St. Kanzian Church

Pràsident des HVOe Werner Weibert and Mrs. Sissy

Not only the young competitor has fun, but also Lerch jun. is having a great time, just as daddy on the right... Gùnter Lerch/Fismen together with Karl Schwarz/Kàrntnerland
Harmonika Novak/Mr. Susitz - Exhibitor
a sudden thunderstorm was accepted with pleasure....
sunshine would arrive....Miss Carinthia
Harmonika Munda and Midi - Exhibitor Music Tec Andreas Brieger
Harmonika Alpen/Slovenia - Exhibitors Harmonika Beltuna/Castelfidardo/Italy - Exhibitors
Mr. Sikoba playing the Beltuna Harmonika - Exhibotor The Titlebachs from Cech Republik/Harmonkas Louny voices
Exhibitors and Organizers during relaxing moments
Maria Schwarz, Werner Weibert with Holda
Soundwear - Accordion/Harmonica Bags Puschtra Harmonikas in Exhibition
Maria, Werner and Holda Politicians LR Harald Dobernig (left) and 1. Landtagspräsident Josef Lobnig (right) with MISS Carinthia
Full audience during the final price giving concert

Photoreport 2 (Competitors/Wettbewerber) - Competition Results

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