30 November 2007
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Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

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New Accordion Yellow Pages Site - World
Finnish Accordionist Mika Väyrynen to be Married - Finland
Joxan Goikoetxea’s Solo CD, Gipuzkoa – Spain
Accordion Tuning Software, Sneek – Netherlands
NAO Area Festival in Fleetwood, Blackpool
Reports of Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals etc
A Dream Comes True, Leicester - UK
Hof Accordion Orchestra Guest in Salzburg - Austria
Future Events
Richard Galliano’s European Concert Dates
Jimmy Sturr Holiday Spectaculars USA
Zum Concerts, England – UK
Nuevo Mundo Duo Concert, Barranquilla - Colombia
Stockport Air Raid Shelters, England – UK
New Orleans Cajun and Zydeco Dance Festival, Louisiana – USA
An A to Z of the Accordion
CD Review
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Yehuda Oppenheimer
New Accordion Yellow Pages Site - World
Contributed by Harley Jones

The Accordion Yellow Pages has now been completely redesigned by Webmaster Roberto Zambelli to allow each person to add information or change their own information directly to the site. You are then asked to authenticate the information using your own email address for verification and your information is instantly online.

So please check your own information online that to make sure it is correct and updated.

The new Accordion Yellow Pages site offers free of charge listing for every type of service for accordionists. Unlike search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.), you do not need a website for accordionists to find and contact you.

The Accordion Yellow Pages site will very soon allow you to update your own listing to a Gold or Silver listing for a small extra cost, which will position you at the top of the search return. This is an ideal additional service for accordion related businesses wanting to be found on the internet.
James P.  O'Brien
Finnish Accordionist Mika Väyrynen to be Married - Finland
Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

World-renowned Finnish accordionist Mika Väyrynen will marry anthropologist Johanna Latvala (Ph. D.) on Monday, December 3rd, 2007 in Finland. The couple will leave immediately following their wedding to celebrate their honeymoon in Thailand.

Mika, one of the most recorded accordionists of today, just returned from performing to a sold out audience in the world famous Musikverein, in Vienna, Austria. Mika is set to resume his busy concert schedule in the New Year.
Accordion Repairs Made Easy
Joxan Goikoetxea’s Solo CD, Gipuzkoa – Spain
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Soanish accordionist Joxan Goikoetxea (www.myspace.com/jgoikoetxea) has just released a new CD. ’Innervisions’ is Joxan Goikoetxea´s 13th album and his first solo work. Recorded in Spring 2007 and running to 75 minutes, it contains 18 tracks, some of which have been culled from live performances and collaborations with other musicians.

Xabier Lete, the well-known Spanish Basque poet, in reviewing the CD, commented: "I believe ‘Innervisions’ to be a very personal outpouring of compositional and formal elements which have left their mark on Joxan Goikoetxea’s soul – moments of music, which as they came into being, clave to his sensibility and taste as well as being movitating influences in the career of this musician who is plural, varied and interdisciplinary like few others".
Accordion Jazz Chords
Accordion Tuning Software, Sneek – Netherlands
Contributed by Mirco Patarini

Dirk Wolters is a software developer from Sneek, a little town in the north of the Netherlands. He has developed a unique software application that can speed up the process of tuning accordions. Dirk’s Accordion Tuner, as the software is called, simplifies the complex tuning process and makes it easier to understand.

The Accordion Tuner is extremely accurate. The measuring error is less than 0.05 Hz (sound waves longer than 20 seconds). This accuracy makes it possible not only to measure single reeds, but also to measure multiple reeds at the same time and the beating frequencies between them. A special algorithm eliminates the need for calibration; the tuner is always accurate!

For a full explanation, see the Articles section…
Gary Dahl esheet
NAO Area Festival in Fleetwood, Blackpool

The NAO North West Area Festival was held on Sunday 25th November in the Marine Hall Complex and attracted nearly 300 entries. Organiser Gina Brannelli (past NAO Chairperson) was delighted by the huge entry in which the adjudicators were also ask to select their choice of outstanding performances - Raymond Bodell (NAO Chairperson) selected 16 year old Santana O’ Connor and Leah Langton both students of Gina Brannelli, Frederick Parnell selected 7 year old Roseanna and 8 year old Alexander Bodell and Ken Farran (NAO Honorary Vice President) selected Sherena Smith, a student of Harry Hinchcliffe.

