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4th September 1998
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Editors note:

Thanks to everyone who continue to keep us informed of what is happening in the accordion world. Remember that if you don't tell anyone about it, how are they going to know? It's also great to see lots of photos each week!

If you haven't read our History section yet, we have a General history as well as history by country. We would like to develop this further, so if you have any information you would like to add, please email it to us:

Wayne Knights

This weeks news:

7,500 at Cotati Festival - USA
Myron Floren Update - USA
French Accordionist Performs for 25,000 in China
Accordion Music at Expo 2000 - Germany
Popular Concert Series - South Africa
Over 400 Perform Prokofiev's Cantata - England
CIA Coupe Mondiale Draws 56 Entries - USA
80 Accordionists Perform Concert - China
Accordion Festival in Roseto Degli Abruzzi - Italy
Night of the Living Accordion - USA
"Let's Go Out In the Sun" Concert - Japan
Hunt for Accordionist - USA
Magic at Womad Festival - England
Black Market Hasn't Deterred Mexican Accordionists
1998 Allenton World Concertina Congress - USA
Chinese Accordionists Propose Toast
Accordion Mix Featured On radio - USA
TAM Concert in Hachiouj - Japan
USA Loses long time Accordion Friend
Cajun Jam - USA


Contributed by Clifton Buck-Kauffman

Cotati Accordion Festival

The eighth annual Cotati Accordion Festival was held on August 29th and 30th at La Plaza Park, Cotati with over 7,500 people attending. Last year the festival raised over $9,000 for community youth groups and the Performing Arts and Music programs in local schools, and this year's festival is expected to exceed this amount.

Accordion workshops were lead by Sev Garcia (performance and stage fright), Lou Soper (major scales, triads and the circle of 5ths) and Paul Pasquali (What sounds can your accordion Make?). Other events included an accordion jam tent, cajun dance party, wine tent, polka dance party, and two stages where a variety of accordion music could be heard including classical, cajun, jazz, tex-mex, Russian, Irish and Scandinavian. Many accordionists and groups performed including the Arizona Button Accordion Band, Danny Poullard & Friends, Dick Contino, Polkacide and Those Darn Accordions.

"The Lady of Spain-a-Ring" feature event included 150 accordionists participating each day. All accordionists in attendance circled together to perform the traditional standard "Lady of Spain".


Further to our news flash regarding Myron Floren who suffered a small stroke on stage while performing in Jamestown on August 28th, we are pleased to report that he has suffered no motor impairment and his speech is now fully recovered. He was kept in hospital for a few days to undergo tests to check that everything was okay.

The hospital neurologist said Myron's condition "is almost as if he never had a stroke at all."

Myron flew home to California and is presently being treated with antibiotics to combat a mild blood infection which the doctors traced to his recent bout with shingles. At the family's insistence, Myron will take it easy for the rest of this month. His next appearance will be at Hoefteft in Minot, ND on October 14th.

In the meantime, Myron asks friends who wish to send cards to send "funny ones," and mail them to:

Myron Floren
c/- Randee Floren
22728 Date Ave, Torrance
California 90505


Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Jean-Louis Noton

The 5th Chinese International Accordion Festival took place at the Palace of Exhibitions from August 11th to 15th. 25,000 accordionists took part in the three-day competition, with jury members from China, Russia, England and France.

Concerts were given by the Beijing Accordion Orchestra (directed by festival organiser Jiang Jie), Jean-Louis Noton, P. Nguyen of the London Royal Academy of Music and Russian musicians. On the final evening, 1000 accordionists (directed by Jiang Jie) played together to close the festival!

Jean-Louis Noton also gave concerts in Tianjin, Haerbin, Tangshan and Shijiazhuang to enthusiastic audiences.


Contributed by the Intermusik Newspaper

At Expo 2000 (Hannover, Germany) an accordion event has been planned by Mr Herbert Jacob of the "Freundeskreis der Harmonikaspieler", Aurich. The accordion is an important part of the culture in the Niedersachsen region. Group and solo performances will be held on stages in the centre of the city, by musicians from all over Germany. A highlight of the Expo will be a performance by a large orchestra with all musicians taking part.

