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6th March 1998
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Accordions Worldwide seems to be ever-expanding! Today we officially open Accordeons Mondiaux. This is a French site which you'll find at We hope this new site will encourage greater numbers of French language readers and look forward to receiving more listings for the Yellow Pages. For French inquiries regarding websites, email Frederic Deschamps

Wayne Knights

This weeks news:

Hippest Instrument in the World! - Australia
Accordionists wanted! - Germany
Accordion Course of Musical Interpretation "Città di Anagni" - Italy
Festival in Espoo, Finland
"Kleine Tage der Harmonika" - Germany
Harmonika Festival in Denmark
Accordion concert in St Petersburg, Russia
Piazzolla's Music Featured at Symphony Concert - Germany
8th Annual Cotati Accordion Festival - USA
Deyang Temple Fair - China
Accordion Seminar in San Sebastián, Spain
Paterno in Concert, Montebelluna, Italy
Teacher Honoured at 10th Accordion Concert - China

picture of Francois Parisi
Francois Parisi

Contributed by Elly Moyse

The 1998 Telstra Adelaide Festival, Australia (from February 27th to March 15th) includes a celebration of the hippest instrument in the world - the accordion! The Festival's groovy late night venue, "The Squeezebox" situated at the Festival Centre Plaza serves up free entertainment from some of the wildest bands in the world from 10.30pm each night including:

Beau Joque (USA)
Tiger Lillies (London)
Guy Klucevsek (New York)
Otto Lechner (Vienna)
Yuri Yunacov and his Bulgarian Wedding Band
Paris Musette - Francois Parisi (see above)
Daniel Binelli (Buenos Aires)
Sabri Brothers (Pakistan)
Texicali Rose
Zydeco Jump (Australia)
plus guest appearances by bands and local Australian performers such as Fruit and Andrea Rienets.
picture of Daniel Binelli and his group Tipico
Daniel Binelli and his group "Tipico"


Contributed by Andrea Rautenberg

During her stay in England Dorothée Reuther (Dresden) joined a Morris-Dance Group and had so much fun, she now wants to set up a group in Dresden, Germany but needs accordionists! Morris-Dance involves groups of six men, wearing white shirts and trousers, decorated with ribbons, and bells on their legs. They stand in a two-by-three formation and begin a vigorous, athletic dance, moving up and down, back and forth, gesturing with big white handkerchiefs while performing spectacular leaps.

Dorothée is looking for interested accordionists from Dresden to join the group. There is a similar group in Leipzig and there are plans to organise a joint workshop in June. Morris-Dance is "a chance to perform in the street, to show off, to be loud, silly or raucous, to violate normal standards of behaviour and not only get away with it but be applauded for it".

Interested accordionists email Dorothée at:


Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

The 1st Advanced Accordion Course of Musical Interpretation "Città di Anagni" will be held from July 6th to 12th at the Hotel le Rose, Anagni, Italy tutored by Jacques Mornet (France) and Gianluca Pica.

The course is open to accordionists of all levels and will cover a wide range of styles including variety, jazz, classical and contemporary.

The closing date for enrolments is May 20th. For further information phone or fax +39 775 746043 or e-mail :


Contributed by Dr Herbert Scheibenreif

In order to celebrate the accordion's 175th birthday a big festival was organised in Espoo, Finland at the end of January and included 3 concerts. The first one was dedicated to Tango, Jazz (with Austrian player Otto Lechner) and Folk. The second concert was for popular music including Variete, concertina and Bandoneon. The third concert was for art music which included Mika Väyrynen and Trio Fratres. The festival was a huge success with newspaper, television and radio publicity.


Contributed by Andrea Rautenberg

The 26th "Kleine Tage der Harmonika" competitions were held in Klingenthal, Saxony, Germany, from February 27th to March 1st. This competition is especially for young accordionists, to give them a good chance to prove their skills and to gain more performance competence. Competitors came from Saxony, Bavaria and the Czech Republic. The competition has been an important component of live music performance in Klingenthal and the Vogtland region and was organised by Mr Manfred Gäbler of the Büro für Internationale Akkordeonwettbewerbe (Office for International Accordion Competitions).


Contributed by Lone Larsen

The Harmonika Festival which aims to promote accordion music in Denmark will be held at the Midtfyns Fritidscentre (sports centre), Ringe, Denmark from June 19th to 21st. There will be 3 stages operating simultaneously with a wide variety of music plus accordionists will be playing spontaneously around the festival grounds. Each scheduled performance will last for 25 minutes. Accordionists are encouraged to enroll by April 15th and will receive a free 3-day pass to the festival.