Musical Directors Harry Hinchcliffe, Betty Pollard and Lara Brincat were all praised with the standard of their ensembles and the day concluded with guest performances from Robert Thorn and Julie & William Langton. Also in attendance were NAO Officials Graham Laurie (Deputy Chairperson) and Pauline Noon (General Secretary).

It will be in this North West region - at the Metropole Hotel and on the famous Blackpool North Pier that the NAO UK Championships will be held next April (25th - 27th) where International Adjudicators Kevin Friedrich (USA) CIA President, Frédéric Deschamps (France) CMA President and Gunther Zeilinger (Germany) DHV representative are all to attend.

Results and full details of the UK Championships 2008 can be found www.accordions.com/nao or Email: naouk@btinternet.com
William Schimmel CD's

Titano Accordion Company
A Dream Comes True, Leicester - UK
Contributed by Mike O'Regan

James Skliarsky, a 14 year-old from Belper in Derbyshire, England, who suffers from Hodgkins Lymphoma, had no idea that his wish for a piano accordion and some instruction was about to come true. The Nottingham based charity "When You Wish Upon A Star" got to know of James' wish and started the ball rolling.

Picture shows Pearl, James, and Hayley Davis from WYWUAS.

The process culiminated on Saturday night, November 24th, at the Pearl Fawcett-Adriano concert arranged by the Soar Valley Accordion Club. James and his family were invited to the concert with no idea that he was about to be presented with a beautiful Hohner accordion and the promise of some lessons. Dreams really do come true!!

eSheet Music
Hof Accordion Orchestra Guest in Salzburg - Austria
Contributed by Matthias Innmann

The Hof Accordion Orchestra, from Germany, gave a concert at the Akkorde-On-Stage Festival in Salzburg, Austria, on Saturday, October 28th. This festival, taking place in the Musikum of Salzburg, began on Tuesday, October 25th, with the famous group ‘Quadro Nuevo’, and ended on Saturday. The Orchestra was the only German group that took part in the festival, but nevertheless they played a very diverse program: both difficult pieces written for accordion, e.g. ‘Evocations’, and entertainment music, e.g. ‘The Lord of the Dance’.
The International Trio - CD

Finland Recordings
Richard Galliano’s European Concert Dates
Contributed by Rob Howard

French accordionist Richard Galliano performs as follows:

December 1st and 2nd - Messe Bakalov - Auditorium de Lyon, France
3rd - Tangaria Quartet – Riga, Latvia
5th - Tangaria Quartet – Nüremburg, Germany
7th - Tangaria Quartet – Sceaux, Paris, France
10th - Tangaria Quartet – Athens, Greece
12th - Tangaria Quartet - St Cecilia, Rome, Italy
13th - Duo with Jean-Marc Phillips - Maison de la Radio, Paris
14th and 15th - Guest of the RAI Orchestra – Assisi, Italy

For further information email: ginga@wanadoo.fr
Fisitalia Black
Jimmy Sturr Holiday Spectaculars USA
Contributed by Rob Howard

Jimmy Sturr and his Orchestra perform a series of Holiday Spectacular shows during December. Special guests include the Mills Brothers, Matt and Elaine Bonowitz and the Polka Today dancers, Gennarose, the Irish Step Dancers, and the Jimmy Sturr Singers.

Jimmy Sturr was raised on the big band polka sounds of Frank Wojnarowski, Ray Henry, and Gene Wisniewski. His band crosses genres easily, recording with pop, rock, and country artistes ranging from Willie Nelson to Bobby Vinton to Delbert McClinton. One of polka's most popular artistes, 16-time Grammy winners Jimmy Sturr and his Orchestra have recorded over 100 albums, play over 150 dates a year (including non-polka venues like Farm-Aid and the Grand Ole Opry), and have a regular show on RFD-TV.

