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22nd May 1998
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Editors note:

Wayne Knights has just left for Australia, to adjudicate at the 5th Australian International Accordion Festival and Championships organised by the Australian Accordion Teachers Association, President Tania Lukic-Marx. Attending are other New Zealand accordion teachers Lionel Reekie, Heather Masefield and Harley Jones plus overseas contestants from New Zealand and China.

The AATA has developed a close association with the South Pacific Accordion Championship organisers, the New Zealand Accordion Association, and have aligned all classes and rules so that contestants can use the same music at both events. Overseas competitors from China and Australia will travel to New Zealand to take part in the South Pacific Accordion Championships on May 30th and 31st.

Christine Adams
News Manager

This weeks news:

Klingenthal Competition - Germany
Ransäter Accordion Festival - Sweden
Viva Accordion Festival - Japan
Accordion featured in "Wozzeck" - Italy
New CD Featured On BBC Radio Program - Scotland
Paris Music Fair - France
Standing Ovations in Lewes, UK
Acco Land Plays in Angelica Festival - Italy
Jazz Guest at Michigan Accordion Society Meeting - USA
Accordion Festival - Switzerland
Accordion Competition in Latina - Italy
Accordion Concerts in Kiev - Ukraine
Zydeco Flames at Jazz Jubilee - USA
Busy Sunday for Clergyman - USA
Accordion Features at Irish Pub - Japan
Salzburger Accordion Orchestra Saalfelden South Pacific Tour
Accordion on the Road - USA
Family Accordion Concert - China


Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif and Hartmut Lange (Intermusik newspaper) Eric Bouvelle

The 35th International Accordion Competition in Klingenthal from May 8th to 14th, once again proved its reputation as a major international event of accordion music. The competitions and concert program by accordionists Klaus Paier & Band (Austria), Landesakkoreonorchester Hessen (conducted by Fritz Dobler) and Eric Bouvelle (and his orchestra from France) were "First Class".

The Jury consisted of famous teachers and performers: Inaki Alberdi (Spain), Fritz Dobler, Jeanette Dyremose (Denmark), Stefan Fraas, Jürgen Ganzer, Friedrich Lips (Russia), Jacques Mornet (France), Elsbeth Moser (Germany), Owen Murray (Great Britain), Wang Yu Ping (China), Massimiliano Pitocco (Italy), Tibor Racz (Slovakia), Matti Rantanen (Finland), Georg Reidys, Bernhard Salewski (Germany), and Radomir Tomic (Yugoslavia).

The next (36th) International Accordion Competition in Klingenthal will be held from May 7th to 13th, 1999.


Category I (Soloists up to 12 years)
1st - Wladislaw Plikowa (Belarus)
2nd - Pawel Staniszewski (Poland)
3rd - Emmit Aakula (Finland)

Category II (Soloists up to 15 years old)
1st - Milos Milivojevic (Yugoslavia)
2nd - Ilsaf Vadutow (Russia)
3rd - Vladimir Marinkovic (Yugoslavia)

Category III (Soloists up to 18 years old)
1st - Aidar Gainullin (Russia)
Sergei Voitenko 2nd - Vladimir Blagojevic (Yugoslavia)
3rd - Dragan Vasiljevic (Yugoslavia)

Category IV (Soloists without age limit)
1st - Sergej Voitenko (Russia)
2nd - Jan Meisl (Czech Republic)
3rd - Veli Kujala (Finland)

Category VA
1st - Pirog Bayan duo (Ukraine)
2nd - Fjodorow Akkordeon duo (Germany)
3rd - Duo Tarchanowa/Gawrikowa (Russia)

Jerome Richard Category VB
1st - Duo Machel/Wischniewski (Poland)
2nd - Duo Miculkova/Holomkova (Czech Republic)
3rd - Duo Bahr/Gläßer (Germany)

Category VI (Virtuosic light music for soloists)
1st - Jerome Richard (France)
2nd - Aurelien Noel (France)
3rd - Stephanie Methot (France)


Contributed by Sune Olsson

The annual Ransäter Accordion Festival will be held in Ransäter, Sweden from July 1st to 5th, and is one of the biggest accordion festivals in the world. This year over 2,000 accordionists and 200 orchestras are expected to participate in the event.

For further information phone Richard Berglund: + 46 570-12745


Contributed by Toru Katou

On May 31st the 12th Viva Accordion Festival concert will be held at the Matsubara Culture Hall, Osaka. Guest accordionists include Eizou Miyatani, Hajime Yoshikawa and Toru Katou (concertina) as well as solo and orchestra performances. Admission to the festival is free.


