10.00 - 18.00
The Accordion Fair

Venue: Commercial College
Free entry

12.00 - 18.00
Music in the Park
12.00 Accordion Clubs perform, 14.00 Youth Orchestras from different European countries perform, 17.00 Sister City of Ikaalinen in Germany, Landkreis Stade, presenting their Hogener Lünen Choir and Youth Accordion Orchestra “In Takt”.

Venue: Festival Park
Free entry

13:00 - 18.00 The Pub Tent
Accordion clubs, groups and folk musicians.

Venue: Yellow School
Free entry

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Roland V-Accordion Competition
The Scandinavian Final of the digital Roland V-Accordion.
The winner will perform at the international Roland V Festival in Rome.

Venue: Oma Tupa
Adult 10€, Pensioner/Student 8€, Child 5€


The White Rose Concert (1st show)
Annika Eklund, Mikael Konttinen and Jorma Kääriäinen sing with Riku Niemi Orchestra.

Venue: Ikaalinen Hall
Tickets: Adult 32€, Pensioner/Student 26€, Child 16€

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The White Rose Concert (2nd show)
Annika Eklund, Mikael Konttinen and Jorma Kääriäinen sing with Riku Niemi Orchestra. TV Recording.

Venue: Ikaalinen Hall.
Tickets: Adult 32€, Pensioner/Student 26€, Child 16€

20.00 Duo Balyk
Vladimir Balyk, accordion, and Nataša Balyk, domra, mandolin. A classical concert by the Croatian-Russian Duo.

Venue: Ikaalinen Church.
Programme 10€

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Renato Borghetti Quartet (Brazil)
Gaucho music from southern Brazil.

Venue: Oma Tupa
Tickets: Adult 20€, Pensioner/Student 15€, Child 10€

20.00 - .0.200
The Pub Tent
Dance music by the Harmando Orchestra and Hollolan Harmonikat Accordion Group.

Venue: Yellow School
Area Ticket 15 € / Park Pass Fri-Sat 23 € / Family Ticket Fri 32 €

22.00 - 02.00
Evening of Finnish Rock Music. Performers: Mustat Enkelit , Telaketju and Leewings.
www.mustatenkelit.com, www.telaketju.com, www.leewings.com

Venue: Festival Park
Area Ticket 15€ / Park Pass Fri-Sat 23€ / Family Ticket Fri 32€

Seven contestants in the Nordic Roland V Competition competed for the right to represent Scandanavia at the Roland V International Digital Accordion Competition to be held in Rome, Itlay in August.

Katariina Ahjoniemi (Finland) was crowned the Champion, and in addition to her trip to Rome, she also receives the lates Roland V Accordion.

1st: Katariina Ahjoniemi (Finland)
2nd: Emir Bosnjak (Denmark)
3rd: Irina Krjutjkova (Sweden)

Members of the International Jury Pasi Hirvonen (Finland), CIA President Raymond Bodell (United Kingdom)
and Roland V Accordion Product Manager Marco Genali
Above left: Emir Bosnjak (Denmark)
Above right: Svetislav Mitic (Norway)
Above left: Marko Räsänen (Finland)
Above right: Irina Krjutjkova (Sweden)
Above left: Katariina Ahjoniemi (Finland)
Above right: Kenneth Larsen (Norway)
Above left: Kalle Kämäräinen (Finland)
Above right and below: Special International Guest Artist Ludovic Beier (France) with Kirsi Ranto (Finland)
Above: Contestants being welcomed by the President of the Jury and CIA President Raymond Bodell
Contestants in the Nordic Final of the Roland V Digital Accordion Competition

The popular White Rose Concert features two shows, the second being televised live on National TV.

This year the show featured popular singers Annika Eklund, Mikael Konttinen and Jorma Kääriäinen who performed with the renowned Riku Niemi and his dynamic Orchestra.

Michael Konttinen singing with the Riku Niemi Orchestra
Photo by Alan Whiteland
Michael Konttinen singing with the Riku Niemi Orchestra
Photo by Alan Whiteland
Riku Niemi with Annika Eklund
  Photo by Alan Whiteland
Riku Niemi and his Orchestra
  Photo by Alan Whiteland
Riku Niemi and Jorma Kääriäinen
  Photo by Alan Whiteland
Jorma Kääriäinen, Annika Eklund and Michael Konttinen singing with the Riku Niemi Orchestra
  Photo by Alan Whiteland

Renato Borghetti´s music has been described as being firmly centered in the folkloric elements of his native Rio Grande do Sul, in the southernmost region of Brazil, which shares a border with Argentina. Music from this area has often been associated with both the accordion and the traditional people of Rio Grande do Sul, the "gauchos". The folk driven music of Rio Grande do Sul, possesses great power and intensity. With this kind of music Renato Borghetti has enjoyed much success while remaining faithful to his folk roots. Borghetti has revised, adapted, and modernized many of the native tunes of Rio Grande do Sul however reviewers have acknowledged that he does not shy away from more typical forms from the wide spectrum of Brazilian and global pop – samba, jazz, tango, and beyond. Each of those forms he adapts to his unique style.

The accordion´s journey thorough Brazilian music dramatizes the many elements and influences of Brazilian music – and society – itself. Brazilian music has been described as containing so many conflicting and harmonizing influences profiling its long and varied history including influences of the syncopated rhythms of the African slaves who became an important part of the country's population durin ght ePortuguese colonization. In regards to the accordion itself, it is thought that the Portuguese colonists first brought the accordion to Brazil, but more recently Italian immigrants have added their own influences to Brazilian playing.

Borghetti recorded his first album in 1984, and it was instantly successful. Later albums were even more popular; his second release, for example, was the first gold record in Brazil ever feature exclusively instrumental music. Renato Borghetti has also reached out from the older forms to samba and tango, among other styles. His playing is uncompromising in its loyalty to a folkloric past, adventurous in its openness to new ideas.


Many Finnish families enjoy the beautiful summer weather residing at their summer cottages.

Festival founder Heikki Eränen and his wife Tuula invited my host Aland Whiteland and I out to their place to show us where they enjoy their summer holidays.

Located about 10 KM from Ikaalinen, their summer cottage is nestled on the banks of Lake Kyrösjärvi.
The beautiful lakeside cottage of Heikki and Tuula Eränen
The view out to Penny and Fifty Cent Islands
The Kuikka - Black throated Loon (Gavia arctica)
Above and below: Beautifully decorated, the cottage reflects their passion for wood,
and in particular historical wood, some of it dating from several hundred years ago.

Below right: the traditional 'Welcome' sign
Kevin Friedrich, Alan Whiteland with Heikki and Tuula Eränen