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Welcome to World Accordion Day from the CIA!

rayGreetings from CIA President
Raymond Bodell

It was on this day, 185 years ago that our instrument – the accordion was patented since then we have made immense strides and today as we celebrate World Accordion Day around the world again let us all share the wonderful aspects of our special Instrument.
The CIA, has 38 member associations under its helm and I thank you all for all you do throughout the year and around this special day to promote the instrument – as I do to all accordionists wherever dispersed over the four quarters of globe.
Ray Bodell - President
Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA)

joan cochran sommersGreetings from CIA Vice President
Joan Cochran Sommers

The 1955 Coupe Mondiale introduced me to the huge world of the accordion; it was my inspiration then and my interest in the accordion has never wavered since. Many times teachers and other individuals ask why they should become a member of an organization devoted to the accordion and, in turn, it is often those very organizations which ask why they should become a member of the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes.
Think about it…why should they not become a member, whether a single person or an organization? What is it that one single person or one single organization can do to promote the accordion, accordionists, and all things devoted to the instrument? The standard of playing today is at an all-time high and much of this has to do with participation as either an entrant in or an observer of the yearly Coupe Mondiale event held in the many different member countries throughout the world. Each year hundreds hear the standard of performances and the quality of the repertoires become ever higher and each year there are more qualified entrants in every category. These entrants, their teachers, mentors, and audience members return to their own countries with more ideas for how to improve themselves and others; they are inspired and stimulated to share these thoughts with others, thereby spreading the influence of perhaps one person throughout the world with hundreds more.
Throughout the world, not only has the level of playing and the quality of repertoire improved; our instruments have improved immensely, too. There is an educational value involved with every Coupe Mondiale and such events cannot happen without the support and participation of many. It is the single individuals who must do so through the organizations in their country and, ultimately, through the efforts of these organizations and their membership in the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes.
There are always cycles of growth and repose; however, these inactive periods should not be a time for non-membership in or non-support of the larger entity. That is the very time when we must continue to be active in sending our representatives to the gatherings, competitions, concerts, or other events as a means of instilling new imagination and stimulation for the accordion.
It is you, the individual, who must bring this to your students and organizations; it is your activities which will make the accordion the popular musical instrument it is, but, also, to continue its path for acceptance at all levels. It is your support and that of your organizations which will make possible the future growth of the accordion throughout the world.

Joan Cochran Sommers - Vice President
Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA)

herbertGreetings from CIA Vice President
Herbert Scheibenreif

Hello everybody!

As we started World Accordion Day in 2009, it's already our 6th Annual Celebration!

Have fun and be creative when playing the accordion on WAD to celebrate the 185th anniversary of our instrument!

I am really looking forward to meeting you all at this year’s Coupe Mondiale in Salzburg in the end of October!

Best wishes for a Happy World Accordion Day!

Herbert Scheibenreif - Vice President
Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA)

kimmoGreetings from CIA General Secretary
Kimmo Mattila

Dear friends and colleagues around the world,
The accordion is absolutely one of the most fascinating instrument in the musical life, not only in musical point of view. For me it has always been surprising, how the accordion is spread over the world, over the different musical styles and over the different nations.
My first personal contact with the CIA was in 1975, when the Coupe Mondiale was organised in Helsinki. I couldn't believe, that it's possible to play so fine and so interesting music with the accordion. The international accordion society showed its bright face and then I finally decided, that this will be my lifetime profession.
I wish you Happy World Accordion Day in 2014 - and see you soon in the forthcoming accordion events!
Kimmo Mattila - General Secretary
Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA)

harleyGreetings from CIA Public Relations Manager
Harley Jones

Vakanuinui Vinaka ena siga ni Accordion Day e Vuravura

Welcome all to World Accordion Day and our international celebration of the instrument we all love so much. The world is an incredibly diverse place and our musical world is also incredibly diverse and interesting.
We have a wonderful instrument, bellows driven, that is in so many different shapes and sizes, and can play such incredible combinations of sounds and different musical styles. No other instrument comes close, and no other instrument can be held closer to our hearts than our beloved accordion.
From the exotic islands of Fiji, it is my great pleasure to be assisting in the production of the 2014 World Accordion Day.
Lets celebrate the joyous advancement of the accordion in all its styles and genre for the 2014 World Accordion Day.
Harley Jones - Public Relations
Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA)

kevinGreetings from CIA Amdassador
Kevin Friedrich

Greetings from the CIA Headquarters in the tiny and charming town of Ikaalinen, nestled about three hours drive, north of Helsinki.

