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10th September 1999
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In the "Future Events" section of the Accordion Yellow Pages we have new information for upcoming events including major competitions such as "Città di Castelfidardo" and the Coupe Mondiale World Championship. Many accordionists travelling overseas like to attend accordion performances and restaurants where accordionists are entertaining, so if you have an event coming up please send the details on the Yellow Pages Future Events submit form and we will list these free of charge the following Friday.

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Richard Galliano Trio in Zurich - Switzerland

Contributed by Jean-Claude Pouly

Well known French accordionist Richard Galliano will perform two concerts with Jean-Marie Ecay (guitar) and Rémi Vignolo (bass) at the Widder Jazz Bar in Zurich on October 12th.

The trio will play tunes composed by Richard Galliano for his latest CD "French Touch" in a unique "musette & jazz fusion" style. For further information phone: + 41 1-224 29 88

Minnesota "Rhinefest" Concert - USA

On September 18th accordionist Dee Langley will perform with the Ethnic Dance Theatre Choir during the annual Minnesota "Rhinefest". The concert will feature music from the expanse of the Danube River as it travels from Germany to the Black Sea. Dee Langley performed recently with the Choir at the Institute of Arts in Minneapolis during the opening festivities of the Chagall exhibit.

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Romanko Tours Europe

Contributed by Juergen Bruch

Russian accordionist Professor Viktor Romanko will tour Western-Europe from October 12th to December 5th. He will perform concerts in Stuttgart, Bad Krotzingen, Bergneustadt, Bad Laasphe, Essen, Herne, Hürth and Calw (Germany), Winterthur (Switzerland) and Paris (France). For further information see Future Events.

Viktor Romanko has just completed a Scandinavian tour, performing over 40 Concerts in Sweden and Norway.

Finnish Accordionist Performs in Villach - Austria

Finnish accordionist Mika Väyrynen will travel to Austria at the end of September to perform concerts and conduct a masterclass in Villach. Mika plans to assist participants with performance preparation.

Mika is also a member of the "Tango for Four" quartet which has just released a new CD "Tango for Four". The CD includes tangos from Argentina (Piazzolla) and Finland (Kärki, Virta and Rantala) and will be released internationally in spring 2000 (currently only available in Finland) by Finlandia Records (a division of Warner music). Finnish newspapers have written positive reviews on the CD. For further information email:

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Kamakura Art House Concert - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On September 15th accordionist Mie Miki will perform a concert with Stefan Hussong (Germany) at the Kamakura-Geijutsu-Kan (Kamakura Art House), Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture. They will play the works by Mozart and Bach.

For further information phone the Kamakura Art House ticket office: + 81 467-48-4500

Accordion Video Release - UK

Contributed by Uli Ebner

The Lumic International Video Production Company has just released a video featuring accordionist Oleg Sharov titled "Accordion Miniatures". Other accordion videos include "The St Petersburg Musette Ensemble", "Alexander Korbakov in profile", "The Charisma of Caister", and "The Story of Caister - The Autumn Accordion festival". The Lumic Company has become known for the production of "special interest" videos, which are distributed worldwide.

For further information email:

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Blood Boiling Concert - USA

On October 1st, Vestalia will play traditional folk music from Poland, Bulgaria, Mexico, Italy, Yugoslavia, Scotland, Spain and America at the Loring Cafe in Minneapolis. The group, which includes accordionist Dee Langley, Laura Harada (violin) and Zena (flute) perform music that will warm your heart and make your blood boil!

For further information email:

Cajun Food and Music - Denmark

Contributed by Kresten Storgaard

Danish group "KDN Cajun Band" (with accordionist Karen Munkholm) performed recently at the beachside Papillon Restaurant in Denmark. The lively crowd enjoyed cajun and creole food while the group played popular traditional cajun tunes like "Amedee Twostep", "Jolie Blonde" and "Ton Papa". This was followed by the group teaching the audience the "Cajun freeze line dance" to the "Harthaway Twostep".

The KDN Cajun Band's next performance will be at the Jazz Club Black Cock at the Harbour of Espergaerde on the Coast of Oeresound (north of Copenhagen) on September 18th.

For further information email:

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Accordion Lecture on Shanghai Radio - China

On September 3rd the Shanghai People's Radio Station broadcast a live talk on "Accordion Examinations" by Li Cong on their "Friday Musiclove" program which is organized by Shanghai Radio and Beijing Music Weekly. Li Cong (President of the Shanghai Accordion Association and leader of the Accordions Worldwide Chinese Internet site) talked about judging standards in accordion exams, common problems among exam students and answered questions from the interested listeners.

The program was very well received, not only in Shanghai, but in other parts of east China. Li Cong has since received many letters from accordion enthusiasts, seeking advice concerning problems with learning and while being examined.

Concertina "Get together" - USA

Contributed by Daniel Hersh

San Francisco Bay Area concertina players will meet for a "get together" and pot luck dinner on September 12th in Alameda, near Oakland. The event will include a variety of music including Irish dance tunes and songs, Swedish tunes, Slovenian music and arrangements of ragtime tunes for concertina quartet.

For further information email:

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Pearly Nights Festival - France

Contributed by Danielle Pauly

The "Pearly Nights" Festival will take place in Tulle (450 kms south of Paris) from September 16th to 19th, featuring four days of concerts, exhibitions and gala dances throughout the town. The theme of the festival is the cinema and the accordion. Accordionists and musicians who have performed or composed film music will come to express themselves including Marcel Azzola, Roland Romanelli and Jacques Higelin.

