06 October 2006
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Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

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10th Anniversary of Accordions Worldwide
Pigini Day 1946 – 2006, Rimini – Italy
International Competition Program, Castelfidardo - Italy

Concert at La Scala, Milan - Italy
Reports of Concerts, Masterclasses, Competitions, Festivals etc
56th Trophée Mondial de l'Accordéon, Kragujevac –Serbia
North Staffs Accordion Club’s 21st Birthday Concert, Stoke - UK
Los Reyes Vallenatos Concert, Chihuahua - Mexico
British College of Accordionists’ 70th Anniversary, Leicester - UK
Future Events
David Glukh International Ensemble Concert Season, New York - USA
Pascal Contet’s October Diary Dates, Paris - France
International Accordion Festival, Texas – USA
Dr Willliam Schimmel’s Fall Schedule, New York – USA
Piazzolla Music Award, Nazario Sauro - Italy
NAO North West Area Championships, Fleetwood – UK
An A to Z of the Accordion
CD Review
New and Updated Sites

10th Anniversary
Contributed by Harley Jones
Director, Accordions Worldwide

Ten years ago, on October 1st 1996, the Accordions Worldwide site was opened after many months of preparation by a team of people, to include the Accordion Yellow Pages, many hundreds of pages of history, information and articles about the accordion, and for the Opening Day, the first “The Squeeze” accordion news.

The news was going to be monthly, but changed immediately to weekly with all issues kept online permanently published - very popular reading today, and grew from one language to 7 languages:

I would like to pay tribute to four key people: Holda Paoletti-Kampl - Europe Manager, Kevin Friedrich for the United States National Accordion News and USA office, Li Cong for the Chinese site and office, Tatiana Lanchtchikova - Office Manager.

It is a measure today of just how fast technology has changed the world, that when I first asked Holda Paoletti-Kampl to visit all the accordion factories in Castelfidardo seeking advertising, only one factory had email and none had an internet site. What a MASSIVE change in the world of the accordion in just 10 years! We celebrate elsewhere in the coming weeks our first client – Borsini Accordions.

Since Accordions Worldwide started, readership has grown strongly and now, over 50,000 interested accordionists come to our group of websites each week. Broadcasting to so many accordionists was a dream 10 years ago and the numbers continue growing strongly.

There has been an updated Accordions Worldwide history written, and I hope you will enjoy it. Mostly, thank you to all our advertisers, readers and friends for all your encouragement and support over the last 10 years, as without you, it would not be possible. We look forward to providing popular free services for accordionists around the world for the next 10 exciting years.
Karthause Schmuelling music catalog
Pigini Day 1946 – 2006, Rimini – Italy
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The Pigini Company is to celebrate 60 years of manufacturing accordions on October 11th, with a concert at Auditorium dell'Istituto Musicale, Pareggiato, "G.Lettimi" Via Asili Baldini, 27 Rimini.

Copy of Invitation

The artistes performing are Viatcheslav Semionov (Russia)
Claudio Jacomucci

Gino Pigini

Massimo Pigini

Francesca Pigini

The concert also involves dancer and choreographer Kathleen Delaney, the “G.Lettimi" Accordion School, including Alisia Fragassi, David Sarnelli, Walter Di Girolamo, Giuseppe Scigliano, Luca Piovesan, and Mario Muccitto. Music played includes Sani, Semionov, Jacomucci, Zolatariev, Derbenko, Scarlatti, Sarasate and Albeniz.

For further information email: info@pigini.com
Accordion Jazz Chords
International Competition Program, Castelfidardo - Italy
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The program of events at the Castelfidardo International Competition 2006, from October 8th to 15th, includes:-

October 8th, at 9.30am – opening of festival; 6pm – concert ‘Homage to Dino Buzzati’, featuring Gianluca Barbadori (vocalist) and Christian Riganelli (accordion)
October 11th, 9.15pm – ‘Music Without Words’, accordion orchestra concert, at the Nuovo Teatro Astra
October 12th, 6pm – concert, featuring Quartet Maulus (France) and presentations of trophies for categories G, H and L
9.15pm – concert ‘Popular World Music’, featuring Alexian (Romania) and Farias (Argentina), at the Nuovo Teatro Astra
October 13th, 6pm – presentation of the new CD by Gianluca Campi, featuring the compositions of Pagannini. Presentations of trophies for categories A, N,O, P and Q.
9.15pm – ‘Film Music’, performed by Roberto Pregadio and his orchestra, featuring Franco de Gemini.
October 14th, 6pm – performance by Elena Lutz and Valentin Butt, winners of the International Competition at Klingenthal, Germany. Exhibitions presented by winners in categories B, C and D.
9.15pm – concert ‘Accordion Revolution’, featuring Claudio Jacomucci (accordion) and Kathleen Delaney (dancer); ‘Coba Groovy Accordion Night’ featuring Coba (accordion), Kiyotsugu Amano, (guitar) and Saori Sendo (percussion), from Japan, at the Nuovo Teatro Astra. Presentation of the prize - ‘Voce d’oro – Cagnoni Quality Reeds’.
October 15th, 4.30pm – final concert, featuring prizewinners in categories E, F, I and M.
Karthause Schmuelling Musik and Media
Concert at La Scala, Milan - Italy
Contributed by Francesca Pigini

