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Saturday 08 June 2013    Sunday 09 June 2013

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Saturday Morning Competitions

Xu Da Wei (China) and AATA President Tania Lukic-Marx Mrs Zhang, Zhang Xin Yun (China) and teacher Zhang Yan (China)
Trophies on display
AATA committee members Melissa and Richard She and AATA President Tania Lukic-Marx.
Heather Masefield (New Zealand), Milica Krga, Cathy Day and Lina Chegodaev (Australia).
Tania Lukic-Marx and Cathy Zhang Tania Lukic-Marx welcomes the audience and opens the event.
Dusko Lavrnja Jeffrey Jin
Simon Zhang William Zhang
Yashar Alim Marina Jin bring coffee to the judges - nice having a cafe across the road.
Francesco Panuccio Marina Jin and AATA President Tania Lukic-Marx
John Zhang Joyce Ly
Clarysa Panuccio Joe Ly
Marina Jin Yashar Alim
Stevan Dordevic Teodora Djukic
Adjudicators Heather Masefield, Milica Krga, Cathy Day and Lina Chegodaev with AATA President Tania Lukic-Marx
Mihailo Jankovic Emma Smith
Marina Jin Alanah Jones
Ryan Panuccio William Zhang
Teodora Djukic Mihailo Jankovic
Festival item from the Panuccio Trio, Ryan, Clarysa and Francesco. Emma Smith from Adelaide had joined Sydney players Jessica Jin and Marina Jin.
Joyce Ly, Marina Jin, Richard She, Jessica Jin and Joe Ly.
Alim family with AATA President Tania Lukic-Marx
Liam French from Roland Australia had set up a display of digital instruments for players to try during the lunch break
Mihailo Jankovic playing the new Roland FR8 model V-Accordion. Mihailo Jankovic and Dusko Lavrnja playing a duet on the Roland V-accordions.

Saturday Afternoon Competitions

AATA President Tania Lukic-Marx with the jury. Heather Masefield (New Zealand), Milica Krga (Australia), Xu Da Wei and Zhang Yan (both of China).
The afternoon started with the 12 years and under International Solo category. Four in the cateogory and winner was Alanah Jones (New Zealand). Marina Jin (Australia) was Highly Commended
Emma Smith (Australia) achieved 2nd place Clarysa Panuccio was 3rd.
The 15 years and under international category was next. 1st to play and 1st place winner was Zhang Xin Yun (China). Jessica Jin (Australia) was 2nd =
with Joyce Ly (Australia) and Emma Smith (Australia) was Highly Commended.
Under 20 years international category was a class with two very good competitors, first contestant Chenghan Liao (China) was performing a classical music program
and 15 year old Jiachen Xue (China) who came 2nd at the recent Klingenthal International Accordion Competitions in Germany performed a virtuoso entertainment program. With such different styles, well played by both, the jury gave a popular first equal placing to the two competitors.
Finally the top solo category which had 3 entrants from China and one from Serbia. Above is Xi Wang (China) Xi Wang (China) won 3rd place.
Qiuxian Li (China) highly commended. Qiuxian Li (China)
Mladen Vukmir (Serbia) won first place in the top solo category and is the 2013 International Open Accordion Champion.
Xu Cheng (China) won 2nd place.
The contestants from Chengdu, China excited the audience with their ensemble playing.
Names are: Qiuxian Li, Chenghan Liao, Xi Wang and Jingjing Fan.
They performed "Silence of the City" and "Rondo Capriccioso" by Zolatariev.
After the performance was the prize giving with the main trophies being presented at the Sunday concert.

2013 Results Page

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