Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA)
member of the International Music Council - (IMC-UNESCO)
2008 CIA Winter Congress - Skopje, MACEDONIA
119th CIA General Assembly of Delegates - January 18-20, 2008

Host: CIA Member - Association of Accordionists - MACEDONIA
"Ljubiteli na klasicnata muzika" - Skopje
Sunday - January 20, 2008
Accordion Sculpture
This beautiful Accordion Sculpture was made especially for the CIA Winter Congress in Skopje by Macedonian artist Nikolina Trajanovska, pictured above left with Accordion Association of Macedonia President Zorica Karakutovska. CIA President Kevin Friedrich is pictured with Macedonian Accordion Association Public Relations Manager Anica Karakutovska.
CIA General Assembly - Closing Session
Finland - Kimmo MATTILA
Austria - Herbert SCHEIBENREIF
Portugal - Carlos SEMEDO
Austria - Werner WEIBERT, Macedonia - Zorica KARAKUTOVSKA, Germany - Günther ZEILINGER, France - Jacques MORNET, Italy - Mirco PATARINI
Macedonia - Zorica KARAKUTOVSKA, Germany - Günther ZEILINGER, Italy - Mirco PATARINI, UK - Anna BODELL, France - Frederic DESCHAMPS, UK - Raymond BODELL
Finland - Kimmo MATTILA, USA - Kevin FRIEDRICH, Portugal - Carlos SEMEDO, Macedonia - Elizabeta ILIEVSKA, Macedonia - Anica KARAKUTOVSKA, Serbia - Nenad LJUBENOVIC and Aleksandar NIKOLIC, Croatia - Vjera ODAK-JEMBRIH
Macedonia - Anica KARAKUTOVSKA
Italy - Mirco PATARINI
Serbia - Aleksandar NIKOLIC
Croatia - Vjera ODAK-JEMBRIH
Bosnia & Herzegovina - Zorin RAKIC, France - Frederic DESCHAMPS, UK - Raymond BODELL
Italy - Mirco PATARINI
Serbia - Nenad LJUBENOVIC
signing the artist sketch
signing the artist sketch
CIA Youth Council with Macedonian Students
At the conclusion of the General Assembly Meeting, CIA delegates conducted an extremely interesting meeting with local accordion students to discuss many interesting topics, including their experiences at the various Coupe Mondiale festivals attended, issues relating to their life as an accordion student in Macedonia and their hopes for their own musical careers and the future of the accordion.

Participating students in this CIA Student Council Forum included Boban Peric (20 yrs), Bojan Volchevski (20 yrs), Elena Jovcheska (18 yrs), Maztin Kolevski (19 yrs), Ljupco Kolevski (16 yrs) and Aleksandar Kolovski (17 yrs). Recognizing and appreciating the importance of the tremendous work being carried out by the young students, the CIA plans to conduct similar meetings at future CIA events in order to gain a better understanding and working relationship with accordion students around the world.

Subjects covered included practice techniques, their experiences at International Competitions and their hopes and dreams for the future.

Regarding the International competitions, the students felt the experience of being exposed to, and hearing other students from around the world and the works they were performing was extremely valuable. Each that had participated in the Coupe Mondiale festival said that they made the effort to hear as many of their fellow competitors as possible. They expressed concern at the extreme variation in the range of marks from the jury members within particular categories, as well as the importance of good performance venues for the competition categories, ranging from acoustics, to practice and warm up facilities to the temperature of the venue. They felt that these were contributing factors to a successful competition experience, one that culminates in many hours of practice and considerable expense in traveling to the festival.

During this extremely interesting session, the underlying common factor that each of the students expressed, was their desire to further their musical education to the highest level while elevating the status and level of the accordion in their geographical areas of Macedonia.

Members of the CIA General Assembly in conference with the Macedonian Students
CIA Student Council Forum members from Macedonia included (from left to right) Boban Peric (20 yrs), Bojan Volcevski (20 yrs), Elena Jovcheska (18 yrs), Maztin Kolevski (19 yrs), Ljupco Kolevski (16 yrs) and Aleksandar Kolovski (17 yrs).
Members of the CIA Delegation bid farewell at the Hotel Victoria at the conclusion of an extremely successful 119th General Assembly of Delegates and Winter Congress
CIA General Kimmo Mattila says farewell to Vice President Herbert Scheibenreif
DHV Delegate from Germany Günther Zeilinger and Kimmo Mattila make their way to the plane

Confederation Internationale Des Accordeonistes (CIA) - General Secretary
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