For further information phone Freundeskreis der Harmonikaspieler: + 49 4947-1065


Contributed by Sergio ZampolliSergio Zampolli & Amarillie Ackermann

Duo 2000 (Sergio Zampolli on accordion and Amarillie Ackermann on harp) will perform on September 6th in Emmarentia, Johannesburg. This is one of a popular series of concerts, held on the first Sunday of each month. They will play a variety of music including pieces from their new CD "Song to the Evening Star".

For further information email:


The Daily Telegraph, London included a recent article on a performance of Prokofiev's Cantata for the Twentieth Anniversary of the Russian October Revolution, at The Royal Albert Hall conducted by Mark Elder. Over 400 performers were involved, including the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the massed voices of the BBC Symphony and Philharmonia Choruses, an ensemble of accordionists and a military band.


Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

The CIA Coupe Mondiale World Accordion Championships to be held in Nijmegen, Holland from October 21st to 25th has drawn 56 entries in the three categories. 21 contestants will compete for the title of World Champion in the Coupe Mondiale section, 22 people will be contesting the Junior section, and 13 will be competing in the Virtuoso Entertainment section.

In addition to the competitions, NOVAM (National Association of Holland) will be sponsoring National Competitions, Seminars, Workshops and a Children's Program.


Contributed by Li CongAccordion Concert

An accordion concert was recently held at the newly completed Hongkou Teenage Activity Centre in Shanghai. Eighty students aged from 6 to 12 years old performed solos, duets & ensembles. The accordion was also featured in a piano duo as well as an orchestra accompanied by singers. A highlight of the program was six accordionists who performed with the "Prairie Pastoral" dancers, which was well received by the enthusiastic audience.


Contributed by Renzo Ruggieri

This festival, ion its second year, took place in Roseto Degli Abruzzi (near Teramo) on August 15th with guests Vladimir Zubitsky, Giancarlo Di Giovanni, Giancarlo Vessella and Renzo Ruggieri.

Ruggieri opened the concert with an ensemble of internationally renowned musicians; Paolo Di Sabatino (piano), Luca Bulgarelli (double bass) and Dario Di Giammartino (drums), performing a repertoire of modern jazz. Di Giovanni played classical pieces which were well suited to the characteristics of the outdoor venue. Vessella played a variety of pieces on MIDI accordion including his own compositions and finally, Zubitsky played a rhythmical repertoire with jazz influences, inspired by Russian classics.

The event was a great success both for the performers and organisers Ezio Talamonti (artistic director), Armando Bugari Fisarmoniche (main sponsor) and local administrative bodies.


Contributed by Christine Adams

A concert featuring Guy Klucevsek, Miss Murgatroid and Ted Reichman will be held on Tuesday, September 22nd at 10pm at the Knitting Factory Main Stage, Leonard Street, New York. These accordion artists will perform an evening of solos, duos, and trios.

Guy Klucevsek has been described as "a musical Orient Express whose themes pass from Hungarian gypsy to Slovenian waltz to Middle Eastern wail without stopping at the borders." Miss Murgatroid has recorded and performed with Negativland, Ben Lee, Petra Haden, William Hooker, John Fahey as well as composing for film, dance and theater.

Best known for his work with Anthony Braxton, Ted Reichman's accordion playing combines elements of new music, jazz, folk, and rock. His recent projects include work with Eugene Chadbourne, Anthony Coleman, David Krakauer, and singer-songwriter Ezster Balint.

For further information phone: + 1 212 219-3006


Contributed by Toru Katou

On August 29th, a "Let's Go Out In the Sun" concert was held by the Saitam Accordion Group at the Yono Community Center, Saitama Prefecture. The group performed popular solos including "Let It Be" (Beatles) and ensemble pieces including Mononoke Hime, a Charlie Chaplin medley and Small Water Falls. Guest accordionist Yuji Matsunaga also performed.

The following day, the Yokohama Accordion Enthusiasts Ensemble held a successful concert at the Pasutorahru Hotel, Midori ward, Yokohama.