For further information phone: + 45 6227 2026 or email:


Contributed by Vladimir Ushakov

On March 1st a concert with Yury Medianik and the " Skomorokhi" ensemble (conducted by Professor Victor Akulovich) was held in the Chamber Hall of St. Petersburg Cappella, Russia. Their program included works by Semionov, Gridin, Repnikov and Lorentsen.

Yury Medianik is a 10th year student at the Special Musical School of the Russian Gnessin Academy of Music in Moscow under Professor Viacheslav Semionov. He is a 1st prize winner of the International Accordion Competition, held in Klingenthal, Germany in 1997. Yury plays bayan, and violin and last year released a CD which included Concerto for Violin by Mozart. In January this year, Yury performed a new work "Baskariada" by Viacheslav Semionov, at the Concert Hall of the Thaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow.

"Skomorokhi" is an ensemble of folk instruments founded in 1969 at the Academy of Culture, St Petersburg. They have performed in over 20 countries in Europe and Asia with famous Russian bayanists such as Gridin, Semionov, Voitenko and Gvozdkov.


Contributed by Andrea Rautenberg

Astor Piazzolla's music is popular world wide and was featured in the 6th symphony concert held in the Greiz Theatre, Germany on Friday, February 20th. Bandoneon soloist, Mr Lothar Hensel performed Concerto for Bandoneon and string orchestra (Piazzolla) and The Tricorn (ballet music by Manuel de Falla) with the Vogtland Philharmonie (conducted by Doron Salomon).


Contributed by Clifton Buck-Kauffman and Rebecca Browne

Preparations are well underway to ensure that the 8th Cotati Accordion Festival which will be held on August 29th and 30th in USA, will be an exciting event. Confirmed guest artists this year include Dick Contino, Kerry Christensen and a new group Cajon Coyotes.


Contributed by Wu Jie

On 10th March at 10 am, the 27th Deyang Temple Fair will be held in Deyang, Sichuan Province, China. This traditional folk festival is a ten day event held annually in March.

The opening ceremony will feature music performances including 14 year old accordionist Yao Lanlan who is honoured to perform at this event. She told us, "I will try to do well. I am going to play my favourite accordion piece, Speeding Train".


Contributed by Claudio Jacomucci and Anne Landa

The fifth Accordion Seminar will be held in San Sebastian, Spain from July 17th to 26th. Events include an Accordion course "Methodology of systematic practising" by Claudio Jacomucci and Anne Landa for students and teachers which deals with a cycle of individual lessons where students can improve their own repertoire. They will also cover basic and advanced technical principles. The seminar will be in Spanish, Basque, Italian, English and French languages.

At the end of the course, students will perform in a public concert where participation diplomas will be awarded.

Miguel Ruíz will also give a workshop on "Advanced rhythm for performers and composers". This workshop will be in Spanish, English and Italian languages. Subjects covered include Indian solkattu, different possibilities of accentuation in 4/4, irregular measures 5, 7 and 9, time signature changes, phrasing with subdivision of 5, complex irregular rhythm 5:3, 7:3, 3:5, and polyrhythm.

Enrolments must be sent by July 1st to:
Acco Land
Plaza Aduna 5 bajo C - 20.009 San Sebastián

or to: or


Contributed by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

On Sunday March 8th at 5:30 pm Ivano Paterno will hold a concert at Villa Pisani, Montebelluna, Italy. The programme will include pieces by G. Frescobaldi, J.S. Bach, B. Bartolozzi, K. Olczak and R.R. Bennet.

Ivano Paterno studied classical accordion with Salvatore di Gesualdo in Florence, and composition with Bruno Coltro. He has excelled in various national and international competitions, winning 1st prize in the Junior category at the XXVII Trophée Mondial de l'Accordéon held in Paris in 1977, and 2nd prize in the Senior category of the 1980 event held in Vienna. He has contributed to musical institutions such as the Cherubini Academy in Florence, the Teatro Comunale in Treviso and Asolo Musica. When performing, he has always tried to emphasise the enormous potential of the accordion, both through his own transcriptions of renaissance and baroque pieces and through original contemporary music.


Contributed by Wu Jie

Ye Wei, accordion teacher and President of Chongqing Art College, will hold his 10th concert in Chongqing in October this year. "I will hold my 10th accordion concert to honour my teacher, Professor Wu Shouzhi," said Ye Wei.

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