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20th March 1998
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Editors note:

We have had quite a few new sites come onto Accordions Worldwide in the past few weeks. For a complete list, see our sites index: Sites Index These new sites are already enjoying many thousands of hits!

Look out for next weeks review here at the Weekly News, of the Frankfurt Musik Messe, one of the largest music fairs in the world!

Wayne Knights

This weeks news:

Buckwheat Zydeco Rocks the Horseshoe Tavern - Canada
Accordionist Recovers for Spring Music Festival in Spain
Accordionists Perform in Tokyo Street Car - Japan
French Entries for Coupe Mondiale
"Yogi" Squeezes with Government Officials - China
Irish Workshop with Billy McCommiskey - USA
Australian Premieres with Top Musicians
Accordionists Perform to over 20,000 - China
Berinsky Passes Away - Russia
Four Standing Ovations at Charity Concert - USA
Accordion and Bones Combination! - UK
Ivano Battiston in Concert - Montebelluna, Italy
Hof Orchestra Tries Something New - Germany
MIDI Accordion Competitions and Music - Italy
Texas Accordion Convention Attracts Large Turnout!
'98 TV Competition in Chengdu, China
Accordionists Celebrate St Patricks Day - New Zealand


Contributed by Domenic "the Accordion Beatles guy" Amatucci

Buckwheat Zydeco and the "Ils Son Partit" Band performed in Toronto, Canada on February 25th at the Horseshoe Tavern, which was their only Canadian appearance of their current tour. A near-capacity crowd of 300 enjoyed over two and a half hours of rollicking zydeco, blues and rock played by his 8-piece ensemble (drums, bass, 2 guitars, trumpet, sax, washboard and Buck on accordion). The band played 3 numbers to build excitement before Buck took the stage. Everyone was on their feet for the entire show, and the dance floor was constantly packed with bouncing bodies having a great time.

Buck (a.k.a. Stanley Dural, Jr.) got the crowd going with "Can't Stop", and played many songs from his new CD "Trouble", as well as old favourites such as "Hot Tamale" and "Hey Good Lookin'". "Hot Tamale" was a searing showcase of virtuosic solo work by Buck, the horns and guitarists. For further information


Contributed by Angel Luis Castano

Angel Luis Castano has recuperated from the injury to his left hand which he received in a traffic accident last August, and is looking forward to performing in the Spring Music Festival on March 26th at 8.30pm, at Teatro Caja Duero-Plaza Santa Teresa, Salamanca, Spain.

This festival has been organised by the Salamanca University. Castano will perform "Paisaje Nocturno" for soloist and Chamber Ensemble (piano, celesta, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola and cello) by Spanish composer Josep Soler as well as Francesconi, Bohi, Ga Laborda, Arias, and Turina.

On March 31st, Angel Luis Castano will perform the same program at 7pm at Circulo de Bellas Artes -C/ Alcalá 42 in Madrid, Spain organised by the Circulo de Bellas Artes and broadcast by Radio Nacional de España.


Contributed by Izuru Shinmyo

On Sunday March 8th at 1.30pm a concert entitled "Motoko and Sonora Accordion Concert" was held in a Tokyo Street Car while it was running from Waseda to Sannowa Bridge and back to Waseda, Japan. Enthusiastic passengers enjoyed the entertainment in this unusual venue.

On Friday March 20th at 7pm, Miki Mie performed accordion works to an appreciative audience at Kazarusu Hall, Ochanomizu, Tokyo, Japan.


Contributed by Frederic Deschamps

The congress of the C.I.A (Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes) which took place from March 7th to 9th in London was organised by the National Accordion Organisation of Great Britain President Raymond Bodell.

It was decided that no French entries will be accepted for the Coupe Mondiale from now on, unless the candidates have been chosen by The C.N.F.A (Confédération Nationale Française de l'Accordéon - French National Accordion Confederation) which consists of ACF (Accordion Club of France), UNAF (French National Accordion Union) and APH (Association of Hohner teachers).

