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26th November 1999
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Christmas is fast approaching with only four weeks to go. Our last news for 1999 will go on line on December 24th. Please take this opportunity to send us news of your Christmas concerts and to list these concerts and events in our Future Events section.

German representative Uli Ebner is currently in New Zealand until late January 2000. If you have any queries please email our Europe Manager Holda Paoletti-Kampl.

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Premiere Recordings - Finland

Finnish accordionist Mika Väyrynen will perform premiere recordings at the NBC studios (National Broadcasting Company) on November 29th and December 8th. Mika will record "Prelude and Toccata" by Juhani Nuorvala, "Seven questions to Infinity" by Leif Segerstam and some transcriptions.

For further information email:

Debut Broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland - UK

Roy Hendrie"The Roy Hendrie Scottish Dance Band" played their first radio broadcast on the BBC Radio Scotland program "Take the floor" which was broadcast on November 20th. The show was hosted by Robbie Shepherd and included an hour of Scottish dance and ceilidh music by the band, which was the main theme for the radio show.

The band includes Roy Hendrie (accordion), Bobby Stewart (accordion), Colin Garvin (piano), John Delaney (double bass) and George Gray (drums).

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Paris Opera Finale - France

The opera "Outis" by Luciano Berio was staged for the last time at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris on November 21st. In this production, accordionist Pascal Contet played the role of a clown-musician. Following the opera Pascal played a program of chamber music by Piazzolla, with Sae-Jung Kim (piano), Christophe Beau (cello) and Olivier de Nattes (violin) at the Port Royal Chapel in Paris.

This program will be repeated on November 28th at the CHU in Kremlin-Bicêtre (in the Salle du Grand Réservoir).

Semionov Tours The Netherlands

Viacheslav Semionov (Professor at Gnessin's Academy of Music) toured the Netherlands from October 16th to 28th. During this tour, he gave several solo concert performances and also duo performances with his wife Natasha. Among these concerts was a performance with an accordion orchestra conducted by John Holvast, who composed "Concerto for Domra and Accordion Orchestra" especially for this concert.

The duo also performed at the 6th International Accordion Festival in Sappemeer on October 24th. The festival included of popular program of music from various countries and styles. Viachslav and Natasha played light classical music and Russian folklore tunes.

Following their tour Viacheslav flew to St. Petersburg, Russia for a concert performance at the 15th International Accordion Music Festival, which took place from October 29th to 31st. In addition to a performance on the 30th with his wife, Viacheslav played at the final festival concert, which also included performances by Oleg Sharov, Alexander Dimitriev, Evgueni Derbenko and winners of recent major competitions.

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Chinese accordionist in Modern Symphony Concert - Germany

Contributed by Li Cong

A modern symphony concert was held recently in Osnabrqc, north-west Germany. Chinese accordionist Cao Xiao-Qing (who is currently studying the accordion for a soloist's diploma at the Hanover College of Music and Theater), was invited to play the accordion part in "Winter Travels" (Schubert), which famous German composer Hans Zender arranged for this concert. Zender added a modern composition technique to Schubert's original work. He also included parts for accordion, guitar and percussion instruments which are seldom used in symphony orchestras.

The orchestra conductor listened to Cao Xiao-Qing's performance personally and commented "I am so surprised that the accordion can be played so nicely, it was just amazing!"

Seven Words - Austria

David KomaryContributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif, Manager of Friedrich Lips Productions

Kathrin BogensbergerAccordionist David Komary performed S. Gubaudulina's "Seven words" for bayan, cello and strings in Vienna's new restaurant "Konzerthaus" recently with cellist Kathrin Bogensberger.

David has studied the accordion at the Conservatory of Vienna under Gertraud Zourek-Winklbauer and dedicates his activities to the performance of contemporary music for accordion. He has given concerts in Austria and abroad and Austrian TV has dedicated a portrait to this young artist.

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Bangers & Mash on National Radio - Netherlands

"Bangers & Mash"Bangers & Mash (including accordionist Peter Janssen) will perform on National Dutch NCRV Radio 4 on December 4th. The one hour program entitled "Passie" (passion) will be broadcast live from the Mediacafé in Hilversum and will include interviews with "Bangers & Mash" by presenter Annemiek Schrijver. The group will perform a variety of songs including "Addiction" (by band member Lowie van Herpen) and tracks from their upcoming CD.

For further information email:

Accordionists Perform for Danceathon - USA

On January 15th accordionists will provide over 12 hours of dance music for the 3rd Annual Ashkenaz Dance-A-Thon in the San Francisco Bay Area. Performers include the "California Cajun Orchestra" (accordionist Danny Poullard), "Zydeco Flames" (Bruce Gordon), "Hillbillies From Mars" (Daniel Steinberg and Kevin Carr) and "Edessa" (Lise Liepman).

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"First Cologne Barbershop Choir" - Germany

Contributed by Winfried Haushalter

The traditional annual concert of the First Cologne Accordion Orchestra will take place in the great Concert Hall of the Music Academy in Cologne on November 28th. The program will include new arrangements by conductor Matthias Hennecke such as "Die diebische Elster" (Rossini), "Music of the Night" from Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera", and a Special-Medley by the American film music composer Morricone. The Balkan-gypsy like "Concert-Hora" for Solo and orchestra (arranged by Hans-Guenther Koelz) will be presented with Bernd Schliffkowitz.