The Duo Mille Migla, with Elena Manuela Cosentino on the harp and Mario Milani on the accordion, were invited to perform in concert on the 1st of October at La Scala in Milan, on the occasion of the presentation of the scultpure ‘L'onda della speranza’ - an art piece by Angelo Maineri, which is dedicated to the UNICEF.
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Alexander Shirunov CD forsale
56th Trophée Mondial de l'Accordéon, Kragujevac –Serbia
Contributed by Harley Jones

The 56th CMA Trophée Mondial de l'Accordéon are taking place place from October 4th to 8th, and daily reports and results are now available online.

Organised by the Confederation Mondiale des Accordeonistes, the CMA competitions are taking place in Kragujevac, Serbia, a town famous for its accordion activities and heritage.
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North Staffs Accordion Club’s 21st Birthday Concert, Stoke - UK
Contributed by Rob Howard

The North Staffs AC 21st Birthday Concert, held at Stoke-on-Trent Town Hall on September 29th, was a considerable success, with a large attendance and high quality accordion entertainment. There were members of other accordion clubs, a sociable atmosphere and buffet – and a ceremony for the cutting of a magnificent accordion patterned birthday cake.

The concert began with some music from the North Staffs Accordion Band, who were followed by the guest artistes, Jack Emblow and Tony Compton, whose superb duets included ‘Summertime’, ‘Tangerine’, ‘London By Night’, ‘Belle of the Ball’ and ‘Pick Yourself Up’. During the interval, Rob Howard and John Jones played a selection of music from the 1950s and 60s, mingling with the audience. The second half featured a jazz ‘big band’, including Jack Emblow – accordion, Tony Compton – midi accordion, John Nixon – midi concertina, English concertina and tenor saxophone, Terry Brunt – trombone and vocals, Peter Robinson – string bass, and Geoff Millward – drums. Their Dixieland-style numbers brought the evening to a happy conclusion.
Deffner Music catalog
Los Reyes Vallenatos Concert, Chihuahua - Mexico
Contributed by Rob Howard

Los Reyes Vallenatos recently performed a concert in the main Plaza of Chihuahua, as part of a local festival. This concert was the beginning of a tour that includes concerts in Camargo, Cuauhtemoc and Mexico City.
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British College of Accordionists’ 70th Anniversary, Leicester - UK
Contributed by Harley Jones

To celebrate the British College of Accordionists 70th Anniversary, the new Principal Raymond Bodell has written an extensive history of the organisation and also obituaries of some famous English accordionists who were prominent BCA examiners/college members.

This booklet has been published as an Article and makes very interesting reading.

A celebration day to mark the 70th anniversary was held on the September 24th to acknowledge this milestone in the History of the British College of Accordionists. Founded in London in 1936 – the college has been providing an invaluable service for accordionists throughout the UK.

Thousands of candidates have passed through its examination system over the years and most of the UK accordion teachers today have benefited from the numerous classes, workshops and specialised syllabi which have been a feature of the college.

On September 24th, the BCA Governing Council held a reunion day with teachers and students travelling from all over the UK. Featured on the day were a number of young student performances, a discussion on all aspects of the current grade and diploma syllabus, details of a new initiative by Harry Hinchcliffe in Yorkshire of taking the accordion into Primary schools and an excellent “Question and Answer” session with three eminent UK accordionists – Frederick Parnell, Eddie Moors and Gina Brannelli who have devoted their lives to music and the accordion in different ways.

An exhibition of material from the BCA over the 70 years history as well as all Examination pieces were also on view.

We look forward confidently to the next era in the history of the British College of Accordionists – and the next celebration!

Photos: 1. Front table – Pauline Noon (Secretary), Raymond Bodell (Principal), Colin Cook (Chairman of the Governing Council), Graham Laurie (Vice principal) and Alistair Gillespie (Senior examiner)
2. Andrew Hesslewood. receiving the shield.
3. The performers were Alexander Bodell, Julie Langton, Faye Ventre, Robert Thorn and 2006 Sir James Anderton recipient Andrew Hesslewood.
Titano Accordion Company

Charnwood Music Publishing
David Glukh International Ensemble Concert Season, New York - USA
Contributed by Rob Howard

The David Glukh International Ensemble (piccolo trumpet, violin, accordion, bass and percussion) is has announced its new concert season for 2006-2007.

This season the group will be travelling across the USA to Midwest, South and West Coast. There will also be plenty of performances around their home base, New York City and throughout the Northeast.

