PANcordion Baton

PANcordion Baton Tone Chamber

The most extensive musical range and versatiliy is yours to command in a tone chambered PANcordion Baton.

From the highest to the lowest subtone... for brilliantly powerful high tones or low tones... in subdued musical chantings or full-bodied orchestral voicings... the PANcordion sings out gloriously.

For great accordionists who require an instrument to enhance their musicianship beyond the limits of ordinary acoustics, PANcordion's master craftsmen custom build a limited number of Baton tone chambered accordions.

Superb Sound

The heart of any accordion is it's reeds. In the Baton, the reeds are super-responsive, tingling with life, made of Hellefors Swedish cold- rollled blue steel. From pianissimo to fortissimo, they vibrate with a tremendous, singing vitality.Baton reeds are hand-fitted for perfect compression, hand-tuned to assure accurate pitch in all reed sets, and individually matched for uniform response and volume in all reed combinations.

Treble Switches

Bass Switches

Baton Tone Chamber Jazz and Musette Models

PANcordion's world-famous Baton Tone Chamber accordion is also available for jazz with two sets of bassoon (16') reeds, or for musette with three sets of clarinet reeds (8'). For the newsest in amplification, we offer these instruments with ED Sennheiser transducer pickups. MIDI too is an opional extra available on any PANcordion.

The Choice of Stars

Played by Myron Floren for over 40 years, as the concert accordionist featured on the Lawrence Welk TV Show, current PBS reruns, and in hundreds of annual performances. PANcordion is the choice of accordion stars like America's Polka King Frankie Yankovic, Don Lipovac, Joey Miskulin, Bill Costa, Tops Cardoni, Maddalena Belfiore, Dick Metko and many many others.

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