Performing at the concert will be the First Cologne Barbershop Choir. The Youth Orchestra (conducted by Heike Zapf) will play traditional folk pieces with the newly founded Children's Orchestra (conducted by Angelica Grohmann).

"Liberte" at Christmas Concert - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On December 23rd accordion duo "Liberte" (Norimichi Nagasaka and Misuzu Minou) will perform two shows at a "Special Christmas Dinner" at the Racconto Italian Restaurant, Rizo Naruohama, Nishinomiya, Hyougo Prefecture. For further information email:

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Jazz Concert - Austria

Klaus PaierAccordionist Klaus Paier will perform a "Jazz and Tango Nuevo" concert at the Künstlerhaus, Klagenfurt, Austria on November 26th as part of his "Vivimos - wir Leben" tango project. Klaus will perform with Stefan Gfrerer (bass), Gerald Preinfalk (saxophone and clarinet) and Wolfgang Tozzi (drums). Their program will include their own compositions as well as works by A. Piazzolla and Jazz-Standards.

This is the final concert of their tour through Europe (France, Germany, Holland, Poland, and Austria) and their only appearance in their home-province of Carinthia. For further information email:

Golden State Christmas Party - USA

Contributed by Rick Vincent

The Golden State Accordion Club will celebrate the Christmas holiday season with their "Annual Holiday Party" on December 7th in Vacaville, California. The event will include dancing, jam sessions, soloists, Christmas carols and family style entertainment. Performers include Steve Balich, Tony Raymond, Gary Siebert and the Golden State Accordion Band.

Over 200 people are expected to attend. For further information email:

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"Mozart Wolfgang, Suite and Fugue" Opera - France

French accordionist Bruno Maurice performed in the "Mozart Wolfgang, Suite And Fugue" Opera at the Roanne Theater (near Lyons) on November 24th. The opera, which was written by French composer François Couturier (well known jazz pianist in France) includes pieces for accordion, piano, soprano saxophone, string quartet, choir and vocals. This opera will be performed again in the year 2000.

Exhibition and Seminar - Germany

Contributed by Claus Wengenmayr

A two day seminar and exhibition with Florian Michlbauer was held on November 25th and 26th at the International Music Academy, Kapfenburg Castle. Events included classes on teaching methods, finger techniques, the 5-finger method - a new way and general information on the Steirische Harmonica. Tutor Florian Michlbauer also entertained seminar members in an evening concert.

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Scottish Day - Australia

Contributed by John Dickson

On November 21st the Perth Accordion Club held a "Scottish day" which included items by a group of Scottish Country Dancers who danced to live music supplied by an accordion and fiddle combination which gave an authentic touch to the performance.

Over 150 people attended the event, which included many accordionists playing a variety of Scottish music. The club was pleased to have an international visitor, Agnes Maclaren from the Leyland Accordion Club (UK) who performed a selection of tunes with one of the local players.

Art Van Damme Quartet in San Jose - USA

On November 28 jazz accordionist Art Van Damme will perform two shows with his quartet at the Garden City Jazz Club in San Jose, California. Shows start at 7pm and 9pm.

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Two New Accordion Books - Netherlands

Mark Söhngen has recently released two new accordion books published by De Haske Publications. The first is entitled "Cajun, Tex-Mex & Others" and includes 24 tunes such as "Allons danser Colinda", "Chica de Bucaramagna", "Les Flemmes d' Enfer" and "La Rubiela".

The second book is entitled "The Greatest Sound in Cajun, Tex-Mex & Zydeco" and includes 26 tunes such as "Chibcha Gonzalez", "St. Valentin", "Zydeco Waltz" and "Allons à Lafayette".

Mark Söhngen is also accordionist and vocalist in the Dutch cajun band "Captain Gumbo" and has published two other books for diatonic accordion and melodeon.

For further information email:

Orchestras Entertain Large Crowd - New Zealand

Contributed by Heather Masefield

On November 21st players of the North Shore Accordion Orchestra traveled to Hamilton (2½ hour journey) to perform at a concert hosted by the Waikato Accordion Orchestra. The Waikato Intermediate Orchestra opened the program, followed by a concert highlight - the first performance of the newly formed Waikato Senior Accordion Orchestra.

The event also included solo and duo performers after which the NSAO (conducted by Heather Masefield) performed a variety of popular pieces to a large enthusiastic crowd, some of whom had traveled for over 3 hours to attend the concert.

The event was organized by Jenny Young to raise funds towards a group from Hamilton competing in Sydney at the Australian Accordion Teachers Association Festival next year.

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Antique Accordion Information

Dana Wilson would like some information on a Genova Bertini accordion which was made in Italy. It also has "Brevetto D Mancini" on the instrument. If you can help please email:

Rob would like some information on a Marotta accordion, made in Italy and has the name "Castelfidardo" stamped on it. Please email:

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