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9th April 1999
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We receive many emails asking about the value of accordions, where to find the nearest teacher and many other questions of this kind. For us to give advice on these matters via email is very difficult, and we highly recommend to look in the Accordion Yellow Pages database first. With such a huge amount of information (over 17,000 listings of accordion organizations, teachers, buy and sell, manufacturers, music publishers etc.) you should be able to find what you are looking for.

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Puerto Rican Accordionists to Tour Italy

Contributed by Juan A. Casanas

The Puerto Rico Accordionist Association has coordinated a trip to Italy from June 14th to 27th. The Puerto Rico Accordion Orchestra (conducted by Esther Eugenia Bertieaux) will perform concerts in Rome, Castelfidardo, Florence and Verona. Esther graduated from the Pietro Deiro Conservatory, then from the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music. She also holds a Masters Degree in Music Education from NYU.

The orchestra concert program will include international music such as "Danza Spagnola", "Orpheus in the Underworld" and "Mis Amores" (Puerto Rican traditional music). On June 25th they will also play at a "Bohemian Night" while in Verona.

For further information email:


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Lips at Summer Festival - Italy

Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif

Friedrich Lips is the only accordionist to be invited to hold a chamber music course during the summer festival at Portogruaro in Italy (near Venice) from August 23rd to 30th. This famous summer course is directed by violinist Pavel Vernikov and is dedicated to the "Viennese repertoire from Brahms to Schönberg" this year. For further details please phone or fax: + 39 421 71613


"Hottest" Heats Airways - USA

Contributed by Faithe Deffner, President of the American Accordionists' Association

Dwayne Dopsie, winner of the "Hottest Accordionist" title at the finals which took place in Branson, Missouri on March 25th, played up a storm when he recently appeared on the Good Morning America Show (ABC-TV). In addition, the "Search for the Hottest" promotion, jointly sponsored by the American Accordionists' Association and the Lawrence Welk Resorts, was featured on the first page of the Life Section of "USA Today" with full color photos of the five sizzling finalists.

On April 4th, the CBS-TV Sunday Morning Show featured great coverage of the "Hottest" finals woven into an essay about the accordion.

Negotiations are in progress for winner Dwayne Dopsie to appear on the Jay Leno Tonight TV Show and Dave Letterman's Late Show, as well as the Late, Late Show. To date, at least 50 newspaper articles have touted the search for the "Hottest Accordionist" program. According to Faithe Deffner, President of the internationally known AAA, "We believe this is the biggest, most far-reaching accordion promotional effort ever to spotlight the US accordion community and we are proud of the results which our joint efforts produced."


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"Hottest" Celebrity Interview

The "Celebrity Interview" with "Hottest Accordionist" Dwayne Dopsie will now be published on April 28th. This is so Dwayne's many appearances on television and radio shows in the USA can also be included in the "Celebrity Interview". His web page will be completed by this time.

Please email questions by April 24th to Moderator Wallace Liggett.


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Jazz in Japan

Contributed by Toru Katou

On April 24th Japanese group "Tefuhkindoh" (Accordion House) featuring Accordionist Gil Goldstein and guitar and bass will perform at the "Riburu" Jazz Club, Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture. The group will perform original tunes by group member Mitsuyo Sakamoto such as "A dainty Chinese bun" and "Dew Drops", jazz standards and Piazzolla works.

For further information email:


Children's Seminar - Finland

Contributed by Kimmo Mattila

From June 7th to 11th an accordion seminar will be held for children in Ikaalinen, organized by the Finnish Accordion Institute. Teachers are well known Finnish accordion pedagogies including Mika Väyrynen, Elina Leskelä Markku Lindeman and Ari-Matti Saira. The seminar program will also include a free time program for the children in addition to music and practising time.


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Easter Concert - Mexico

Contributed by Brenda Anaya

On April 2nd Antonio Barberena held an Easter concert for over 1000 people in Pahuatlan, Puebla. The audience included Nahuatl natives, who enjoyed a program from classical to Mexican ethno music.


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Bulgarian Traditional and Contemporary Music - USA

Husband and wife team, Milen Slavov (accordion) and Zhivka Papancheva (vocals) will perform a "Bulgarian Traditional and Contemporary Music" concert in Santa Cruz, California on April 18th at 3pm (in addition to the originally planned Concerts in Los Altos Hills on April 24th and Berkeley on April 30th).

