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Video: Concert of the Cycle “The Gnesins Present” - Russia

Video starts at 5.50
Concert posterVideo: Concert of the Cycle “The Gnesins Present” held on April 20th, 2024 at the Concert Hall of the Russian Academy of Music named after. Gnesins.

0:06:50 J.S. Bach - Passacaglia and fugue in C minor for organ

Performed by: Winner of the competition for the best performance of Baroque music Yulia Popkova

0:21:20 W. Lutoslawski - Variations on a Theme of Paganini

0:26:55 N. Rota - Fellini Medley

Performed by the duet Daria Sakharova and Alexey Loganov

0:33:55 J.S. Bach - Organ Prelude and Fugue in E minor

Performed by Anastasia Zhuk, winner of the competition for the best performance of Baroque music

0:40:07 Viatcheslav Semionov - Suite “Seasons”. World premiere

Performed by a duet consisting of: Alexander Komelkov and Denis Koptelov

0:57:50 M. Bronner "Dolce appassionato" / Mikhail Bronner Dolce Appassionato (2020)

1:02:10 E. Grieg-Y. Shishkin "Stream"

1:05:01 R. Leoncovallo "Tarantella"

Performed by Arslan Aliyev

1:08:01 I. Panitsky - RNP "Peddlers"

Performed by a 6th grade student at the Children's Music School named after. F. Lista Dmitry Misharin

1:13:30 Liszt - Etude in F minor “Lightness”

1:18:40 Paganini – Liszt - Caprice N 24

Performed by Dmitry Khodanovich

1:24:50 Astor Piazzolla "Tango of the Devil"

1:28:58 I. Stravinsky "Tango"

1:32:55 A. Schnittke "Polka"

Performed by “Appassionato duo” consisting of: Ksenia Gavva and Anastasia Tatarina

1:36:33 Andre Astier - Polka “Satellite”

1:39:20 Jose Flores - Cock Dance

1:42:52 Turner Layton - After you left

Performed by Nikita Kuznetsov

Project leader Prof. Friedrich Lips
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