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Special Price Complete Collection of Gary Dahl (1937 to 2017) eBooks (10 Books) - USA

Gary Dahl eBooks
Gary DahlSpecial price for the complete Gary Dahl eBooks Collection of 10 eBook's (value US$335), for only US$200 or the € equivalent. This special price lasts for two weeks only until 8th March. Catalog: DH01-10eB

The home page of Gary Dahl (1937 to 2017) has been updated for the complete collection of Gary Dahl eBooks #1 to #10. The 10 eBooks worth USD $335 with 156 music titles of very popular arrangements by Gary Dahl is emailed to you.

DH01-eB Latin Spectacular! US$35.50
DH02-eB Favorite French Standards US$35.50
DH03-eB The American Songbook US$35.50
DH04-eB Favorite Waltzes & Polkas US$46.50
DH05-eB Easy Listening Variety US$35.50
DH06-eB Easy Listening Variety US$57.50
DH07-eB Traditional Polish Carols US$16.50
DH08-eB Italian Collection US$35.50
DH09-eB Traditional Christmas Carols US$18.50
DH10-eB Polka! US$18.50
Total USD$355

For those only looking for one work, there are 215 excellent individual Gary Dahl arrangements of different grades available online that can be emailed to you. All-Dahl-€ or All-Dahl-US$

Click DH01-10eB to purchase the 10 Gary Dahl eBooks for only US$200 (ends 8th March).
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