The couple are well known in Bulgaria, having released three recordings and performed countless times on Bulgarian National Television and Radio. They perform unique material composed by Milen to highlight Zhivka's vocal mastery. The concert showcases music written in the traditional styles of Bulgaria's numerous ethnographic regions as well as pieces to exemplify the contemporary styles growing in popularity in Bulgaria today.

Milen Slavov currently teaches music part-time at UCLA and is working on a book/CD package of accordion music to be published later this year.

For further information email:


New Quintet Performs at Charity Event - Austria

Contributed by Franz Hochwimmer

A new accordion Quintet "ZAGOS da capo" has been formed in Austria with the motto "Music for all occasions". ZAGOS members Franz Hochwimmer, Anita Reichegger, Wolfgang Frank, Heimo Gesswagner and Doris Salzmann formed the group name from the last letters of their own names.

Their first concert will be held on May 7th at 5700 Zell am See, Kitzsteinhornstrasse Pizzeria Antonio. The event is a charity concert to raise money for the "Childrens Cancer" Fund.

For further information email:


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Paris Concerts - France

Contributed by Frederic Deschamps

Accordionist Marc Bertoumieux will perform concerts on April 9th and 10th at the "Sunset 60" in Paris at 9.30pm. For further information phone: + 33 1 46 26 46 60

Marc was recently nominated for the "Golden Django" '99 awards and will Attend the prizegiving ceremony on April 13th.


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UMKC Accordion Orchestra in Concert - USA

Contributed by Kevin FriedrichUMKC Accordion Orchestra

On April 18th at 2pm the UMKC Accordion Orchestra under the direction of Joan C. Sommers will present its 38th Annual Spring Concert. Featuring a variety of works from original accordion compositions, to orchestral transcriptions, the orchestra will present works by Haag, Bach, Strauss, Anderson, Bernstein, Rimsky-Korsakov, Lecuono, de Falla, Verdi, Smetana , Piazzolla, and Copland.

For further information please phone Joan Sommers: +1 816 235-2955


New CD Release - Czech Republic

Contributed by Hamlet Snkhchyan

Accordionist Michael Ganian has just released his new CD "Touch", which he hopes will change the way you think about life. The CD has 12 tracks including "Hummingbird", "Miracle" and "Black Diamonds". For further information email:


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Boer Music Gatherings - South Africa

Contributed by Sean Minnie

During 1999 there will be many Boer music gatherings all over South Africa. Traditional Boer Music clubs have regular functions and dances with concertina performances and Traditional South African Boer Music. Younger musicians are encouraged to play to give them experience at performing in front of an audience.

The next meeting will be held on April 24th at the Vaaldriehoek Branch in the Vereeniging Town Hall. For further information phone Peet van Staden: + 27 016 981 2605


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Accordion Figurine Collection finds new home - USA

Contributed by Kevin FriedrichAccordion figurines

Two weeks ago, we advertised a large collection of accordion figurines that were available for purchase. We are pleased to announce that the collection has been kindly donated by the owner Dorothy Jackson, to "A World of Accordions Museum", in Duluth, Minnesota, which is under the direction of Dr. Helmi Harrington.

"A World of Accordions Museum", has one of the largest collections of accordions and accordion related items in the world. If you have any items which you would like to donate to this ever expanding collection, please phone Dr. Helmi Harrington: + 1 612 894-7043


Concert devoted to Robert Sattler - USA

On April 18th a concert devoted to Robert Sattler (American accordionist, who passed away at the end of 1998) will be organised by the Atlanta Balalaika Society Orchestra.

Viacheslav and Natalia Semionov will perform solos and play with the Atlanta Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra.


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Teacher and Student Concert - Russia

Contributed by Viacheslav Semionov

On March 11th a "Teachers and Students" concert was held in the Concert Hall of the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music in Moscow with students of Friedrich Lips. A quartet of bayanists, played "Musical Gift" (Bach) and "Ballet-Tango" (Piazzolla).

Contemporary music was played by two duos: A. Sevastyan and V Trusova (bayan and domra) who performed a new composition by Zelinsky, and A. Sevastyan and I. Novikov (oboe and bayan) played a work by Berinsky.


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Stas Venglevski to perform with Symphonic Band - USA

Contributed by Kevin FriedrichStas Venglevski

Accordionist Stas Venglevski will perform with the Fond du Lac Symphonic Band on April 18th at 3pm at the Marian College in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Performing three popular arrangements by Musical Director Ray Wilfer, Stas will play Concert Fantasy on a Russian Theme, Sakkijarven Polka and Tico Tico with the Symphonic Band. Stas will also perform his solo arrangement of Dark Eyes and two original musette compositions.