December 1st - Paramount Theatre, Middletown, New York
2nd - Count Basie Theater, Red Bank, New Jersey
8th - The State Theatre Easton, PA
9th - Symphony Hall, Springfield, Massachusetts
15th, 3pm - Kirby Center, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Zum Concerts, England – UK
Contributed by Rob Howard

ZUM, formed in 2001, perform a fusion of Eastern European gypsy fiddle and Argentinean Tango. Since then, the band has enjoyed sell-out tours and performances at major music festivals throughout the UK and Europe, as well as being five-time sell-outs at the South Bank in London. Their line up includes accordionist Eddie Hession (second right), Adam Summerhayes (front right) – violin, David Gordon (middle) – piano, Chris Grist (back left) – cello, and Jani Pensola (left) – double bass.

Concerts in December include:

December 3rd, 7.45pm Luton Library Theatre, Luton
5th Queen’s Hall Arts Centre, Hexham
6th, 8-11pm – Tango Ball, Carlisle
14th, 7.30pm – St Oswald’s, Sowerby, North Yorkshire

For further information email: cmg@zum.org.uk
Deffner Music catalog
Nuevo Mundo Duo Concert, Barranquilla - Colombia
Contributed by Lácides Romero 

On Saturday December 1st, 7pm, the Nuevo Mundo Duo will perform in concert at the ‘Amira de La Rosa’ Theater in Barranquilla, Colombia. This event is part of the venue’s Concert of the Month program. The Duo is Lácides Romero (right) - accordion, and Francisco Rivera (left) - clarinet.

The concert program includes: ‘Danza Eslava No 8’ (accordion solo) - Anton Dvorak; ‘Pavane’ - Gabriel Fauré; ‘Gavle Polka’ - Andrew Walter; ‘Czardas’ - V. Monti; Hungarian Dance No 6’ - J. Brahms; ‘La Danza’ – Rossini; ‘Estudio Tanguístico’ (clarinet solo) – A. Piazzolla; ‘Chorando Baixinho’ – A. Ferreira; ‘Brejeiro’ - E. Nazareth; ‘Malvaloca’ - Luis A. Calvo; ‘Aires de Mi Tierra’ - Gustavo Gómez; ‘Catalina’ (Habanera) - Lácides Romero; ‘Fiesta en Sutatenza’ – J. Mendoza; ‘Banca’ - Juan De La Cruz Sanchez; ‘Potpourri de Villancicos’ – traditional; ‘El Bocachico Sinuano’ - Tiburcio Romero.

For further information email: lacidesromero@yahoo.com
Aww Recordings
Stockport Air Raid Shelters, England – UK
Contributed by Rob Howard

Accordionists Rob Howard and John Jones lead sing-alongs of World War Two songs at the Stockport Air Raid Shelters on December 6th, 10th, 13th and 17th, 7pm. The music comes at the end of guided tours of the underground shelters where in December 1940 and early 1941, up to 7,000 people spent the nights to escape bombing raids. Accordionists were a regular and welcome form of entertainment in the shelters, and the present day shows are also proving popular with the public.

For further information email: robaccord5@hotmail.com
The Ins and Outs of the Accordion
New Orleans Cajun and Zydeco Dance Festival, Louisiana – USA
Contributed by Rob Howard

The New Orleans Cajun and Zydeco Dance Festival takes place on Sunday December 9th, from 10am, at Tipitina's, 1101 Convention Center Boulevard, New Orleans. Artistes peforming include the Zion Harmonizers, Danny Collett, Le Band Feufollet, Bruce Daigrepont, Rosie Ledet, Steve Riley, Thomas Fields, and Geno Delafose.
Fisitalia Black

Review by
Alessandro Mugnoz

Boite à Musique by Vladimir Sidorov (bayan)

Charnwood Graded Music
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Sebastiano Cali
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Karthause Schmuelling Musik and Media
Peter Piccini - accordionist, composer, arranger, performer, releases 2 new works for accordion available for purchase online. 'Latin Tango', 'Splendid Waltz'. Samples of theses music are available on the site. The music is in eSheet format, able to be emailed to your computer. Purchase with credit card.
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Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week