PANcordion Features

Only PANcordion offers you all these Quality Components and Features. There's More Value in PANcordion Instruments because There's More Quality Built In.

REEDS of Swedish steel are selected, hand-finished, carefully assembled and tuned by craftsman to assure the instruments powerful singing vibrance.

BLOCKS receive four coats of varnish and are hand-polished to a lustre like a piano sounding board, to protect against warpage and to enhance tonal quality.



LEATHERS are choicest quality, perfectly graduated, some with special metal boostersto assure instanteneous response.

ANODIZED ALUMINIUM plates and other parts prevents oxidation and assure smoooth mechanical action of the shifts.



KEYBOARD STABILIZER prevents warping of the treble board.

KEYBOARD highly sensitive so it responds to your individual touch. Styled like piano keys, they are beveled for smooth fingering ease. Amazing silent. Original precise alignment is retained indefinitely.



MAGIC-EASE REGISTERS have positive direct action for smooth changes and infinite reliability. Shape is elongated, so that they are always within finger-tip reach

BELLOWS have deeper folds (1½") for greater power with less effort. Double-strength construction, stainless steel corners with specially fitted frames are air-tight sealed against leaks.



HARDWOOD SHELL is electronically welded to eliminate possibility of flaws. It is contour-designed for stability.

MODERN DESIGN that is fine as well as functional. The PANcordion "look" is never out-dated.


BASSES are individually adjusted for light action, fast and fully responsive; clicked proofed at all points of contact for silent effiency.

BALANCE permits full bellows control without "fighting" the accordion. The weight is proportioned to eliminate swivel or bounce.

FLAWLESS CONSTRUCTION - Your accordion can be only as good as the materials of which it is made, and as good as the skill of the artisans who fashion these materials into the finished products. Each PANcordion Accordion is built to rigrid quality-controlled standards. It must pass 48 different quality checkpoints within the Italian factory, after which it is fully tested and hand-adjusted by PANcordion craftsman at the New York Factory.

LONG TERM INVESTMENT - Since the accordion's cost is only a small part of the value of a musical education, a quality instrument is the soundest investment you can make. You must have an accordion which you will enjoy continuosly without losing precious playing time for costly repairs. Pancordion accordions assure you of endless playing pleasure amd stimulate your musical progress. Enjoy the pride of owning the finest. You are assure that your instrument has the highest resale and trade-in value because it has been built for a lifetime of trouble-free performance.

PROFESSIONAL ACCLAIM - Deluxe, custom- crafted details have made PANcordion instruments the choice of famous accordionists and teachers. On TV, records and radio, in theatres and clubs, wherever professional perfection is required, PANcordion is the choice of the finest musicians. When you play one of the PANcordion models, you share a superb musical achivemant with a vast number of top name accordionists.

Only PANcordion has DIRECTONE

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