Yuri and Wadim Fedorov.
Twin brothers Yuri and Wadim Fedorov were born in St. Petersburg in 1969, When they were 6 they started to study playing accordion at musical school, and then at the the Rimsky-Korsakov Musical College.
The brothers started to perform at concerts in halls of St. Petersburg at the age of 7. Since 1990 Yuri and Wadim had been students of the St. Petersburg Conservatory (class of Professor Alexander Dmitriyev), after graduation in 1995 they continued their studies at the Hanover College of Music and Drama in Germany (the solo class with Prof. Elsbeth Moser).

Their concerts gain great success in many cities of Germany.

Yuri and Wadim Fedorov are bright and talented musicians, which prizes at competitions, where they play both as a duet and solo, arc the evidence of:


1976 - a competition of young performers in St. Petersburg.

1985, 1987 - a competition of bayan-players and accordion-players in Petrozavodsk.

1994- International Accordion Competition Grand Prix in Saint-Etienne(Wadim Fedorov)

1996 - competition Sellheim Gesellschaft in Hanover.

1999 - XXXV International Competition in Klingenthal (Germany).

In 1997 the Fedorov brothers recorded a compact disk "Twins" with masterly arrangement of Russian folk melodies.


Yuri and Wadim's performance style is noted for high professionalism, virtuosity and excellent taste in selection of repertory.

Developing the best traditions of playing accordion, they are in constant artistic search for new ways of enrichment expressiveness of their instrument.


In the repertory of the Fedorov brothers there is a wide spectrum of works in the style of French Jazz-variety show (waltz-musette, waltz-swing, rag, samba, bosanova, tango, polkas etc.), masterly Russian and international folklore, as well as works of the famous Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla.

At present the Fedorov brothers are engaged in teaching and concert activity in Iceland.


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