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20 - 25th October, 2003
Esztergom, HUNGARY

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2003 CIA Coupe Mondiale Organizers

Panna Grigoncza
Panna Grigoncza - President
Hungarian Accordion Organization
Török Flóris u.137, H-1204
Budapest, Hungary

Phone: +36 30 222 4489
Fax: +36 1 485 9005
E-mail: accordion.hungary@mail.datanet.hu

Tibor Racz
Prof. Tibor Rácz - Artistic Director
Methodical Centre of Accordion
"Marta Szokeová" ( MCA)
Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Moskovska 21,
SK-811 08 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Phone - Fax: +421 2 55422863
E-mail: tibor.racz@nextra.sk
E-mail: marta.szoekeova_mca@nextra.sk

View from Esztergom to Sturovo

Travel Information from Vienna:
Vienna - Bratislava - Štúrovo

It is recommended to use regular bus line Wien-Airport Wien-Schwechat - Bratislava Bus Station. It takes approximately 50 minutes. From the Bratislava Bus Station take line No. 210 (10 minutes ticket costs 14 SKK in ticket machine, luggage ticket costs 7 SKK ) or or by the TAXI for 100-120 SKK - both of them are parked at the main entrance of Bus Station, go to the
Main Train Station in Bratislava. Then take the Train connection from Bratislava-Galanta-Nové Zámky-Štúrovo / Budapest. Leaves approximately every 2 hours and the journey will take 2 hours. From Štúrovo station to the Vadaš area (Hotel and Hostel Thermal) is recommended to use TAXI (for 80-100 SKK) TAXI services are available on phone number 0905 357 280 or 0907 188 655 (dialed from Slovak phone machine). From your own phone just dial 00421905 357 280 or 00421907 188 655.

Beginning Monday - the 20th of October 2003 from 10.00 AM is a HOTLINE available:

0905 204 419 from any Solvakian Phone
00421905 204 419 from Mobile/Cell Phone

Travel Information from Bratislava:
Bratislava - Štúrovo

Iif you arrived to Bratislava by train, it is recommended to use the next train (express train or IC train) to Štúrovo from the Main Train Station. Then use directions listed above.

Travel Information from Bratislava:
Bratislava - Štúrovo

If you arrived to Bratislava by plane, it is recommended to use bus line No. 61 (30 minutes ticket costs 16 SKK in ticket machine, luggage ticket costs 8 SKK ) or you could use the TAXI for 200-250 SKK to the Main Train Station. Then use directions listed above.

Travel Information from Budapest:
Budapest - Štúrovo

The most comfortable is to use train connection Budapest-Nyugati Pályaudvar to the Szob-Štúrovo. It is an international line Budapest-Szob-Štúrovo-Bratislava-Prague-Berlín. Trains depart from Budapest at regular intervals. It will take approximately 1 hour.

The phone number of the Hotel Thermal is: 036- 7511-572 from Slovak phone or 00421-36-7511 -572 from your own mobile phone.


When the CIA General Secretariat receives your contestant application or Delegate Registration form for the 2003 Coupe Mondiale, you will receive an official invitation letter for applying for multiple entry visas for entry to Hungary and Slovakia. The organizers will inform the Slovakian and Hungarian Embassies about your invitation to the Coupe Mondiale 2003.


  • Budapest to Esztergom: 46 km
  • Bratislava to Esztergom: 130 km
  • Vienna to Esztergom: 260 km
  • Bratislava to Štúrovo: 130 km
  • Stúrovo to Esztergom: 1-2 km

Esztergom is 46 km from Budapest and very famous for medieval royal Palace, the Esztergom Castle and the biggest Cathedral of Hungary which attracts almost 2 million visitors a year. Built between 1822 and 1869, the Church stands 100 meters high and has the largest altar piece painted on a canvas in the world. Both overlook the Danube and neighbouring Slovakia. The church overlooks the Danube and neighbouring Slovakia.

Founded in 973, Esztergom was the first capital of Hungary and served as one of the most important towns for 1003 years. Esztergom can be described as a small old town with a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Štúrovo is some 130 km from Bratislava, and located in the most famous wine region of Slovakia. The south facing vineyards produce some of the most sought after wine in on the foriegn markets.

One of the most precious resources of Nature is the hot-springs in the center of Štúrovo iwth a tempreature of 39 C.

Esztergom Town Hall
View from Sturovo to Esztergom Accross Danube
Slovakian Landscape
Sturovo Cathedral


Esztergom and Štúrovo are found where the Danube River winds its way through the pituresque landscapes of the Pilis Hills on the Hungarian side and the rolling hills and Vineyards on the Slovakian side. These diverse landscapes provide a wealth of activities for tourists who can enjoy the ease of travel between these two countries as the two regions are reunited with all their cultural heritage.

For further travel information, please visit:

Pictures from top to bottom:
Esztergom and Cathedral on the banks of the Danube, Esztergom Town Hall,
From Štúrovo looking accross to Esztergom, Štúrovo Landscape, Štúrovo Cathedral

Confederation Internationale des Accordeonistes (CIA) - General Secretary
Dietrichgasse 51/19, A - 1030, Vienna, AUSTRIA   Phone/Fax: +43 1-712 0960   E-mail: icaccordions@netway.at

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