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Welcome to the 2006 CIA Winter Congress in Finland
Saturday, 25 February 2006

Ikaalinen, FINLAND

Finland - Suomen Harmonikkaliitto (SHL)

2006 CIA Winter Congress in Ikaalinen, Finland
Friday, 24th FebruarySights around Ikaalinen
Saturday, 25th FebruaryAccordion Museum
Sunday, 26th FebruaryAccordion Building/Repair School
Monday, 27th FebruaryGeneral Information for Winter Congress
Music Committee Meeting

Members of the CIA Music Committee met at the Ikaalinen Spa and Conference Center to make final preparations for the upcoming 2006 Coupe Mondiale to be held in Asker, Norway in from the 18-22 October.

The Music Committee is responsible for setting up the competition requirements and guidelines as well as the selection of the Test Piece for the Coupe Mondiale.

Recommendations from the Music Committee are then voted on by the General Assembly and will be announced at the conclusion of the Winter Congress.

Luncheon hosted by the Chairman of the Ikaalinen Town Board
CIA Delegates and Guests were treated to a Luncheon hosted by the Chairman of the Ikaalinen Town Board, Mr. Antero Rytköläwelcoming the CIA Winter Congress to Ikaalinen for the 115th General Assembly and official opening of the CIA Archives. The CIA Winter Congress is hosted by the Finnish Accordion Association under the leadership of Kimmo Mattila.

The Chairman of the City Council Mr. Juhani Hakala (left), Chairman of Ikaalinen Town Board and Police Chief is Antero Rytkölä, (center) and Jorma Kiiveri (right) addressing the Delegates at the welcome Luncheon.
Mr. Antero Rytkölä gave a presentation explaining about many different things in Ikaalinen, including Education, Economy, Politics, Industry and more.
Golden Accordion Champion (2005) Anne-Mari KANNIAINEN from Ikaalinen performed for the Delegates and Guests.
Mr. Antero Rytkölä making a presentation to CIA President Kevin Friedrich to show thanks for his work in supporting the accordion in Ikaalinen
Finnish Winter Activities
Winter Congress organizer Kimmo Mattlia designed an afternoon of fun activities to highlight some of the Finnish winter activities. First was a friendly Olympic competition on 'four legged' skis between four members of the British Empire countries and four member of the 'Rest of the World.'

Anchoring the British Empire team was CIA President Kevin Friedrich, with team members CIA Vice President Raymond Bodell (UK), CIA Public Relations Manager Harley Jones (Fiji) and CIA Music Committee member John Leslie.

On the right are "Rest of the World' team anchored by 2006 Coupe Mondiale organizer Lars Arnevig (Norway), CIA Music Committee member Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia), winner of the 2005 International Competition for Piano Accordion Alexander Shirunov (Russia) and Chairman of the CIA Music Committee Frederic Deschamps (France).
In the CIA Winter Congress Olympic Four Legged Ski Race, Team British Empire on the left and "Rest of the World' on the right.
Photo Courtesy of Minna Plihtari
"Rest of the World" team - Lars Arnevig, Viatcheslav Semionov, Alexander Shirunov and Frederic Deschamps.
Photo Courtesy of Minna Plihtari
"British Empire" team Kevin Friedrich, Raymond Bodell, Harley Jones and John Leslie.
Photo Courtesy of Minna Plihtari
'British Empire' Team, in the distance crossing the finish line for victory while 'Rest of the World' team struggles to regain control after an unfortunate fall.
Photo Courtesy of Minna Plihtari
Fiji resident Harley Jones decides that this is a great way to get around even though he lives on a tropical Island in the Pacific.
Photo Courtesy of Minna Plihtari
Kevin Friedrich takes Minna Kulmala (former Sate Hame Soi Director) for a ride, while Ray Bodell finds his Sled legs.
Photo Courtesy of Minna Plihtari
A team of two horses pulled CIA Delegates on a large Sled around the Lake.
Delegates take their places for the Lake ride.
Enjoying the ride
Viatcheslav Semionov enjoying a moment with his new friends
Delegates enjoying the Lake-side Coffee and Cake
The Horse Master and host serving the Coffee to Music Committee Members Jacques Mornet (left), Walter Maurer (General Secretary) and Music Committee Chairperson Frederic Deschamps.
Beautiful Lake Lake Kyrösjärvi
Sunset on Lake Lake Kyrösjärvi
2008 CIA Coupe Mondiale (Scotland) Organizer Graham Laurie with 2009 CIA Organizer (New Zealand) Harley Jones and CIA VP Raymond Bodell.
Members of the local Sauna Society delivered this Sauna to the Lake, so that Delegates could enjoy more of the Finnish traditions. Several were brave and took advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) - General Secretary
Kimmo Mattila - Kyrösselänkatu 3, FIN-39500 Ikaalinen, FINLAND
Phone: +358 3 4400221, Fax +358 3 4589071 E-mail: hanuritalo@harmonikkainstituutti.net

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