As a former competitor in the Coupe Mondiale (1979, 1980 and 1981), I have enjoyed a lifetime association with the CIA, one that led to proudly serving as a member of the Music Committee, as a Vice President, CIA President and now Ambassador.

Through the vast network of esteemed accordionists and musicans who serve as officers of the CIA, Delegates at the International General Assemblies, members of the International Jury and the extroadinarily talented young accordionists competing in our annual competitions, I feel truly blessed to have been part of this magnificent organization, which has been striving to promote the accordion for nearly 80 years!

Through our ongoing activities working with composers to commission and promote new works, the developement of the CIA Archive Collection, the thrilling World Accordion Orchestra, our updated technology for our Coupe Mondiale Festival, connections to the International Music Council, and of course this World Accordion Day, it has been truly an inspiration to be part of the CIA team and their ongoing endevours to serve the global accordion community.

I will cherish each of these thoughts today, as I join each of you all around the world as we set aside some time to celebrate the diverse and rich world of our beloved accordion! Happy World Acocrdion Day 2014!

Kevin Friedrich - Ambassasdor
Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA)

wernerDear interested CM-participants and players,

It is a great pleasure for me to inform all active WAD-accordionists that our organizing team of the 67th Coupe Mondiale in Salzburg is ready to welcome the great worldwide accordion family in our wonderful country of music. You will enjoy not only our hospitality, but also to float on the accordionmusic-cloud in 'Mozart Town' Salzburg, with highest quality at the end of October 2014. Don't forget: The VIII World Accordion Orchestra is also waiting for YOU!

Werner Weibert
HVO-President and Head of Austrian-CM-Team

Liebe CM-Interessierte und Teilnehmer,

wir können stolz berichten, dass unsere CM-Organisation schon jetzt bereit ist für den Ansturm an Akkordeonspielern und Begeisterten! Genießen Sie nicht nur die Salzburger Gastfreundschaft, sondern auch das Schweben in der hochqualitativen Akkordeonmusik-Wolke, die in der letzten Oktoberwoche 2014 Salzburg erfüllen wird. Versäumen Sie nicht dieses einmalige Akkordeon-Großereignis im Herzen Europas - und nicht vergessen: das VIII Welt-Akkordeon-Orchester freut sich auf Ihr Mitwirkung!

Werner Weibert
HVÖ-Präsident und Österreich-CM-Teamchef

CIA Events and Initiatives Celebrating the Accordion

  • International Music Council (IMC) meeting - Brisbane, Australia
  • CIA Winter Congress - Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • World Accordion Day - Ikaalinen, Finland
  • European Forum on Music - Berne, Switzerland
  • 67th Coupe Mondiale - Salzburg, Austria
  • CIA Archive Center - Ikaalinen, Finland
  • World Accordion Orchestra VIII - Salzburg, Austria
World Accordion Orchestra
The magnificent World Accordion Orchestra has united accordionists from around the globe, as they share a wonderful musical adventure as part of the Coupe Mondiale festival. This year, WAO will be staged for the eighth time, and promises to be a magnificent finale to the 67th Coupe Mondiale celebration in Salzburg. Founded by Joan Cochran Sommers, please enjoy this video of WAO VII in Canada.
World Accordion Orchestra VII
Sections from Les Miserables arranged and conducted by Joan Cochran Sommers,
Lionel Reekie - Tenor
Video provided by Mike Roche of Accordion Lady Productions

67th Coupe Mondiale
CIA Archive Collection
The CIA Archive collection continues to gather an incredible collection of historical documents and materials pertaining to not only the accordion, but to the various CIA member nations as well. Materials include Test PIeces, Program Books, Newsletters, National Magazines and publications and many other interesting documents. These are gradually being put into digital format, to allow the general public access for research.
Above and below: placings from the first four Coupe Mondiale Competitions
from records found in the CIA Archive Collection

What:  World Accordion Day
When: 6th May
Why: a unified global effort to celebrate and promote the Accordion
Where: World Wide!
Contact: Harley Jones - CIA Public Relations Officer e-mail:

Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) - General Secretary

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Phone: +358 3 4400221, Fax +358 3 4589071 E-mail:

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