Contributed by Lia Ruti

The 61st "Maggio Musicale Fiorentino" (Florence Music Festival) will include a production of "Wozzeck" by Alan Berg with director William Friedkin and orchestra conductor Zubin Metha. Accordionist Daniele Venturi will take part both as a member of the orchestra and as an actor. Performances will take place at Teatro Comunale on May 26th and 29th, and June 1st, 3rd, 5th and 8th at 8pm.


Contributed by Gary Blair

Gary Blair's new CD "Missing Time" was featured on May 17th on BBC Scotland's "Reel Blend" show by DJ Robbie Shepherd. The CD was released at the International Accordion Festival in Blackpool, on March 26th and contains mostly Scottish celtic music. The CD includes musicians Gary Blair (accordion), Richard Wong (accordion), Steve Mills (drums), Alan Kitchen (keyboard), Alastair McCulloch (violin) and Davie Cowan (bass guitar). For further details see CD Reviews

Gary Blair adjudicated and performed at the recent UK Championships in Scarborough and played at the St. Andrews Ambulance Service Headquarters (Scotland) on May 22nd.


Contributed by Frédéric Deschamps

Pigalle Musicmania, the new 5 day music fair took place at the beginning of April in Paris with accordion models on display by Accordiola, Cavagnolo, Fratelli Crosio, Hohner, Maugein, Piermaria and Rhapsody (Didier Boyer).

After giving a very popular concert at the salon, the duo Bolo-Varis joined the young Hohner artists and accordionist Pigalle Thierry Svahn from the group Pigalle. Photo

Yvette Horner, like many of the artists, received a warm welcome at the Claude Cavagnolo stand. Jean Louis Noton gave Odyssée demonstrations with a repertoire that encouraged many musicians visiting the fair to take an interest in MIDI accordions.


Contributed by Uli Ebner

The Schlüchttal-Akkordeon-Orchester (Gurtweil, Germany) were invited to Lewes where they performed to an audience of over 300. The enthusiastic audience enjoyed the performance, especially the show numbers and Uli Ebner's wit and humour. At the end of the concert they received standing ovations.

The next day the orchestra performed at the Mayor's Ball to an audience of over 500. Popular pieces included Beach Boys hits and "My heart will go on" (from the movie "Titanic"). This performance was so popular that the orchestra had to give three encores!


Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On May 13th, Acco Land performed in the Angelica Contemporary Music Festival in Bologna, Italy. Among the guests there was many composers and performers including Luis Andriessen, Greetje Bijma, Franco Donatoni, Stephen Drury, Giovanna Marini and Gino Robair.

Acco Land played music by Franco Donatoni (Feria IV, a solo piece written for Claudio Jacomucci), Lucio Garau (Clinamen), Mario Pagliarani (Apparizione di Franz Schubert fra le onde, for 2 accordions, shells and tape).


Contributed by Linda Czerniak

Jazz accordionist, Pete Selvaggio performed for two hours at the Michigan Accordion Society meeting on May 6th accompanied by Ralph Armstrong (bass) and Bill Cairo (drums). The concert was arranged by Peter Soave, Vice-president and Artist in Residence of the Michigan Accordion Society. Selvaggio played a combination of BeBop, standards and original music from his Galleria CD.

Pete Selvaggio studied with Charles Magnante and also at the Cleveland Institute of Music. His diverse musical career includes playing accordion and piano with the Guy Lombardo Orchestra, accordion with the popular instrumental group "The Three Suns" and with the Cleveland Orchestra. In addition, he sings, plays and records with the famous 1950's singing group "The Four Lads".


Contributed by Martin Frey

The accordion festival "Ostschweizer Akkordeon-Musikfest" will be held on June 13th and 14th in Altstätten, St. Gallen, Switzerland organised by the Alstatten Berneck Accordion Club.

Included at the festival will be competitions with 21 orchestras, music and dancing, concerts and prizegiving. Guest performers include the "Charly Thür" orchestra and "Kurt Heusser".

For further information see Future Events or email:


Contributed by Renzo Ruggieri

On May 3rd, the third "Città di Latina" competition was held in Latina. The competition, which is open to accordionists, keyboard players, guitarists, drummers and singers, was organised by the Latina Academy of Modern Music, directed by Roberto Rogato. The jury included, Cesare Chiacchieretta, Vincenzo Izzi, Paolo Picchio, and Renzo Ruggieri.

