07 December 2007
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Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

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Accordions on Prime TV Show "Domenica In" - Italy
Blackpool Accordions International 2008, Lancashire – UK
Nils Lundin Honored, Massachussetts – USA
Milos Milivojevic Nominated For Competition – UK
Emil Johansen Concert, Reykjavik - Iceland
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Duo Dissonance Concerts, Brussels - Belgium
Renato Bellardinelli’s Radio Show, Osimo - Italy
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Renzo Ruggieri at Doci Romori Jazz Festival, Pineto – Italy
Quartetto Gelato Concerts – Canada
Stolen Accordion - France
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James P.  O'Brien
Accordions on Prime TV Show "Domenica In" - Italy
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

"Domenica In" is one of the most important TV programmes in Italy with over 6 million viewers, presented by Pippo Baudo every Sunday afternoon on RAI Uno, Italy’s premiere TV channel. More Pictures.

On Sunday 2nd December, the Musical Director Pippo Caruso, chose to feature the accordion in various musical styles. The musicians, who all performed live, were Mirco Patarini, Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi, Renzo Ruggieri, Luca Colantonio, Eleonora Tomassetti & Paolo Rozzi. Each artist played a different style of music.

For the finale they played together accompanied by the "Domenica In" Orchestra, the famous tango “La Cumparsita” arranged by Pippo Caruso. The irresistible tune drove the popular presenter to invite the actress Anna Falchi to dance with him.

The six musicians were very satisfied with the performance as it is very rare that such popular TV shows as this devote so much time to instrumental music.

During rehearsals Pippo Caruso told the artists that every time the accordion appears on screen the viewing figures rise faster than with any other instrument. This success will probably be the first of a series of important appearances for the accordion on Italian TV. More Pictures.
Accordion Repairs Made Easy
Blackpool Accordions International 2008, Lancashire – UK
Contributed by Rob Howard

‘Blackpool Accordions International 2008’ will take place from May 9th to 13th. The venue is the prestigious Dunes Conference Complex, Blackpool.

Organizer Heather Smith, Editor of the 'Accordion Profile' magazine says, "This is a new accordion event, which will take place alongside the already well established annual Organ/Keyboard Festival, organized by Grant Neal (Sceptre Promotions and Keyboard Cavalcade magazine). We feel that the two music festivals running side by side will be a great success, the whole of the site being taken over by like-minded people!! A musical haven".

Artistes booked to appear include: Duo Paris-Moscow, (picture right), Italy’s Giancarlo Caporilli, and the UK’s Romano Viazzani (picture left), Gary Blair, Bert Santilly and Harry Hussey.

Workshops will take place during the day, concerts each evening followed by Scottish Dancing and then after hours music/jam sessions. The trade show includes Geoff Holter Accordions, The Accordion Shop and John Douglas Music.

For further information email: heather@accordions.karoo.co.uk
Accordion Jazz Chords
Nils Lundin Honored, Massachussetts – USA
Contributed by Donna Maria Regis

Braintree MA--A large, international group of accordion enthusiasts recently gathered in Braintree, Massachssetts, to celebrate the 86th birthday of composer/conductor/performer Nils Lundin and to honor his 55 years of service to the Braintree Viking Club, site of the surprise testimonial dinner and benefit concert.

Nils’ original compositions were prominently featured on the program, along with music by other Scandinavian composers.  Accordionists who performed included Warren Johnson (Massachusetts), Jon-Richard and Kassandra Knoff (Vermont and Norway), Mario Pedone (Texas), Donna Maria Regis (New Hampshire), Pär Wahlgren (Sweden), Laurie and Peter Widmark (New Hampshire). Proceeds from the event went to Nils’ favorite charity.

For further information email: regisdonna@yahoo.com
Gary Dahl esheet
Milos Milivojevic Nominated For Competition – UK
Contributed by Francesca Pigini of Pigini Accordion srl

Milos Milivojevic, student of Prof. Owen Murray, at the Royal Academy of music in London, has been nominated by the Royal Academy to represent it in a new competition involving all four London Conservatories: Royal Academy, Royal College, Trinity and Guildhall school of music and drama. Each institution will nominate a student and the competition,called the Davis Butler London Prize, will take place in the famous Wigmore Hall on Easter Monday 2008.

In June Milos won the Royal Academy of Music Club Prize where he competed against the best Academy students and received high praise from the jury which included opera singer Dame Felicity Lott and violinist Clio Gould.

