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Wu Shouzhi
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Accordion Professor

Wu Shouzhi was born in in 1940 in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province in China. In 1956 he entered the Attached Music High School of Sichuan Conservatory and in 1959 he was granted admission to Shenyang Conservatory. He graduated in 1963, under Mr Zhang Zimin, who is one of the oldest pedagogues in China.

Wu Shouzhi has worked for many years at the Sichaun Conservatory and is currently an accordion professor there. In 1982 he gathered many accordion teachers in China and hosted the First Conference of Accordion Teaching Method Exchange of China in Chengdu. It was here that the formation of the Chinese Accordion Society began. In 1987 Wu Shouzhi organised the First Young Accordionists Competition of China in Chengdu.

Wu Shouzhi proposed to the Chinese Accordion Society the idea of holding accordion examinations in China, and organized the first examination in Sichuan in January of 1989. This not only provided all of accordion students with a great way to test their own levels, but also provided many accordion teachers and accordionists with an opportunity to examine their ability for teaching, therefore improving the quality of teaching.

Because of the excellent results these accordion examinations produced, teachers of other instruments began to follow the example of having examinations for their instrument also.

Professor Wu Shouzhi compiled a great number of teaching materials in order to standardise the method of accordion teaching in China. He wrote many articles on the accordion, one of his most famous being "Standards of the Accordion Examination in China". In September 1996 with his son Wu Jie he has published an article "Essentials of the Development of China's Accordion Art". At present, Wu Shouzhi and his colleagues are compiling a book "History of the Accordion in China".

Close to two thousand students have been taught by Mr Wu Shouzhi. Due to his successful teaching methods, many of his students have won prizes in many competitions in China and abroad. In 1987 Wu Shouzhi founded the Chengdu Accordion School and is presently the Principal of this school.

Among many of his succeses have been:
1987 Chen Jun
1st First Young Accordionists Competition, China
Yue Wei
2nd First Young Accordionists Competition, China
Dai Jingping
2nd "Parrot Cup" Accordion Competition, China
1990 Li Yamei
3rd "China Cup" Accordionists Competition, China
Mr Xia Gang
1st South Pacific 15 yrs and under Solo, New Zealand
Tan Xiaoxiao
1st South Pacific 12 yrs and under Solo, New Zealand
1995 Yang Ziqian
in Russia
1996 Luo Linna
in France
Liu Ya
in France

Mr Wu Shouzhi has often been invited to adjudicate at International competitions and festivals:
1990 Coupe Mondiale International Competition
Lucerne, Switzerland
1991 Coupe Mondiale International Competition
Trossingen, Germany
1994 South Pacifc Accordion Championships and Festival
Auckland, New Zealand
1995 International Baltika and Harmonica Festiva
St. Petersburg, Russia
1996 Australian International Accordion Championships and Festival
Sydney, Australia
South Pacifc Accordion Championships and Festival
Auckland, New Zealand
29th International Accordion Competition
American Accordionists' Association Festival
Philadelphia, USA

Contact details:
Xinsheng Road, 6
Sichuan Concervatory
Chengdu, Sichuan
Phone: +86-28-555-2880
Fax: +86-28-555-2880

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