The next Coupe Nationale will take place on June 2nd at the M.J.C in Vincennes, 16 rue Charles Pathé, 94300 Vincennes. This will be open to French soloists and groups through the C.N.F.A.


Contributed by Grant "Yogi" Martin

New Zealand jazz accordionist Grant "Yogi" Martin has just returned from China where he played at a banquet for New Zealand and Chinese dignitaries (which included the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand and trade delegation). Later the same evening, he performed at a Karaoke Bar to an audience of New Zealanders, 20 Yantai Foreign Affairs staff and about 30 bemused Chinese Secret Service guards (who could not be coerced into joining in the fun!)

He also played at a concert and gave several workshops in Kunming and performed for five nights at the Kunming Holiday Inn.

Yogi plans to return to China in June with Gray Bartlett (guitar virtuoso) to perform concerts in Guanzho and Shanghai. He will also be returning to Yantai in October to perform at the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Community) Trade Fair.


Contributed by Brian Boyce

An Accordion Workshop with All-Ireland Accordion Player Billy McCommiskey will be held on April 4th 1998 at The Irish Center, Carpenter Lane and Emlen Street, Philadelphia, USA, from 4-6pm.

Billy is a world-renowned button accordionist who has been playing for over 30 years. He has a great understanding of piano and button accordions, concertinas and Irish Traditional Music, which will be covered in the workshop along with technique, bellows control, phrasing, and fingering.

Be sure to bring your weapon (B/C, C#/D, single-row, piano accordion or concertina)! For further information regarding registration phone Brian Boyce: + 1 610 446-1555 or email:


Contributed by Elizabeth Jones

On Sunday March 1st accordionist Elizabeth Jones featured in a video performance of Hindemith's Kammermusik Nr.1 Op.24 with members of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Australian Opera Orchestra. The group are hoping to perform the work in a concert opened to the general public later this year. They are also planning a recording of the work.

On March 15th Elizabeth also performed for the Friends of the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra and Choir. The audience was amazed at the different styles of accordion music. Elizabeth is looking forward to working with these orchestras again.


Contributed by Wu Jie

From March 20th to 30th, the 12th Peach Blossom Festival will be held on Longquan Mountain, Longquan, Sichuan Province, China. Over 100 students from Sichuan Accordion School have been invited to perform. A huge stage has been built on the mountain and there will be a variety of traditional art performances among the peach flowers.

The accordion orchestra will perform a daily 20-minute program of Chinese music to an estimated audience of over 20,000.


Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif

On March 12th, accordion composer Sergej Berinsky died from cancer in Moscow, Russia. Born in 1946, he studied composition at the Gnessin Institute with Alexander Chogayev. His compositions have been characterised as "sceptical, romantic, witty, cynical and pure". In addition to composing concertos and vocal music (performed by prominent Russian musicians),Berinsky is a writer, critic and publisher. He dedicated his solo and chamber music works for bayan to Friedrich Lips including:

Partita "Also sprach Zarathustra" in four movements for bayan solo (1990)
Il dolce dolore for bayan and violoncello (1990)
Miserere for soprano, bayan and piano (1994)
Three pieces in "mauvais" style for bayan solo (1993)
Seascape for violin and bayan (1996)
Symphony No 3 for bayan and symphony orchestra
Apocalypse, chapter 6 (1996)
Cinema for bayan solo (1997)


Contributed by Mary Mancini

picture of Mario Tacca On March 6th at 8pm, Mario Tacca and Mary Mancini performed at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Florida, at a charity concert for the Knights of Colombus charities, USA. The concert was a huge success with an estimated audience of 1400 people and four standing ovations.

Mario's repertoire opened with the exciting "Accordion Boogie," then into the rhythmic "Tico Tico". He dazzled the audience with his rendition of "Granada" and then produced a great duelling effect with the 10-piece orchestra with his arrangement of great fiddling tunes called "Country Medley". He brought the audience to its feet with his magnificent rendition of Rossini's "William Tell Overture."

Mary Mancini's repertoire included medleys and songs from Broadway including popular numbers like Don't Cry for Me Argentina, Music of the Night, All I ask of You, and "Memory" from Cats.