This is also the ideal setting to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the "Maugein" accordion factory. Many accordionists who play Maugein instruments will meet to celebrate this event.

For further information email:

Accordion Party - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On September 12th the Doi-gawa and Shinon Accordion Circles will hold an "Accordion Performance-Party" at the "Asahi-ga-oka Kaikan" Community Hall, Sakai, Osaka Prefecture. Admission to this event is free.

For further information phone Kazumi Yamamoto: + 81 722-27-7600.

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Celebrity Interviews

Questions for the "Celebrity Interview" with Giansandro Breccia, Director of the reed manufacturer, Salpa di Breccia e C. s.r.l. have now closed. The Interview will be published on September 14th.

Sharon Shannon and the Woodchoppers Tour USA

Contributed by Mitchell Greenhill

Accordionist Sharon Shannon (Ireland) and the Woodchoppers will tour USA from September 19th to October 9th. Their first concert will be at the Chicago Celtic Festival followed by performances in Michigan, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, California, Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Colorado.

The group, which includes Sharon (accordion), Mary Shannon (banjo, violin, mandolin), Liz and Yvonne Kane (violin), Jim Murray (guitar) and Tony Molloy (bass) will play many favorites such as "Blackbird" and "Sandy River Belle".

For further information email:

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New Book on Morro d'Oro - Italy

Contributed by Renzo Ruggieri

A new book on Morro d'Oro, a small town in the Abruzzi region, which organizes an annual prestigious International Accordion Competition, was published recently. The book is entitled "Morro d'Oro - Cenni Storici e Immagini Inedite" by Giovanni Di Leonardo and includes unique photographic material and historical notes.

The accordion features in whole chapters, with photographs and biographies of local musicians including accordionist Stefano Bizzarri, whom the annual accordion competition is named after. The book mentions also Antonio Ettorre (father of the well-known Eugene, Tony and Primo Ettorre) who was born in Morro d'Oro, before emigrating to America where he became famous thanks to the accordion. The book can be obtained for free and any requests for information can be addressed to: Comune di Morro d'Oro (TE) - Italy.

Garrison Church Concert - Australia

Accordionist Elizabeth Jones (Director of Music Education Maroubra School) played recently at the Garrison Church (the oldest church in Australia) in Sydney. Elizabeth's program consisted of works from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

The Music Education Maroubra School will hold its "Spring Concert" on September 18th at Chifley Public School Hall. The event will include performances by students aged from 4 years to adults.

For further information email:

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Kansai Tango Festival - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

The Kansai Tango Festival will be held on September 17th at the Shin-Osaka "Meruparuku Hall", Osaka. Entertainers include accordionists Hisaji Sugimura and Mihoko Goto.

For further information phone: + 81 06-6531-9789.

"Quartet Consonance" - Bulgaria

Contributed by Angel Marinov

Bulgarian group "Quartet Consonance" will tour Greece in October to promote their new CD "Accordion Quartet Consonance". Their program will include Giant Slalom (Andr Verchuren and Jo Moutet), Libertango (Piazzolla), Fantasy for Organ (Mozart) and Violin Concerto in a-moll, Part I - Allegro (Bach).

The quartet was formed in 1996 and includes accordionists Peter and Angel Marinov and Elena and Victor Melnik.

For further information and a CD sample please email:

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Caldonazzo Concert - Italy

The duo "Accordonda" (including accordionist Beppe Turletti and Silvio Orlandi - hurly-burly) will perform on September 11th in the central public square of Caldonazzo, Trento. Their program will include their own compositions such as "Arcobaleno swing", "Milonga marenca" and "Il pesce Marcello".

For further information email:

"Reeding Between the Lines" - USA

Skyblue Productions have recently released a new CD "Reeding Between the Lines" which includes a collection of compositions by accordionist Valarie Morris. The CD also includes Valarie's saxophone arrangement of Charles Mingus' "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat".

The CD features accordionists Steve Albini, Ron Borelli, Valarie Morris, and Sharon Walters as well as piano, vocals, bass, saxophone and percussion. Tracks include "Around the Corner", "A Minor Incident", "From the Peacock" and "Place Pigalle".

For further information email:

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Accordion Flourishes in Ningxia - China

Contributed by Wang Chaogang

Over 1400 accordion students have taken part in the 1999 national accordion exams in Ningxia Province. In recent years, the government of Ningxia along with Hao Ciwu, Li Shiming and other teachers have worked hard to see the accordion flourish in this area. To encourage this they have organized accordion activities and have invited international and national accordion teachers and players to come to Ningxia, which has improved the teaching level in this area. Accordion students from Ningxia Province have achieved great success in competitions in Australia and Beijing.

For further information, email:

End of Century Performance - Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On September 11th, melodeon player Coco and accordionist Ms Kumiko will perform an "End of this Century" concert at the "Twins Yoshihashi" Wine Bar, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. Their program will include English and Irish traditional tunes, musette, blue grass, Tex-Mex and their own works.

For further information phone: + 81 3-3770-4484

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Antique Accordion Information

Edmond Troy of Ireland is looking for information concerning the manufacturer of the "Muzzini" accordion, made in Italy. If you can help please email him at:

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