arr. S. Stavitskaya)

  • G. M Rodriquez - La Cumparsita (arr. Magnante/Vlasov)

  • A. Astier - La Tempete
Vladimir Ushakov (Russia), Svetlana Stavitskaya (Latvia), Gennady Savkov (Lithuania), Eduardas Gabnis (Lithuania), Sergei Likhachov (Russia)
Renzo Ruggieri meets Olmarin Unioni

The Sata-Häme Soi Accordion Festival in Ikaalinen served as a forum for the very first concert of a Finnish-Italian world-class Jazz project. Italian Renzo Ruggieri, one of the best jazz accordionists today, joined forces for the first time with the Finnish 'Olmarin Unioni' quartet.

Olmarin Unioni, founded in 1998, is a jazzgroup from Tampere, Finland. Their debut CD titled Olmarin Unioni was released in April 2004. The second album titled Peaceful Means came out in November 2005. Both records are products of Alba Records. The individual styles of the quartet's three composers combined with musical inspiration drawn from small group jazz of the 1960s are the main ingredients of Olmarin Unioni´s music. The musicians also enjoy playing the rhythm & blues in various groups, such as Groovy Eyes and Honky Tonk Men.

Renzo has performed in Euopre as well as Brazil, Spain, Germany, U.K., France, Slovakia, USA, Iceland, Russia and Mexico. He obtained a diploma at CPM (Milan) under Franco D'Andrea in 1993 for "piano jazz" and now works as a full time musician including performing and teaching jazz at the "Istituto Musicale Pareggiato G. Braga" of Teramo.

He has written many educational texts for important music publishers and articles for specialist magazines and has worked in collaboration with names such as Gianni Coscia, Art Van Damme, Enrico Rava, Ares Tavolazzi, Peppino Principe, Bruno De Filippi, Gianni Cazzola, Jim Gailoreto, Ada Montellanico, Fabrizio Bosso, Lino Patruno, Michael Supnick, Stefano Cantini, Lello Pareti, Paolo Damiani e ancora Piera Degli Esposti, Antonio Calenda, Germano Mazzocchetti, Davide Riondino, Judith Malina, David Haughton, Paolo Perell Roberto Herlitzka.

The Ikaalinen deubt brought the house down as the capacity audience at the popular Oma Tupa gave several standing ovations in appreciation for the spectacular concert highlighting both Finnish and Italian jazz compositions.

Olmarin Unioni meets Renzo Ruggiero
Saku Järvinen - piano, Ville Rauhala - double bass, Masa Orpana - saxophones, Renzo Ruggieri - accordion and Mikko Järvinen - drums

In and Around Ikaalinen
Ikaalinen Museum Entrance
Organ in the Ikaalinen Church
Guests at the Luncheon Hall were treated to a replay of the Golden Accordion Competition.
Pictured are the two winners Mikko and Sami.
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