Their next performance is at St. Anthony's High School, New York, on Saturday March 21st. For further information phone: + 1 516 271 2020 Ext. 213 or 214


Contributed by David Batty

On February 11th, the Leyland Accordion Club's meeting included over three hours of enthusiastic accordionists and guests (Peter Whiteley and Adrienne Sharpe) performing a large variety of numbers. Items included Geoff Warwick (melodeon), a keyboard and accordion duet, popular medleys, MIDI accordion performances, and an unusual combination of accordion and bones that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.


Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On March 22nd at 5:30pm Ivano Battiston will hold a concert in Montebelluna, Italy. The program will include pieces by Astor Piazzolla as well as original compositions.

Ivano Battiston teaches accordion at the "I. Cherubini" Conservatory in Florence. He studied the accordion with Salvatore di Gesualdo and Graduated with praise at the Castelfranco Veneto Conservatory. In 1978 he won first prize at the XXVII Trophèe Mondial de l'Accordéon and later he graduated in composition with Bruno Coltro. He has played in orchestras and in duo with cello player Mario Brunello, with whom he recently recorded "Sieben Worte" by Sofia Gubaidulina. In 1993 he won second prize at the International Competition of Umbristic Composition in Rome.


Contributed by Günther Zeilinger

The Hofer Symphoniker have tried something very new again. The soloist of their 6th main concert was their own accordion orchestra! Together with the Hofer Symphonikers they performed the commissioned work "Porträts" by Stefan Hippe. It was a new experience for the accordionists to sit in the middle of a symphony orchestra and over 800 guests enjoyed the unusual mixture of symphony and accordions.

The concert was such a huge success that similar future concerts will be planned. There were many special guests present including Julie Castorina from Brisbane, Australia.


Contributed by Renzo Ruggieri

MIDI accordion competitions were held in Italy last year in Castelfidardo, Sora, Latina, Ascoli Piceno, Baragiano and Scalo with the aim of promoting accordion culture among young adults who enjoy modern music in addition to traditional acoustic sounds. Renzo Ruggieri would like to create a junior category (14 years & under) and a senior category (15 and over) to give younger children more opportunities.


Contributed by Kevin Friedrich

Anthony Galla-Rini will direct a 70 piece accordion orchestra at this weekend's accordion convention (March 21st and 22nd) at the Plano Holiday Inn Convention Center, Dallas. With a full weekend of activities scheduled, visitors will enjoy non-stop accordion activities including workshops, concerts, Vaudeville show and an Accordion Swap Meet.

Maestro Galla-Rini will conduct the workshop orchestra in several works, and Charles Nunzio will also direct several pieces. To add to the fun, a few daring individuals will team together to make a 15 member ensemble to perform "The Lady of Spain."

For further information contact Texas Accordion Association President Norman Seaton at + 1 972 270-3791 or e-mail:


Contributed by Wu Jie

In June a TV Competition will be held simultaneously in Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjing and Guangzhou, China. Mr Wu Xudong, an accordion teacher in Chengdu, has registered to participate with 400 others.


Contributed by Lionel Reekie

On Tuesday March 17th top New Zealand accordionist Brenden Healy thrilled crowds at St Patricks Day celebrations at a popular bar in Newmarket, Auckland. Hundreds of people queued for up to an hour and a half to join the festivities at "The Claddagh". Many other accordionists were in attendance including past New Zealand and 1993 US Champion (ATG) Sarah Langley and accordion entertainer Lionel Reekie.

Email of the week

Subject: Looking for Accordionists in Florence, Italy


Your list does not include anyone from Italy who plays accordion. Can you refer me to some place where I might locate an accordionist to play for a wedding in Florence?

William F. McDonald

Hi William,

Thanks for your email. Did you look in the list of performers? If you go to the following page (and scroll down for Italy) you will see there are quite a few performers in Italy.

I suggest that you might like to put a free listing under "Employment" in the Yellow Pages. To do this, you can fill in the submit form at:

It might be an idea to also include the type of music you are wanting, and the date required.

Best regards,

Wayne Knights
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