Competition winners were accordionists:
Salvatore Rinaldi (classical)
Osvaldo Guarnieri (variety)
Cristian Riganelli (special jury prize dedicated to "A.Rogato")

The gala concert which was held at the prestigious "Teatro Grande" in Latina was attended by a capacity audience.


Contributed by Professor Davidov

On May 13th an accordion concert was held at the Kabalevsky Children's Musical School, organised and managed by the Cultural Central Board of Kiev State School Administration. The concert, which was part of a concert series "Bayan of Ukraine" included students, ensembles and professional musician performances.

The next day, a concert was held at the Ukraine National Academy of Music by bayan duo Vitaly Storozhuk and Yury Yakovenko (accordion teacher at the Roven Music College). Their program included works by Bach, "Winter" from "Four Seasons" (Vivaldi), Finale of Piano Concerto No. 2 (Saint-Saens) and "Piece in Country Style" (Cherninov).


Contributed by Christine Adams

Popular zydeco group the "Zydeco Flames" will perform at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, California from May 22nd to 25th. The group includes Bruce Gordon (accordion), Lloyd Meadows (vocals and rubboard), Frank Bohan (guitar), Timm Walker (vocals and bass) and William Allums (drums).

They have performed for Bill Clinton, Willie Brown, Barbara Boxer and at many festivals and jubilees in the USA and have also released three popular CD's.


Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

On May 17th, after delivering his morning sermon at St. Teresa of Avila Church in Bridgeton, New Jersey, Monsignor Stan Kloskowski then delivered an afternoon accordion concert to a delighted audience. Performing popular jazz favourites, he warmed the audience with rich and colourful renditions of many popular pieces, some of which were tributes to the late Frank Sinatra.

As Monsignor Stan celebrates his 40th year in the clergy, he celebrates 41 years playing his treasured Sonola accordion. It was with this accordion that he entertained the audience as the featured guest artist of the Westmont Philharmonia Accordion Orchestra Spring Concert. The Orchestra (directed by Stanley Darrow) performed the first part of the concert, providing a variety of music including arrangements of orchestral works, original accordion music and some popular selections. Other guests included conductor Dr Edwin Avril, and soloist Joanna Arnold who performed a solo arrangement of the Galla-Rini Concerto.


Contributed by Jim Ediger

On April 24th, four piece band "Eye Wish" performed for four hours at Bewley's Irish Café, Tokyo to an audience of over 75 who spent the evening clapping and dancing. The group formed 11 years ago in Tokyo and consists of Jim Ediger (accordion, fiddle, guitar, harmonica, vocals), Mike Reid (lead vocal, guitar, mandolin, tin whistle), Masami Yoshihara (guitar, kalimba) and Jon Gomon (violin).

They perform Irish traditional folk music at venues in Tokyo including the Canadian and Australian embassies, universities, Celtic festivals, pubs, cafes, and international festivals in Japan. For further information email:


Contributed by Franz Hochwimmer

The Salzburger Accordion Orchestra are planning their 7th International concert tour from June 27th to July 19th. During this tour they will perform in Nadi to the Fiji Ministers of Parliament. On July 6th they will arrive in Auckland, New Zealand and perform a concert in Dargaville on July 7th and Auckland on July 8th in conjunction with the North Shore Accordion Orchestras. They will then travel to Australia to perform concerts in Perth and Ayers Rock, and participate in the Australian Society of Accordionists competitions in Sydney before returning to Austria.


Contributed by Phil Parlapiano

Phil Parlapiano (accordionist who performed in the movie "Titanic") is currently touring with the rock and roll band "Grant Lee Buffalo", performing in San Francisco, Atlanta, New York, Washington, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland.

Phil sings with the group and plays accordion, keyboards, mellotron, guitar, mandolin, bass, trumpet and euphonium. He has a new recording due for release on June 9th in the USA.

For further information see Future Events


Contributed by Wu Jie

On May 23rd at 7:30pm, Dai Jingping (accordion teacher) will hold a family accordion concert at the Renming Hall, Xiameng, with her father and husband, Dai Yingchuan and Tang Long. They will perform jazz, classical and Chinese folk music solos and duets to an expected audience of over 1,000 people.

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Dear Tania,

I greatly appreciate your accordion reviews on and sometimes I get so enthusiastic I just want to get hold of the CD right away. But it's not always easy to figure out how to order the CD. Would it be possible to include info on obtaining a CD with each review?

Thanks. I feel guilty asking you to do more work because you are already doing so much.

Tom Vesey

Dear Tom,

Thank you for your email. We are looking into how best to do this.


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