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photos 30 May 2019 by Holda - Accordions Worldwide

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Platzkonzert der Blasmusikkapellen St.Peter-Freienstein und Vordernberg
TV - ready for the event
Werner Weibert, Dr. Dercsaly, Dr. Herbert Scheibenreif
Werner Weibert President of the Harmonikaverband Austria with Event-Ladies
The Harmonikas - ready being played by the youngest of the music school
Holda and the Harmonika Austria President Werner Weibert
the numberous audience waiting unpatiently for the start
Bläserquintett MV St. Peter-Freienstein
Grenzlandchor Arnoldstein/Kàrnten
Harmonika Orchester St Peter-Freienstein
the youngest performer of the orchester
the Authorities
the Authorities with the Mayor Anita Weinkogl in front
H.V.Ö Fachvorstand Gottfried Hubmann
Grenzlandchor Arnoldstein/Kärnten
Welcome speech by Mayor Anita Weinkogl
Hofrat Dr. Walter Kreutzwiesner
Tobias and Christoph Bracher
Heimat und Trachtenverein St.Peter-Freienstein
Ivann Sukhyi - Ucraine
Presentation of the newly designed "Trachtendirndl" with a certzificate for the City
the orchester directed by their teacher Gottfried Hubmann
speech by the Mayor Andreas Kühberger (ABG zum NR)
Hasenberger Buam
the your orchestra receiving a huge applause by the audience
Speech by Helga Ahrer (LAbgd.)
Speech by Birgit Sandler (ABG zum NR)
Gottfried Hubmann getting a special award from the city for all his effort, dedicating his life to music and promoting the Harmonika as well a other instruments in and outside of Austria
Final speech by the President of the Harmonikaverband Austria - and as always with a bit of irony and humor ....like here, showing the keys of the city hall/conference room being given by the city/mayor Anita for the event and President Werner Weibert saying, that HE is now in charge .... as having the keys.

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