Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA)
member of the International Music Council - (IMC-UNESCO)
2009 CIA Winter Congress & 123rd CIA General Assembly of Delegates
Host: CIA Member "Hauspoz" Euskal Herriko Akordeoi Elkartea
Arrasate, Spain
- December 5-6, 2009

MONDRAGON HOTEL, Viteri str. 16, Tel. +34 943 712 433
123rd General Assembly of Delegates
The Confédération Internationale Des Accordéonistes (CIA) held their 123rd General Assembly of Delegates in Arrasate, Spain from 5 - 6 of December, 2009.

The Winter Congress was hosted by CIA member "Hauspoz" Euskal Herriko Akordeoi Elkartea who were holding both their annual "Arrasateko Akordeoi Lehiaketak" International Accordion Competition as well as their own national competitions.

In attendance were:
CIA Executive Officers    
United Kingdom - Raymond BODELL
CIA President
Austria - Herbert SCHEIBENREIF
CIA Vice President
Finland - Kimmo MATTILA
CIA General Secretary
CIA Ambassador

CIA Delegates    
Austria - Werner WEIBERT Spain (HAUSPOZ) - Arantza AGUIRRE
Germany - Georg HETTMAN Italy - Antonio SPACCAROTELLA
Spain (HAUSPOZ) - Iñigo AIZPIOLEA United Kingdom - Anna BODELL
Portugal - Paolo Jorge FERREIRA Serbia - Vojin VASOVIC
    Lithuania - Raimondas SVIACKEVICIUS (Guest)

CIA Proxy Nominations    
France, APH proxy sent to Anna Bodell
(United Kingdom - NAO)
New Zealand, NZAA proxy sent to Kevin Friedrich (USA - ATG/AAA)
Norway, NTL proxy sent to Kimmo Mattila
(Finland - SHL)
Slovakia, MCA proxy sent to Herbert Scheibenreif (Austria - HVO)

Apologies for Non-Attendance    
France - Frederic DESCHAMPS Serbia - Aleksandar NIKOLIC
Fiji - Harley JONES Sweden - Jörgen SUNDEQVIST
New Zealand - Heather MASEFIELD USA (AAA) - Faithe DEFFNER
Russia - Alexander SELIVANOV USA (AAA) - Linda Soley REED
Spain (UNAC) - Spain - Aitor FURUNDARENA USA (ATG) - Joan SOMMERS
Norway - Kjell R. OLSEN Italy - Mirco PATARINI
Macedonia - Zorica KARAKUTOVSKA Luxemburg - Fernand BUCHHOLTZ
Switzerland - Peter FREY Bosnia & Herzegovina - Zoran RAKIC
Croatia - Vjera ODAK-JEMBRIH Slovakia - Tibor RACZ
    Lithuania - Mindaugas LABANAUSKAS
Pictures from the 123rd General Assembly
above left: CIA President Raymond Bodell at the 123rd General Assembly of Delegates in Arrasate, Spain
above right: President Bodell opening the 123rd General Assembly
Kimmo Mattila (General Secretary), Raymond Bodell (President), Herbert Scheibenreif (Vice President)
above left: Werner Weibert (Austria), Antonio Spaccarotella (Italy), Vojin Vasovic (Serbia)
above right: Kevin Friedrich (USA), Anna Bodell (UK)
above: Antonio Spaccarotella (Italy), Joxan Goikoetxea (Spain - UNAC), Paolo Jorge Ferreira (Portugal),
Iñaki Alberdi (Spain - Hauspoz), Aitziber Gomez (Spain - Translator), Arantza Aguirre (Spain - Hauspoz)
above left: Joxan Goikoetxea (Spain - UNAC), Paolo Jorge Ferreira (Portugal), Iñaki Alberdi (Spain - Hauspoz)
above right: Arantza Aguirre (Spain - Hauspoz), Georg Hettman (Germany), Raimondas Sviackevicius (Lithuania)
above and below: Delegates at the 123rd General Assembly in Arrasate, Spain
above: Delegates from the two Spanish CIA Members:
left: Joxan Goikoetxea (Spain - UNAC) right: Inaki Alberdi (Spain - Hauspoz)
Some of the Delegates in attendance at the 123rd CIA General Assembly in Arrasate, Spain
From left to right: Kevin Friedrich (USA), Kimmo Mattila (Finland), Georg Hettman (Germany), Paulo Jorge Ferreira (Portugal), Raimondas Sviackevicius (Lithuania), Raymond Bodell (United Kingdom), Herbert Scheibenreif (Austria), Werner Weibert (Austria), Antonio Spaccarotella (Italy), Iñaki Alberdi (Spain), Joxan Goikoetxea (Spain)
Brief Summary from the General Assembly

Newly elected President Raymond Bodell (UK) welcomed delegates to a weekend of activities Including meetings, informal working sessions, musical performances and social functions.

The General Assembly included the release of the 2009 CIA International News, Volume 8, the acceptance of two new Voting Members to the CIA from January 2010, the Lithuanian Accordion Association, Lithuania and the Associação de Acordeão de Alcobaça, Portugal.

The CIA will implement a new “Masters Category” beginning in 2012. Enhancing the current International Competition for Piano Accordion, this renamed ‘Masters’ Category, offering a bridge between the current Junior Coupe Mondiale and the Senior Coupe Mondiale, and like all other CIA Categories, it will be opened to include all keyboard systems (such as Piano, Button and Kravtsov).

CIA Merit Awards in appreciation for outstanding contributions to the International accordion movement were approved to be presented to pictured left to right: Fritz Dobler (Germany), Yury Ivanovich Kazakov (Russia) and Luu Quang Minh (Vietnam). 2010 will see the second annual celebration of World Accordion Day.

CIA President Raymond Bodell thanked Iñigo Aizpiolea and Iñaki Alberdi for their work in preparing the Winter Congress on behalf of Hauspoz.

A full report of activities and minutes from the 123rd CIA General Assembly will be sent to all CIA Members.


Host Contact Information

CIA Winter Congress Contact from HAUSPOZ: Iñigo Aizpiolea


Confederation Internationale Des Accordeonistes (CIA) - General Secretary
Kimmo Mattila, Kyrösselänkatu 3, FIN-39500 IKAALINEN, Finland. E-mail: kimmo.mattila@satahamesoi.fi

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