For further information phone Ray Wilfer: + 1 920 923-7668


Magical Music - UK

Contributed by Heather SmithPeter Soave & Jean-Louis Noton

The accordion concert which took place in Kingston upon Hull on March 23rd was the first of its kind ever to be presented in this city.. The newly formed Kingston upon Hull Accordion Club Ensemble began the evening's entertainment, followed by a soloist Heather Smith, who then introduced Peter Soave & Jean-Louis Noton to over 100 excited people. Peter & Jean-Louis were aware that this was a showcase for the accordion, and they really excelled in their performance to a spellbound audience. This was a magical musical experience for the people of Hull.

On March 25th, Jean-Louis Noton performed at the Harlow Accordion Club with Danielle Pauly. The evening opened with the Harlow Accordion Club Band playing "I Love Paris" and the evening "took off" from there. After the band's performance, Danielle Pauly captivated the audience not only with her musical virtuosity but with her personality & charm. Her repertoire consisted of popular musette waltzes, polkas & tangos.

Jean-Louis (with his reedless accordion), astounded the audience with his musical ability and his exceptional knowledge of programming this wonderful instrument, playing three encores!! Danielle then played again, much to the delight of the audience, finishing her performance with "Carte Postale". Finally Danielle, Jean-Louis, Jean Hanger and the Accordion Club Band joined forces with the "March of the Accordionists of Lyons" by Marceau. A wonderful evening of accordion music.


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Rhapsody for Accordion Orchestra - Germany

Contributed by Günther Stoll

On Saturday April 24th the Harmonica Club Grossbottwar will hold a concert at the Bürgerhaus Grossbottwar at 7.30pm. The program will include "L'Arlesienne" (Bizet), "Pastorale Francaise" (Herrmann) and "Italienische Villanesken" (Götz). A highlight will include the performance of "Rhapsody for Accordion Orchestra" by the famous New Zealand composer Gary Daverne with soloist Oleg Grötzinger.


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12th Annual Festival - England

Contributed by Heather Smith

The 12th annual Wyre Accordion Festival took place on April 3rd, at the "International Club", Thornton Cleveleys, Blackpool. Over 150 competitors entered the competitions with a very high standard of playing resulting. Craig Bradley was awarded the NAO Challenge Trophy for excellence, gaining 98 marks. He was also awarded the "Accordion Profile Magazine Challenge Trophy" for the most outstanding performance of the day. Craig is a pupil of John Leslie of London.

The competitions were followed by an evening concert with guest performers Roy Hendrie & John Kirkpatrick.


Squeezetone Workshop - USA

Accordionist Ponty Bone & The Squeezetones will hold a workshop and perform at the Accordion Convention in Dallas on April 9th. On April 18th they will play at Woolridge Park, at the "Walk for Safe Families Benefit" afternoon.

For further information email:


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Guests from Scotland

On March 30th accordionist Gary Blair (Scotland) and Steven Burns (drums) were guest artistes at the Belford Accordion Club, England. They played to a packed house and were very well received. Their program consisted of tunes from Scotland, France, Russia and beyond.


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Scottish Country Dancing - USA

Contributed by Terry Traub

The SRSNH (Strathspey & Reel Society of New Hampshire) will play for Scottish country dancing at the NEFFA (New England Folk Festival Assoc.) annual Festival on April 25. Everyone is welcome to participate. They are looking to fill up the stage and blow the roof off the building!

The next SRSNH gathering will be held on Sunday April 18th in Chichester, New Hampshire.

For further information email:


Celebration of 35th Annual Concert Tour - USA

Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

Accordionist Stanley Darrow will present two solo recitals in celebration of his return from his 35th annual concert/workshop tour to Europe which included concerts, workshops, radio and TV shows in France, Germany and Italy. Mr Darrow is director of the Amce Accordion School and founder/director of the Philharmonia Accordion Orchestra.

The concerts will be April 15th, at 8pm in Westmont, New Jersey and April 20th at 8pm in Pitman, New Jersey. Admission is free for both events. For further information please phone: + 1 609 854-6628

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Accordion Article

This weeks article on Accordions Worldwide is titled "How to Make Lesson Time Fly" written by Joan Sommers with permission from Accord Magazine, Editor Faithe Deffner.

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Antique Accordion Information

Matt Sirum would like some information about a 120 bass, piano accordion. On the front it reads "Silvertone", the back is stamped "Made in Italy 311/48".

Matt would like to know about the cost of possible restoration and the value of the instrument. He lives in Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA.

If you can help please email:


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