Milos is a first year Post Graduate student and successfully balances his studies with a very active and ever growing concert career.
Titano Accordion Company
Emil Johansen Concert, Reykjavik - Iceland
Contributed by Rob Howard

On November 16th, Norwegian accordionist Emil Johansen performed a concert in Grafarvog’s Church, Reykjavik, with a program including works by Pietro Frosini, Pietro Deiro, Toralf Tollefsen and Astor Piazzolla. The occasion for the concert was the 30th anniversary celebration of the accordion orchestra Félag harmonikuunnenda.

The concert was broadcast live on the  National Radio Channel, heard by an audience of 75,000 listeners around the country. Emil played one of his own compositions, titled ’Roundabout’. The composition is about one of his concert-tours through Scotland and England, driving his car in strange places and not knowing which side of the road to drive on. He got stuck in several roundabouts, hence the name ’Roundabout’ for the melody!

At the evening Emil’s solo concert lasted for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, before a very excited audience.

The orchestra later held a celebration party, at which Emil gave a 20 minutes’ concert and later played for dancing.

For further information email: linda@emiljohansen.net
William Schimmel CD's

eSheet Music
Duo Dissonance Concerts, Brussels - Belgium
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Italian accordionists Roberto Caberlotto and Gilberto Meneghin Neirotti, both from Venice, known as the Duo Dissonance, performed concerts in Brussels, November 22nd to 25th.

The performances were very well received, and their repertoire spanned the centuries, including works by JS Bach and such contemporary composers as Ugoletti, Priori, Fattambrini, Caberlotto, and Meneghin. Both players were very satisfied with their trip to Belgium.

Finland Recordings
Renato Bellardinelli’s Radio Show, Osimo - Italy
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Renato Bellardinelli
, who is a CD reviewer for Accordions Worldwide, presented a variety of accordion recordings in a program on www.radiomatta.it, transmitting from Osimo, Ancona, on Monday December 4th at 10.30pm.

The program is set to be repeated on Saturday December 8th, 10.30pm. The recordings included music played on accordion, diatonic accordion, bandoneon and the harmonica.
The International Trio - CD

Fisitalia Black
Renzo Ruggieri at Doci Romori Jazz Festival, Pineto – Italy
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Renzo Ruggieri performs some of his own works at the Teatro Polifunzionale di Pineto, during the Doci Romori Jazz Festival, on Sunday December 16th, 9.30pm. Entrance is free. Performing alongside Renzo are Massimo Moriconi - bass, Paolo Di Sabatino - piano, Glauco Di Sabatino - drums, the Orchestra da Camera Benedetto Marcello – conducted by Massimiliano Caporale, and the actor Paolo Perelli.

For further information email: info@renzoruggieri.it

Quartetto Gelato Concerts – Canada
Contributed by Rob Howard

Founded in 1994, Quartetto Gelato's musical artistry has been seen and heard in venues from New York to Los Angeles and from London to Tokyo. National Public Radio recognized the group with its 1996 'Debut Artiste of the Year' award and its latest CD 'Neapolitan Café' remains a fixture on the US Billboard Classical Crossover chart since its release in April 2001.

Classical in intent, eclectic by design, Quartetto Gelato programs are filled with an intriguing mix of traditional masterworks, operatic arias, tangos and folk songs from around the world. The quartet's lineup includes: Shalom Bard, clarinet; Peter DeSotto, tenor, violin and mandolin; Alexander Sevastian, accordion and piano; and Carina Reeves, cello.

Quartetto Gelato's forthcoming concerts include:
December 10th, 7.30pm - Kelowna Community Theatre, 1375 Water Street, Kelowna, British Columbia
December 11th, 7.30pm - Penticton High Auditorium, 158 Eckhardt Ave, E. Penticton, BALL CHANGE
December 12th, 7.30pm -Matsqui Centennial Auditorium, 32315 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BALL CHANGE
December 15th, 8pm - Christchurch Cathedral, Ottawa, Ontario

For further information email: info@quartettogelato.com
Deffner Music catalog
Stolen Accordion - France
Contributed by Jean Louis Noton

The accordion of French artiste Aurélien Noël has been stolen! The details of the accordion are: Cavagnolo Compact, black/grey/blue, 5 row, with Midi Kit Odysee 3 Cavagnolo Pro Orchestra N° 63470.

Information via email: jl.noton@wanadoo.fr
Fisitalia Black

Review by
Alessandro Mugnoz

Boite à Musique by Vladimir Sidorov (bayan)

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Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week