For further information email: mail@glukh.com
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Pascal Contet’s October Diary Dates, Paris - France
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

French accordionist Pascal Contet performs as follows during October:-

October 8th – Dijon, 11am – solo performance during the Whynote Festival
11th – Saint-Cloud, 10.30am and 3pm – Théâtre des 3 pierrots - duo with Marianne Piketty
12th – Paris, 8.30pm - ‘Atelier du plateau … fait son cirque’, with Sylvain Kassap and Vincent Courtois
20th - Paris, 8.30pm - ‘Atelier du plateau’ with Dominique Pifarély and the circaciens
22nd – Royan, 4pm – with the Trio de Aureliano Cattaneo
24th - Paris, IRCAM – session with the young composers

For further information email: pascalcontet@wanadoo.fr
The Ins and Outs of the Accordion
International Accordion Festival, Texas – USA
Contributed by Rob Howard

The 6th International Accordion Festival takes place in San Antonio, Texas, on October 13th to 15th. This festival is free, and is held at La Vallita, one of the oldest villages in downtown San Antonio. Styles involved include everything from Celtic to Zydeco, Conjunto to Musette, Klezmer to Country and Western.

The guest list includes The Marian Pelka Trio (Poland), Les Primitifs du Futur (France), Helen Xu and Zong Ti Lin (China), Renato Borghetti (picture left - Brazil), Joaquin Diaz (Puerto Rico), Flaco Jimenez, Sunny Sauceda, Shirley Johnson, Corey ‘Lil Pop’ Ledet, Joel Guzman, The Texana Dames, The Fabulous Shpielkehs, Poor Man's Fortune, Peter Stan and Balkan Fantasia, Mingo Saldivar and the Gulf Coast Playboys, the Gourds, Los DesperadoZ, and Brian Marshall and the Texas Slavic Playboys.

For further information email: staff@internationalaccordionfestival.org
Enzo Giribaldi eBook Accordion Course for Beginners
Dr Willliam Schimmel’s Fall Schedule, New York – USA
Contributed by Rob Howard

After the successful 12th A.A.A. Master Class and Concert Series (The Seminars) and master classes, concerts and recordings at the Janacek Conservatory in Ostrava, Czech Republic - Dr. William Schimmel resumes his Fall schedule. Here are some highlights:-

October 19th – ‘Music In Love’ The Metropolis Ensemble - ’All About Love’, by David Schiff; ’Il Combatimento di Trancredi e Clorinda’, by Claudio Monteverdi - both works will feature Dr. Schimmel on accordion at the Angel Orensanz Foundation Center for the Arts 172 Norfolk St., New York, 8 pm

0ctober 28th and 29th – ‘A Musical Journey’ -starring Vicki Phillips, includes a performance by Dr. Schimmel. This is a journey through post-war Europe by way of the songs by Kurt Weill, Jacques Brel and Charles Aznavour. Queens Center for the Performing Arts - Flushing, Queens, 8pm

November 6th – ‘Strings Attached’ - Peter Sachon, cello; a performance of Andrew Lippa's ‘Venicia Variations’ for cello and accordion: Dr. Schimmel, accordion at Birdland - 315 W 44th St - New York, 7 pm

November 13th – ‘In a China Shop’, by Liam Robinson: composed for and performed by Dr. Schimmel. The Manhattan School of Music - 120 Claremont Avenue -New York, 7pm

New recording: projected release time – ‘Christmas Riders to the Sea’, an opera by Marga Richter - Leonarda Records - featuring Dr.Schimmel on concert accordion.

’New Cyber Symphony’, by Dr. Schimmel – ‘Vienna Genesis’; projected release time: Christmas.
Gary Dahl Arrangements
Piazzolla Music Award, Nazario Sauro - Italy
Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The annual Piazzolla Music Award competition takes place on the 11th and 12th November 2006, with the awarding of prizes taking place on November 13th 2006 at “BLUE NOTE”, Via Nazario Sauro, 5 22073 Fino Mornasco. Closing date for entries is November 5th.

For further information email: info@apagani.it
eSheet Music
NAO North West Area Championships, Fleetwood – UK
Contributed by Gina Brannelli

The annual NAO North West Area Championships for the 2006/7 competitive season will be held on December 3rd at the beautiful Marine Hall, The Esplanade, Fleetwood, Lancashire. The closing date for entries is November 17th.

For further information email: accordions@talktalk.net
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Review by
Alessandro Mugnoz

A Farewell To Arms by Raimondas Sviakevicius

Friedrich Lips CD Collection
CMA website is updated with a schedule for the 2006 event plus daily reports.
Sebastiano Cali
New Article: British College of Accordionists - The 7th Decade (70th Year) written by new Director Raymond Bodell has an extensive history of this organisation and also obituaries of some famous English accordionists who were prominent BCA examiners/college members.
James P.  O'Brien
A new site selling a CD titled “Spanish Music For Solo Accordion" with sound samples. Music performed by Angel Luis Castaòo. Purchase online.
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Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week

Accordions World Wide over 50,000  visitors per week