HUNT FOR ACCORDIONIST - USA George Cailotto and his wife Julia

The Michigan Accordion Society are currently looking for Gene Corneille, so he can attend a Special Tribute Dinner to "George Cailotto" which will be held at the Barton House, St. Clair Shores, Michigan, on October 4th. They know it would mean a lot to George and so far haven't had any luck locating him.George Cailotto with national champions

At one time George (now 88 years old) operated three music studios in the Detroit area. He taught at Wayne State University and was President of the Accordion Teacher's Guild in 1972. He has taught six State of Michigan Champions and Gene Cornellie, an ATG champion. He was on the panel of judges at the 1970 and 1972 World Championships.

George still plays at senior functions and musical afternoons with friends. If you know where Gene Corneille can be found, please email:


The Daily Telegraph, London recently included an article on the Womad Festival, which was held in Rivermead, Reading. The three-day event saw many accordionists perform including French group Lo'Jo and Kepa Junkera's amazingly energetic Basque accordion trio. There was also a large variety of music from many countries including South Africa, Romania and Madagascar.


Contributed by Wayne CareyJavier Cepeda

Popular Mexican groups Los Vallenatos (featuring accordionist Sergio Sias) and La Tropa Colombiana (accordionist Javier Cepeda) have recorded over 25 CD's between them. Despite their huge popularity, the black market situation in Mexico means that the groups do not have high CD sales.

Los Vallenatos have performed throughout Mexico, USA and South America and are currently touring Argentina.


The 1998 Allenton World Concertina Congress, Concertina Jamboree Festival began on September 4th and will run until the 6th at Addison Town Hall, Allenton, Wisconsin. The event is open to all concertina players and will include over 100 concertina artists, continuous music, three stages plus "jam" areas, live radio broadcasts, concertina displays and the opportunity to trade or sell instruments.


Contributed by Li Cong

Chinese accordionists can now read the Weekly Accordion News in the Chinese language. Li Cong said recently, "Let's propose a toast for the start of Accordions Worldwide in China! To build a new site is not the hardest part of the job. The really difficult part is to make it better and better, now more Chinese accordionists can read the news. The great significance of this happening has already exceeded more than any one accordionist could normally hope to do. I am proud of this achievement and extend gratefully the thanks of all Chinese accordionists. We have a saying in China: A good start is a one half of success. Let's work hard for the other part!"


Contributed by The Classical Free-reed

On Saturday August 29th, Peter Schickele hosted a one-hour show on WQED-FM, devoted exclusively on the accordion. The show featured pop, jazz and ethnic performers such as Myron Floren, Dick Contino, Maria Kalaniemi and Angelo di Pippo, as well as classical artist, Anthony Galla-Rini.


Contributed by Izuru Shinmyo

Tokyo Accordion Mates On July 26th the "Tokyo Accordion Mates" performed a concert in Izumi, Kokubunji, Tokyo along with 30 other accordionists. Group members Tetsuya Kuwayama, Yuichi Otsuka, Masahiro Ogawa, Keiko Ogawa and Eri Kudo performed pieces such as "Caribbean Waltz", "Spain" and "The Breeze over Napoli" to an audience of over 100 people.


Contributed by Kevin FriedrichGerry Boddicker & his wife Arlene

ATG Treasurer, Past President, and long time accordion supporter Gerry Boddicker passed away recently. Gerry who had retired with his wife Arlene in Rapid City, had run a very successful accordion business in Cedar Rapids, Iowa during his life long career with the accordion. A "Celebration of Life" was held in his honour in Cedar Rapids, where many former students and friends gathered to pay tribute to his long and celebrated life. A memorial scholarship fund has been set up in his honor, and those wishing to contribute to this may contact, Gerald V. Boddicker Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 9729, Rapid City, South Dakota 57709, USA.


Contributed by Sam Gentry

On September 6th, the first Sunday Cajun Jam will be held at The Rhythm House, Austin, Texas organised by the Third Coast Accordion Network. It is hoped that this will become a regular weekly jam and Cajun Fest. All musicians are welcome, so come out and bring your accordion, violin, guitar, double bass, rub board, spoons, whatever you need to have a good time.

For further information email:

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